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Kelly George commented on 'Untold History' Lesson

at 1:07PM on Dec 23

You hang in there, Trent. xoxo
I’ve been meaning to check out this series, I’m interested in learning more history as I wasn’t paying a lot of attention in high school and haven’t studied much history in college.

Kelly George commented on Love Annie

at 2:49PM on Dec 16

I’ve been following you since the “pre-David” days…I just want you to be happy and it sounds as though you are finding/creating the happiness, whether it’s your very cool found art or making changes to your home environment… you are finding/creating the happiness in your life and I am glad to see it.

Kelly George commented on More Photos Surface Of Miley Cyrus And Her New 'Do

at 2:56PM on Sep 1

I’ve thought it was cute from the first pic I saw. The color is flattering too, for the first time I think she looks beautiful.
Hair is one of the easiest things to change & play with, especially at her age! It grows back, be fearless & try whatever your heart desires.