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Tabitha Miles commented on A Quick Trip Home

at 8:14PM on Sep 9

Hope your dad feels better! Praying for you and your family.

Tabitha Miles commented on #ThrowbackThursday: The First 'Now That's What I Call Music!' Album Was Pure Magic

at 7:26PM on Aug 28

I love Hanson! Here is the original version:

It definitely works better as a pop song. Their new music is nothing short of amazing though.

Tabitha Miles commented on Robin Williams Has Died At The Age Of 63

at 5:26PM on Aug 11

Robin Williams was my favorite actor of all time. When I found out I literally was moved to tears. I cannot believe he is gone. :(

Tabitha Miles commented on Selena Gomez Shows Off Her Heaving Bosom On The Streets Of NYC

at 3:40PM on Jul 11

Did she get breast implants?

Tabitha Miles commented on Watch: Nicole Richie Talks About That Time That Britney Spears Spanked Her Butt

at 2:44PM on Jul 9

lololol This completely made my day! Thanks for posting this!

Tabitha Miles commented on Nicki Minaj Clarifies The Controversial Comments She Made At The BET Awards

at 5:52PM on Jul 2

Amen! I completely agree. Ms. Minaj needs to stick to her “craft” and keep the shade to herself.

Tabitha Miles commented on Movie Review: 'Under The Skin'

at 2:29PM on Apr 5

How funny! I was listening to Debbie Gibson last night. I

Tabitha Miles commented on Miley Cyrus Got An Emoji Tattooed On Her Lip

at 9:18AM on Mar 16

Interesting tidbit of information, but she actually got this tattoo at Hanson’s record label/studio in Tulsa. So random.

Tabitha Miles commented on Me And My Oscar Date

at 9:46PM on Mar 3

Aww Look at those big brown eyes! I don’t think you could’ve gotten a cuter date. ;)

Tabitha Miles commented on Paula Deen Says She Feels Like 'That Black Football Player Who Recently Came Out'

at 9:20PM on Feb 27

Ugh I wish she’d go away. Meanwhile, what is on her face in the second picture? Ew.