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Erica Croce commented on The Spice Girls May Go On Tour With Backstreet Boys!!!

at 9:16AM on Mar 25

Sounds perfect for the Mixtape Fest – I hope it happens!

Erica Croce commented on Nick Cannon Wears Whiteface To Promote His New Album 'White People Party Music'

at 1:33PM on Mar 24

If this is a joke, he’s been working on it for a while. He talked about it this summer. That’s….a long time to build up to a joke. But if this is where he’s going with it, it’s probably better off as a stunt than a serious album release.

They only mention it starting around 3:18:

Erica Croce commented on The Academy Awards Will Honor The 75th Anniversary Of 'The Wizard Of Oz'

at 1:50PM on Jan 28

I’m big on the Wizard of Oz because my Dad has tuned in to the annual broadcast as far back as he can remember. So growing up, we’d watch it together and he’d sing the songs, dance like the munchkins, and quote the lines.

Now we sit together to watch it, singing and saying the lines before the actors do. And after randomly meeting one of the munchkins while on family vacation (we happened to go to a shopping mall the same day/time Mickey Carroll was having a signing) it will always be special to me, since we got to do that as a family too.

Also, look up the story of Mickey Carroll if you never have. His godfather was Al Capone, and if I remember correctly I heard that happened because his dad was a Chicago cop who kept arresting Al Capone and they became friends…somehow??

Erica Croce commented on Watch/Yasss: The Internet Dubs Last Night's 'Saturday Night Live' The 'Blackest SNL Ever'

at 6:20PM on Jan 21

Drake was amazing! I couldn’t believe how spot-on his impressions were. Weezy and Katt Williams…oh my god, it was awesome.

Also, I’m going to need someone to send me an mp3 of his second performance with the slowed down “Hold On We’re Going Home” intro right quick. That was hot!!

Erica Croce commented on Police Detain Justin Bieber During A Raid On His Home [UPDATED WITH VIDEO]

at 9:17AM on Jan 14

How amazing would it be to get convicted for a felony charge, and receive jail time, for throwing eggs. I know Bieber would never serve much time, and definitely not in the general population, but I’m just picturing an inmate being asked by a hardened criminal “what he’s in for” and having to respond: “egging a house”.

I can’t with this crazy story.

Erica Croce commented on Lea Michele Cheekily Puts 2013 'Behind' Her

at 2:26PM on Jan 4

Word on the street is that she has a thing for Jonathan Groff’s cousin and ex-The Voice contestant James Wolpert!

Erica Croce commented on James Avery Of 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air' Has Passed Away

at 6:37AM on Jan 2

…Aaannnnnd I’m crying. RIP James. Thanks for teaching us all through Uncle Phil. We learned some great lessons from you.

Erica Croce commented on The First Pink Is The New Blog Baby Has Been Born

at 10:37AM on Oct 16

Ahhhhhh!!! Congratulations!!!!

Erica Croce commented on PITNB Readers: Win Tickets To See Paramore In Concert!

at 8:43AM on Aug 30

Too many! I’m partial to the All We Know Is Falling album so Brighter/Whoa/Emergency/All We Know are favorites.

And of course, the acoustic version of Misery Business is amazing!

Annville, PA, US

Erica Croce commented on Watch: TLC Gives A Reunion Performance At The 2013 Mixtape Festival

at 5:56PM on Jul 28

The festival was great!! I went to both days and had an awesome time, especially Friday. For me, the highlights were:

1. Gavin DeGraw covering “Mirrors” – he sounded damn good singing that, and not all that unlike JT!
2. Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic joining Gavin DeGraw for “Not Over You”.
3. OneRepublic mixing in “We Found Love” with “Apologize”.
4. OneRepublic covering “I Got a Woman” and “Gold Digger” together.
5. Danny from The Script constantly going out into the crowd with fans, and then coming into the grandstands 10 or so feet from me!
6. Boyz II Men and their old school dancing on “Motownphilly” plus their still amazing voices.
7. Pretty much everything about TLC – it was good to see them back in action. Also, they fought through all the technical difficulties of their set like champs.
8. And this is kind of random, but when we had to go into the Hershey Arena during the storm, Hersheypark also had to be shut down…so the six-piece marching band that roams the park came in and played for us while we had to wait. They played “Don’t Stop Believin”‘ and it was great!