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Ashley Rogalski commented on Justin Bieber Goes Shopping In A Gas Mask

at 5:20PM on Feb 25

Maybe he wants to do the Harlem Shake? lol

Ashley Rogalski commented on Lindsay Lohan Faces 8 Months In Jail For Violating Her Probation

at 11:45AM on Dec 12

Lindsay needs help badly. Her family doesn’t do anything, the people around her are bad influences, and she can’t stop flirting with trouble. The poor soul needs support, help, and person who looks out for her. Even one of the guys from The Wanted stated that they are bad influence on Lindsay. I think rehab in isolated place or even jail time can help her.

Ashley Rogalski commented on Lindsay Lohan Continues To Stalk The Wanted

at 3:46PM on Dec 6

Lindsay Lohan stop stalking The Wanted!!!

Ashley Rogalski commented on Lindsay Lohan Will Be Charged With 4 Crimes On 2 Different Coasts

at 7:14PM on Nov 29

This girl needs a straight to rehab pass of jail pass.

Ashley Rogalski commented on Male Model Rob Wilson Gets To Work On 'The Price Is Right'

at 4:10PM on Nov 15

can i have him and the car???

Ashley Rogalski commented on First Look: Lifetime Releases A Trailer For 'Liz & Dick'

at 8:29AM on Sep 21

lol.. At least she give some effort..

Ashley Rogalski commented on Birthday Lurve For The Lurve Of My Life

at 4:14PM on Sep 20

Happy Birthday David =) Trent you are so lucky to find someone who loves you for who you are.