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Jacinta Yanders commented on Ariel Winter's Sister Admits To Drug Use As The Guardianship Case Continues

at 12:34PM on Dec 10

On the upside, I’m glad she was honest about this stuff. On the other hand, I don’t think this really says anything bad about her character. And while I do understand the certain cultures are known to be more strict than others, I gotta say that the fact that the older sister was taken from the home and placed in foster care due to abuse makes me think that the mom has to have done something bad. They typically don’t just throw kids in foster care for kicks and giggles.

Jacinta Yanders commented on The Top 5 'YesPlease, More,ThankYou' Moments From 'Happy Birthday, Mr. President,' Last Night's Episode Of 'Scandal'

at 3:24PM on Dec 7

I have a lot of thoughts about everything, but particularly, I’m not so sure Huck is the actual shooter. He was definitely there, but I think he’s too good to a. Not kill the president if he really wanted to and b. Be seen. I think there’s more to the story there.

And that desk seen…*fans self*

Jacinta Yanders commented on 'The X Factor' Announces Their Two New Hosts

at 11:14AM on Oct 17

Any host has to be better than the dude they had last year. I dig Khloe and Mario has hosting experience, so I think this will go ok.

Jacinta Yanders commented on ABC's 'Revenge' And Four Other Reasons You Shouldn't Kill Your Television

at 11:02AM on Oct 2

Yeah I like a lot of the people in Nashville, so I’m hoping the writing is good.

I also recently started watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, and now I’m hooked.

Jacinta Yanders commented on ABC's 'Revenge' And Four Other Reasons You Shouldn't Kill Your Television

at 3:18PM on Oct 1

Scandal and Revenge are two of my favorites. Scandal requires all of my attention. There’s SO much information, but I love it. Revenge is just the perfect mix of awesome and crazy. I also dig Once Upon a Time. I think I’m going to check out Nashville when it starts next week as well.

In terms of reality shows, I’m watching The Voice, X Factor and Survivor.