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Nisim Z Fra commented on Lindsay Lohan Successful Completes Her First Post-Rehab, Guest Appearance

at 5:46AM on Aug 2

Orphan Black is INSANE Shannon!!! Its about a bunch of identical women (all played by the same actress) who are clones…Its just insane ass shiz

Nisim Z Fra commented on Nick Jonas Wants To Show You Something

at 1:34PM on Jul 30


Nisim Z Fra commented on Um, One Of Your Beloved PITNB Writers Is Hella Pregnant, And It's Kind Of A Big Deal

at 8:55AM on Jul 30

Ahhhh Congrats!!! I am so happy you are a writer on here and I am so excited for you!!!

Nisim Z Fra commented on Watch: Justin Bieber Covers Eminem's 'Lose Yourself During A Performance In Detroit

at 9:22AM on Jul 29


Nisim Z Fra commented on Amanda Bynes Has Been Hospitalized By Police On A 5150 Psychiatric Hold [UPDATE]

at 9:05AM on Jul 26

Trent, it amazes me how quickly you switched your opinion…You were convinced that she was simply doing this for attention and was sane…I wish you would acknowledge this, apologize and move on instead of doing a 180…Disappointing to be honest…

Nisim Z Fra commented on First Look: Lady Gaga Is Happily Nude In This NSFW Photo From Her Upcoming 'V' Magazine Spread

at 8:10AM on Jul 22

Desperate and pathetic…Will do ANYTHING for attention!

Nisim Z Fra commented on Nerdgasm OVERLOAD

at 5:50AM on Jul 21


Nisim Z Fra commented on The 2013 Emmy Nominations Are In!

at 7:52AM on Jul 18

Game of Thrones is SO overrated!!! Who wants to watch a show with incest?!?!?! EWWW

With that being said, how can you even compare a show like “Girls” to Modern Family”?! Both are awesome but for SUCH different reasons…

Nisim Z Fra commented on Justin Bieber's Mom Addresses Her Son's Recent Behavior

at 8:06AM on Jul 12

Dumb ass bitch is the best way to summarize this.