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Jennifer Wilson commented on NIN On TV, Mazzy Star In LA

at 7:04AM on Nov 9

wow! that headline made me think it was 1993!

Jennifer Wilson commented on LMAO: Beyoncé Fans Start A Petition To Keep Her From Going To Kanye West's Wedding

at 7:02AM on Nov 9

the things some folks use their time and energy on

said the girl who took a moment of her day to post this comment. ha. oh.

Jennifer Wilson commented on Much Ado About 'Much Ado'

at 11:40AM on Jul 2

ohhh i love it! thanks for breakin’ the law to get us the screen shots of your debut into the whedonverse!! xx

Jennifer Wilson commented on First Look: P!nk's New Video For 'True Love' Stars Her Daughter And Husband, And Features Lily Allen

at 12:12PM on Jul 1

i like pink..but im not getting this video. i watched the whole thing with a grow-brow. its a weird juxtaposition for me: the unhealthy ‘i hate you but i love you’ thing and the veggie smoothies. what the what was going on?

Jennifer Wilson commented on 6 Years Of Friendship And Counting

at 2:17PM on Jun 27

yeah!! these are the faces i used to see every day when i first started reading PITNB. happy friend-a-versary to you all.

have fun on your trip!

Jennifer Wilson commented on Kanye West & His Babymama Have Decided On A Name For Their Daughter

at 6:35AM on Jun 21

yeah, she is named after the region of the country that i live in! wheeeeeee


Jennifer Wilson commented on Home Is Where The Lurve Is

at 5:11PM on Jun 11

it means a lot to us, your fans!, that you are feeling good. you deserve all the happiness your heart can hold. im sending you lots of positive energy from portland!

Jennifer Wilson commented on Jane Lynch & Lara Embry Are Dunzo!

at 3:08PM on Jun 10

break ups almost always bum me out. sad for them both, and for haden