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Lindsey Schaaf commented on Jofia love Justin Timberlake

at 7:34PM on Aug 15

Super human couple!! I love them both.

Lindsey Schaaf commented on Confirmed: Ryan Gosling WILL Play Christian Grey In The '50 Shades Of Grey' Movie!

at 9:50PM on Apr 8

That’s exactly who I imagine. He’s sexy and could play a controlling man with a secret life.

Lindsey Schaaf commented on 'American Horror Story: Asylum' Is Featured On The Cover Of 'Entertainment Weekly' Magazine

at 4:57PM on Sep 3

I love that Jenna Dewan has joined the cast!!!

Lindsey Schaaf commented on Watch: Spice Girls Reunite For The Closing Ceremonies Of The London 2012 Olympic Games

at 10:49PM on Aug 12

WOOHOOO! I loved them so much. It was awesome! I hope they do another tour together. I was shocked! Great performance! xoxoxo