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Seth Leeper commented on Watch: A Fan Reimagines The Series Finale Of 'How I Met Your Mother'

at 9:44PM on Apr 2

I’m going to part from the party line and say I liked the finale because it was clear to me from the start that a)Robin and Barney were never meant to be together and b)well, Robin and Ted were. It’s a little predictable that they got together in the end, but I actually think the roundabout way they get together is more realistic, even though it happened in 5 seconds at the end. The blue horn totally ties the whole series together though and brings the series to a satisfying end for me, even if we don’t get to see Robin rush down the stairs into Ted’s arms and when he asks her, “What’s happens in the end when the prince finally rescues her?” and she smiles at him and says, “She rescues him right back.” Oh wait, I’m in the wrong plot line, that’s Pretty Woman. My bad. ; )

Seth Leeper commented on First Look: ABC Releases A Dramatic Promo For 'Revenge' Season 3!

at 10:40AM on Aug 22

All I can say is AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Seth Leeper commented on Watch: Who Is Perfume Genius And Why Is His New Video For 'Take Me Home' So Cool?

at 12:09PM on Oct 8

loving this. i clicked on one of the links post-video and discovered “hood”. really digging that song!

Seth Leeper commented on Watch: Solange Debuts A Video For 'Losing You'

at 10:00AM on Oct 4

I crazy love this song still! (Granted, it’s only been a few days its release.) But I can’t stop listening to it! So glad you like it. It’ll be interesting to see if this impacts radio and the charts.

Seth Leeper commented on ABC's 'Revenge' And Four Other Reasons You Shouldn't Kill Your Television

at 11:25AM on Oct 3

My pleasure Shannon! Always a pleasure to read your posts. : )

Seth Leeper commented on ABC's 'Revenge' And Four Other Reasons You Shouldn't Kill Your Television

at 5:50PM on Oct 2

ok this is totally unrelated but you have to watch/listen to solange’s new song/video! i’m really digging the track and based on your previous music posts, i think you might like too. it’s like an acoustic 80s in a tin can. lol don’t know how else to describe it.

p.s. scandal and revenge are awesome!

Seth Leeper commented on First Look: Lifetime Releases A Trailer For 'Liz & Dick'

at 11:24AM on Sep 21

Well, the guy playing Richard Burton seems to do okay, but as far as Lindsay playing Liz, well…

Seth Leeper commented on Watch: Frank Ocean Debuts His NSFW Video For 'Pyramids'

at 10:08PM on Sep 16

I don’t know. It’s an interesting video, and maybe I’m adding a little too much of a pathological spin, but it’s weird for me to see him singing and sexualizing (albeit it demonically) about women since he occupies this grey area in terms of orientation, and how I perceive the construction of his sexuality. I noted that he never touches of any these women, but the camera (or the narrator’s (his) eyes definitely visually slice them up into different parts rather seeing any one whole woman at a time. Part of me is projecting a narrator/protragonist who’s struggling with his own demons, perhaps sexual in nature, and this could allude to an internal struggle with preference or a struggle to reconcile the desire to exploit these women and a desire to save them. In another sense, they’re one big metaphor for temptation, which could encompass both of those spins. It’s also intriguing to me that the video begins with so much violence but it’s targeted at stationery objects, although alcohol seems to be another metaphor for temptation, or a road dangerously tread. I also can’t decide if it’s a cautionary video warning against the trappings of booze, sex, money, and stripping, or if it’s simply depicting a way of life that the narrator is somehow removed from and thus, casting a commentary upon; because there’s a bubbling morality underneath the surface that’s almost casting a Sodom/Gomorah-like judgment on the scene. Finally, the video triggers a little unease in me because I feel like sexual, ethnic, and cultural minorities should elevate the social/artistic discussion and support each other, but my first reaction to the video was discomfort because I have an expectation that gay/bi/queer men would/should protect and respect women and the video feels exploitive, but I’m not sure if it’s an attempt to rise to the machismo of the Hip Hop industry, or if it’s a commentary on the mysogyny still found in some corners of the industry (and let’s face it, the culture at large). So I guess I’m just confused, after all that, and I’m not sure if he wants to fuck these women, judge these women, protect these women, or all of the above. And all this is just after one viewing, so it must be a good video to provoke so many streams of thought. haha