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Deb Hodgon commented on Sarah Jessica Parker & Kristen Davis Hint At A New 'Sex And The City' Movie

at 12:36PM on Jan 8

There was always going to be three movies, but after the second debacle I think they shied off the idea. And rightly so! What a horrendous movie! They need to go back to the original heart of the series and go from there if they want to make a third movie. Bring back the original female writers who knew the characters inside out. Though really, what storyline would actually be plausible now is hard to imagine.

Deb Hodgon commented on Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Reunite In The New Year

at 1:11PM on Jan 3

Run, Selena, run! JB is all kinds of bad news and will just ruin your life.

Deb Hodgon commented on Figure Skater Brian Boitano Comes Out As Gay

at 2:40PM on Dec 19

I applaud yours and other countries who refuse to send dignitaries to the games. I know for sure our dickhead Prime Minister will be there as he is so homophobic it makes me sick. His own sister is gay, but he refuses to accept this fact of life.

Deb Hodgon commented on Target Says They Will NOT Sell Beyoncé's New Album In Their Stores

at 1:37PM on Dec 17

Do people still buy CDs? I thought everyone just downloaded albums these days, or at least my kids do.
Also, Trent, you might want to start moderating. I’m not a huge Beyoncé fan, but I don’t like that someone sees fit to call her such a terrible name on here. Just sayin

Deb Hodgon commented on Paul Walker's Autopsy Delayed, Second Accident Victim Identified

at 11:08AM on Dec 1

This is just so sad. When my daughter first told me that he’d died in a car accident I thought it was some sort of sick joke and a cruel hoax.

Deb Hodgon commented on Miley Cyrus Mocks Sinéad O'Connor For Writing That Open Letter, Sinéad Responds With A Second & Third Letter Calling Her 'F*cking Stupid'

at 11:53AM on Oct 4

Never argue with children. Simple.
PS. Liam, you definitely dodged a bullet with this one. Come home and find yourself a nice Aussie girl.

Deb Hodgon commented on Too Tired To Walk, Justin Bieber Gets Carried Up The Great Wall Of China

at 8:27PM on Oct 1

Cock. Head. He annoys the shit out of me.

Deb Hodgon commented on Madonna Loves Her Grillz, Doesn't Care If YOU Do Not

at 1:33PM on Aug 27

I have. I’m 51. And know what looks stupid and what doesn’t. I’m not a boring old person and certainly not a prude. Wait til you’re all older and you’ll soon agree.

Deb Hodgon commented on Madonna Loves Her Grillz, Doesn't Care If YOU Do Not

at 3:21PM on Aug 26

Oh no, she hasn’t! Well this has to be the ultimate gesture of hanging on to her youth and trying to complete with the youngsters. I feel sorry for her.

Deb Hodgon commented on Here Are Two Possible Explanations For Miley Cyrus's 2013 MTV VMA Performance

at 1:31PM on Aug 26

Two words…Bloody disgraceful! I’m very open-minded and rarely get embarrassed by stuff, but I had a very hard time watching this. FFS Miley, you’re better than this.