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Deb Hodgon commented on Movie Review: 'Pitch Perfect 2'

at 12:19PM on May 7

Guess I won’t shell out the 25 bucks for a movie ticket then. :(

Deb Hodgon commented on This Miley Cyrus Barbie Has Pink Armpit Hair, Obviously

at 12:11PM on May 4

Hell no! Not the Barbie I’ll be buying my new granddaughter.

Deb Hodgon commented on The Healing Process

at 1:51PM on Oct 2

Music is such a soundtrack to our lives that I think for most of us we can play “do you remember what song was playing when…..” . One of my earliest memories is sitting on our back steps singing She Loves You Yeah Yeah Yeah (the only line I knew from that song at 3 or 4) and yes, I’m THAT old. lol
Trent, I’m glad your trip was a positive move and that you can enjoy Ryan’s music without too many bittersweet memories from now on. xo

Deb Hodgon commented on A Quick Trip Home

at 12:38PM on Sep 9

Sending good thoughts your way and saying a prayer for your Dad. Hope he’s feeling better soon. xx

Deb Hodgon commented on Watch: I, Too, Have Accepted The ALS #IceBucketChallenge

at 12:24PM on Aug 20

Go girl!! Thanks for the shout out. :)

Deb Hodgon commented on Watch: I Have Accepted The ALS #IceBucketChallenge

at 12:34PM on Aug 19

Awesome! At least it’s summer over there. Down here it’s winter and we’re doing the challenge with two buckets of ice! You have to sit down with your feet in another big bucket which catches the ice. This is also thrown over your head, so that actually makes three. I did the honours of pouring these over my daughter. Aussies are donating to their cancer charity of choice and Bree nominated Canteen.

Deb Hodgon commented on First Look: Kanye West's Bride Wore Givenchy Haute Couture

at 7:43PM on May 24

I think wearing a white dress is okay, but not sure about the veil. But hey, he’s never married before so why rob him of tradition.

Deb Hodgon commented on This America Ferrera Cannes Film Festival Incident Is So Disturbing

at 12:26PM on May 18

Creepy. And scary that he can just do this. He’s not a prankster, he’s disgusting.

Deb Hodgon commented on Sarah Jessica Parker & Kristen Davis Hint At A New 'Sex And The City' Movie

at 12:36PM on Jan 8

There was always going to be three movies, but after the second debacle I think they shied off the idea. And rightly so! What a horrendous movie! They need to go back to the original heart of the series and go from there if they want to make a third movie. Bring back the original female writers who knew the characters inside out. Though really, what storyline would actually be plausible now is hard to imagine.

Deb Hodgon commented on Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Reunite In The New Year

at 1:11PM on Jan 3

Run, Selena, run! JB is all kinds of bad news and will just ruin your life.