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Alicia A. Bentley commented on Watch: Jimmy Fallon Performs 'La Bamba' As A Thank You To You Tube Subscribers

at 6:11AM on Apr 16

I know Jimmy has a lot of haters…but I love him and his damn show. Funny, and they make me laugh every night.

Alicia A. Bentley commented on Watch: A Gay BFF Performs 'Work Bitch' By Britney Spears For His Best Friend's Wedding

at 4:42AM on Apr 3

That was awesome. The groom had a face like “I better smile, this B*tch is going to be with us our whole marriage”. ahahahahah! Epic. Thanks for sharing. :)

Alicia A. Bentley commented on Watch: Louis C.K. Plays 'Black Jeopardy' On 'Saturday Night Live'

at 4:21AM on Apr 2

Hubby and I laughed the most at Black Jeopardy. “i’d watch yourself, Mark”. Ahahahahaha. Great show, Louis C.K. can come back anytime!

Alicia A. Bentley commented on Watch: Funny Lady Kristen Wiig Gets Super Serious In Her New Film 'Hateship Loveship'

at 7:59PM on Mar 19

Or Steve Carell with Crazy, Stupid Love. I love it when the “comedic” actors spread their wings…..usually I am pleasantly surprised.

Alicia A. Bentley commented on Watch: Jimmy Fallon Begins His Tenure As Host Of 'The Tonight Show'

at 3:18PM on Feb 18

I thought he did a great job. I liked it, and I like him.

Alicia A. Bentley commented on First Look: Billy Ray Cyrus Teams Up With Buck 22 For A Song Sequel To 'Achy Breaky Heart'

at 8:20AM on Feb 13

Don’t. Do. It. I waffled, then did. My inner 20 year old was saying yes, while my 40 year old self vomited a little. You wont be able to unsee it!
Heed my words! :)

Alicia A. Bentley commented on Watch The Most EPIC Super Bowl Commercial That You Didn't See During Yesterday's Game

at 3:00PM on Feb 5

Nic Cage should be in this made for TV movie. Oh wait. It’s not a movie? lol. You go brotha!

Alicia A. Bentley commented on Four People Have Been Arrested In Connection With Philip Seymour Hoffman's Death

at 2:47PM on Feb 5

So tragically sad. Addiction is a horrible thing. :(

Alicia A. Bentley commented on Moses Farrow Defends Woody Allen Against Dylan Farrow's Allegations

at 2:42PM on Feb 5

Oh. Well. Because a brother (or sibling NOT getting molested) was never wrong or in denial. I am dumbfounded by the people that assume the accuser is always doubted. Because it’s fun to make something like that up? Because it’s an easy thing to say? Trust me. It’s not.