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Brian Apple commented on William Orbit Says Britney Spears's New Music Is 'To Die For', Doesn't Need Auto-Tune

at 3:05PM on Jul 10

Oh, go away, William Orbit. Britney is a no-talent hack who mimes on stage. Are you so desperate that you feel the need to align with a fake like her?

Pushing buttons on a computer to make “music” is no more about music than pushing the flush button on a toilet.

Brian Apple commented on Is Beyoncé Addressing The Lip-Synching Controversy In Her New Instagram Photo?

at 3:09PM on Jan 27

There’s no truth to the rumor that Beyonce’s new song will be called Just Press Play.

Brian Apple commented on Kate Moss And Joan Smalls Are Super Fierce In The New Versace Campaign

at 4:15PM on Dec 22

Kate looks heavily photo-shopped. As for the male models, big yawn.

Brian Apple commented on Watch: MTV Releases A Trailer For 'Buckwild,' The Down South 'Jersey Shore' Reality Show

at 12:40PM on Dec 2

This looks like a very fake show. The women look all the same with their long flowing hair. Pathetic, horrible, gross and fake. No, we don’t need another fake show from MTV.

Brian Apple commented on First Listen: Rihanna Teams Up With Kanye West For The 'Diamonds' Remix

at 2:00PM on Nov 17

Rihanna is into homophobic dancehall performers from the Caribbean that have sung songs about killing gays. One of them is Beenie Man. Rihanna joined him on stage recently.

Brian Apple commented on Rihanna's 'GQ' Spread Is Once Again, Unsurprisingly NSFW

at 2:20PM on Nov 14

Rihanna must be desperate for money if she’s accepting cash from GQ to take some of her clothes off. She’s pathetic, frankly. She reminds me a little of Kim Kardashian.

Rihanna is also known to be a supporter of the homophobic singer Beenie Man, having appeared with him on stage in Jamaica despite him being accused of inciting murderous violence towards gay men.

Brian Apple commented on First Listen/OMFG: Rihanna And Chris Brown Collaborate On Her New Love Song, 'Nobodies Business'

at 2:17PM on Nov 8

Stop portraying Rihanna as a victim. She’s no victim. She has knowingly exploited her bashing at the hands of Chris Brown for marketing reasons. She’s very cynical and quite disrespectful to her fans in my opinion.

Brian Apple commented on First Look: Spice Girls Rehearse For The Closing Ceremonies Of The London 2012 Olympic Games

at 4:04PM on Aug 10

Are the Spice Girls rehearsing to mime? Open mouth, close mouth. Gee, that’s so hard. I pity these poor women and the effort that will be required of them.