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fab4runner commented on A Sequel To 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Is Coming Our Way

at 10:31AM on Apr 17

I am for this sequel. I watch Mrs. Doubtfire every single time I come across it on TV. Definitely a classic.

fab4runner commented on Watch: Oprah Winfrey Makes Pharrell Cry 'Happy' Tears On National Television

at 1:10PM on Apr 15

He is precious, but Oprah just gets on my nerves, lol. “I get it. Because it came from such a clear space.” Pharrell is just like…yeah. Hahaha.

fab4runner commented on Mama Joyce Has Some Things To Say About Her Daughter Kandi Burruss's Marriage To Todd Tucker

at 6:11AM on Apr 8

I don’t watch anymore, but if I recall, Mama Joyce hasn’t liked any of Kandi’s significant others. I appreciate her worrying about her daughter, but she’s just going too far, IMO.

fab4runner commented on So, How Many Times Did You Get Pregnant During Last Night's Episode Of 'Scandal'?

at 7:15PM on Mar 28

I will give this episode three #splooshes. (This whole comment is going to just be wrong…sorry not sorry!)

1. Mellie and Andrew were hot in that first scene together. I enjoyed his confidence.

2. Adnan taking off her panties (hate that word!) and waiting for Harrison to bang her was great. I imagine she was sitting spread eags, which is graphic, but it made it hotter in my imagination. Told you it would be wrong.

3. Jake. There was a flood during his “I am Command” scene. I was actually into it before he even started in. I was like, “Jesus, he looks phenomenal in that suit.” Then he gave his little speech…#SPLOOSH.

I left out Olitz because I am SO OVER THEM. I am not anti-Quinn/Huck, but I am also not super into it just yet. I still think of them as bro/sis.

I like where the story went this week. Should be interesting the rest of the season. I am definitely with you on the kids being horrible and annoying. Go away! Oh, and it was hilarious when they threw baby Teddy (is that his name? I can’t even recall) in there at the end. I almost forgot he existed, much like the older kids.

PS In case you were wondering:


fab4runner commented on Before They 'Consciously Uncoupled', Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin Went On Holiday In The Bahamas Together

at 7:17AM on Mar 28

It’s not all that strange to me. It seems like they are still good friends, which is a great thing since they have to parent their children together.

fab4runner commented on Kerry Washington Tweets About The Arrival Of The Grant Kids On Tonight's Episode Of 'Scandal'

at 10:35AM on Mar 27

I am going to pretend she only tweets like that due the 140 character limit.

fab4runner commented on Will Bradley Cooper Become The New Indiana Jones?

at 8:04AM on Mar 26

I’m into it. Indiana Jones is one of my favorite trilogies of all time. Part of me wants them to just leave it alone, but another part would love more movies if they are well done. I can definitely see Bradley Cooper in the role. Hopefully he will be bearded. #sploosh

fab4runner commented on About Last Night's 'Scandal'... And That One Time Cyrus Beene Called Me

at 7:10PM on Mar 21

I can’t watch the episode until Sunday (don’t ask, ugh) but I had to read your recap anyway. I know, I know…so dumb! But I had to know who got shot/died. I am still really looking forward to watching it, though.

I am not surprised it was James. I think most people were in agreement that it would be him. I am sad, and I think I will be even sadder once I see it myself. But Shonda is gonna Shonda, AKA kill off all of our favorites EVERY SINGLE TIME. Whatever, I still love her.

I am so with you on last week so being so over the top, eye roll worthy, but I am glad to hear this week was much, much better. Scandal has been like that for me the last season and a half. Some really over the top, cringe-worthy moments followed by an episode or two that are amazing and remind me why I love the show so much. I think I will always be able to put up with the “bad” since the good is so, so good.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to watching on Sunday to see all of these moments you talked about.

fab4runner commented on Kanye West & His Babymama Grace The Cover Of 'Vogue' Magazine

at 6:29PM on Mar 21

LOL at the amount of hate over a magazine cover right now. I had no idea it was so serious.

fab4runner commented on Seth Rogen Calls Justin Bieber 'A Piece Of Sh*t'

at 11:35AM on Mar 14

Team Seth.