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fab4runner commented on Watch: Azealia Banks Called A Flight Attendant A 'F*cking Faggot' In An Airplane Meltdown

at 9:42AM on Sep 22

Trent, do you think she is actually homophobic, or that she just uses homophobic slurs?

I am curious why you would support someone who says these things while also saying Paula Deen is the worst, and that you can’t stand her. Has Deen made racist remarks? Yes. Is she a racist…probably. But how is that different than Banks? Has she said homophobic things? Yes. Is she a homophobe? Seems likely to me.

fab4runner commented on Henry Cavill Is Featured In 'Men's Health' AND 'Men's Fitness' Magazines This Month

at 7:31AM on Aug 6

I’ll take the beard from men’s Health and the body from Men’s Fitness. A combo if you will.

fab4runner commented on Hugh Dancy Has Been Cast In A New Hulu Series Titled 'The Way'

at 6:43AM on Aug 5

Will watch. Love FNL and Parenthood, so I will watch anything Katims does. Also a huge Aaron Paul fan.

fab4runner commented on Gwen Stefani And Gavin Rossdale Are Dunzo!

at 11:14AM on Aug 4

Sames. This one really bums me out.

fab4runner commented on The Amber Rose Slut Walk Is Officially On!

at 9:18AM on Jul 31

Went to the GoFundMe page to get more info, started reading the comments…wanted to throw my computer out the window.

fab4runner commented on Watch: Ariana Grande Apologizes For Licking Donuts, Saying That She 'Hates America'

at 11:13AM on Jul 10

Her comments do not bother me at all…but licking food that other people are going to buy is real gross.

fab4runner commented on Caitlyn Jenner Makes Her Debut On The Cover Of 'Vanity Fair' Magazine

at 11:08AM on Jun 2

This is pretty much exactly what i was trying to say.

fab4runner commented on Caitlyn Jenner Makes Her Debut On The Cover Of 'Vanity Fair' Magazine

at 11:23AM on Jun 1

i watched the interview, and I do know the part you’re referring to. Still, I find a lot of the comments I am seeing unnecessary. And I am not just talking about people on this blog. I have seen a lot of jokes on Twitter already, and I just think it’s trivial. This is a happy time for Caitlyn, and people want to use it as a reason to make fun of her children and family.