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fab4runner commented on 'The Good Wife' Gave Us An Awesome Surprise Twist In Last Night's Finale

at 7:48AM on May 11

Loved/hated it! I was so happy to see Kalinda, and then soooooo sad to see her go for the last time. Wah. I am going to miss her so much.

Loved Alicia and Finn Finn partnering up…hated when he ended it. I really hope Matthew Goode is back next year.

I am so sad this season is over, but I really loved it. Can’t wait for fall.

fab4runner commented on Movie Review: 'Pitch Perfect 2'

at 12:22PM on May 7

I refuse to believe it!!!!

fab4runner commented on ICYMI, Amy Schumer And Her 'No Raping' Sketch Are Having The Best Week Ever

at 5:29AM on Apr 29

Little late here…sorry! I so wish I could comment from my phone.

Anyway…the rape skit was PERFECTION for me. First of all, it combined so many of my favorite things. JOSH CHARLES, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, AMY SCHUMER, WINE. I also live very, very close to Steubenville. I know it was a national story, but being so close, it really took on a life of it’s own here. I absolutely love high school football, but what happened there really did not surprise me. Steubenville is a straight up shit hole. The economy there has been awful for a very long time, and football is seriously one of the only good things they have in their lives. That the players, coach and community acted and reacted the way they did…it just didn’t shock me at all. So that skit really worked for me.

I really liked the rest of the skits as well. I thought it was a great premier episode.

fab4runner commented on First Listen: Mariah Carey Releases Her New Single 'Infinity'

at 8:49AM on Apr 27

Ditto. Not a huge fan of the song after the first listen, and some of the lyrics are pretty lame. I hope it grows on me. She does sound really good, though.

fab4runner commented on Elisabeth Moss And Vincent Kartheiser Brought Us Another Great 'Mad Men' Episode Last Night

at 6:35AM on Apr 27

Haven’t watched Mad Men yet, so I skipped all that, but AHHHH THE GOOD WIFE. I am so upset. We have all known it was coming for such a long time, but I am still not ready. :( :( :( :( Kalinda, Cary and Alicia all had me feeling so many feels.

fab4runner commented on David Letterman Made A 'Whore' Joke That Fell Flat In Front Of His 'Late Show' Audience

at 1:16PM on Apr 24

But sometimes it IS funny. My friends and I make slut and whore jokes. We are strong, intelligent, powerful women. Attorneys, engineers, scientists. We have such a mix of ages, races, careers, etc in our friend group. And yet, we all make comments like these from time to time. Reading some of the reactions to this and to the Jeremy Renner story from yesterday have me feeling like an awful, terrible woman/person in general because I am not offended.

fab4runner commented on Here Is Our First Look At Jamie Dornan As Christian Grey In The Sequel Film 'Fifty Shades Darker'

at 12:19PM on Apr 24

I just want them to let his beard prosper in the next movie. I don’t care that he is clean shaven in the books, Jamie Dornan has a magnificent beard, and it needs to be seen.

fab4runner commented on Is Taylor Swift's Love Of Cats Putting Her Relationship With Calvin Harris In Danger?

at 11:17AM on Apr 21

He should man up and get the allergy shots.

fab4runner commented on Of Course Beyoncé Already Has A $10K Gold Apple Watch

at 11:15AM on Apr 21

I was going to ask that as well.

fab4runner commented on At Last, We Get To See Wonder Woman's New Costume In Color

at 11:13AM on Apr 21

Batman can’t turn his head anymore, which will make backing out of the driveway harder. :(