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fab4runner commented on Les News, 092914

at 11:41AM on Sep 29

There is a reason the OSU marching band is known as TBDBITL. :)

PS. Go Bucks!

fab4runner commented on Shia LaBeouf Performs A New Performance Art Piece In Amsterdam

at 7:48PM on Sep 25

I am not mad about that beard, I can tell you that.

fab4runner commented on First Look: Hilary Duff Releases A Music Video For 'All About You'

at 8:22AM on Sep 25

She was on Elvis Duran yesterday morning and said that the album would be out sometime after the new year. Btw, that was the first time I heard this single, and I really liked it. It’s fun.

fab4runner commented on First Look: 'The Good Wife' Season Six Preview Looks Amazing

at 5:29AM on Sep 22

I am excited…but I still miss Will. :( I also forgot to extend my recording in case football ran over, so I am pretty sure I will be missing some of it. Not a great start to the season for me, lol.

fab4runner commented on What's Your Most Memorable Concert Experience?

at 5:24AM on Sep 22

I don’t want to sound like the nerdiest white person ever, but Elton John and Billy Joel Face to Face was absolutely amazing.

A close 2nd would be Metallica on their Summer Sanitarium tour in 2003. I saw them at Ohio Stadium and it was fantastic. I also go to Rock on the Range in Columbus every year and it’s a blast.

fab4runner commented on Movie Review: 'The Drop'

at 12:20PM on Sep 18

I saw The Drop last night, as well. Tom Hardy was so fantastic as Bob. I really loved the whole movie.

fab4runner commented on Watch: Kanye West Responds To That Video Of Him Yelling At Those Wheelchair-Bound Concert Goers

at 1:44PM on Sep 16

Agreed. I was going to say that it sounds like he was just rambling. He never really addresses the wheelchair incident, unless some of the rant isn’t printed above.

If he really thinks the event was misconstrued, he should probably clearly state what actually happened instead of all that nonsense.

fab4runner commented on The Horror Film 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' Is Getting A Reboot

at 8:51AM on Sep 16

Love the original, and I am not surprised they are rebooting it. I love horror films, so I am sure I will see it even though it will probably be terrible.

On a somewhat related note, I was buying a new phone a month or so ago, and two of the young gentlemen working were chatting back and forth while I waited. One of them said to the other, “I know what you did last summer” and the other kid laughed at him. I told them that they seemed too young to know that movie, and the guy helping me replied, “what movie?” and then told me he was born in 1995. -_-

fab4runner commented on 09-11-14

at 5:32AM on Sep 11

May all of the victims rest in peace. I love America, I love our troops and I love our first responders. I am grateful to live in the greatest country on Earth.

I hope your mom has a wonderful birthday. One of my dear friends from college turns 29 today, but he is celebrating in Heaven. I miss him every day.

fab4runner commented on 'Fess Up: Which Celebrity Sex Tape Would You Totally, Unashamedly Watch?

at 9:25AM on Aug 31

I think the better question is which celebrity sex tape would I NOT watch. I mean, I have pretty much seen them all. Yes, even Hulk Hogan and Back Door Teen Mom. I watch them purely for entertainment purposes. I haven’t ever found a celeb sex tape to be pleasurable or sexy, etc. I think most of them are funny, amusing and entertaining.

If I could pick some celebs to watch, I think I’d go with Jon Hamm (ummm, hello giant ween), Christian Bale (I am hoping for some angry sex) and Charlie Hunnam (I have to believe he is phenom based on his SoA sex scenes).