Emmaa commented on Lady Gaga Respectfully Goes Off On Kelly Osbourne In An Open Letter

at 1:20PM on Jan 11

I think this hole beef kinda is weird. Gaga penned that letter after Shannon (Kelly´s mama) wrote a letter to gaga´s manager to tell gaga to tweet her little monster to get off Kelly´s back and stop bullying her. Sharon wanted to keep it private but Gaga wanted to make it public. So Shannon made a public letter too. Im not picking a side because i think both of them made a point and made each other sound like a hypocrite, but i think Gaga should really stand up say something to her so called fans. There are a lot of cray cray things happening in every freaking fan base but her little monster are the cruelest little fuckers on internet. Im luckily so old that i don´t care and don´t need to live with that shit but there is a line that these little things have grossed way to many times.

Emmaa commented on L.A. Reid Is Leaving 'The X Factor'

at 3:31PM on Dec 15

I have a feeling that Britney won´t be coming back either next year. She is too expensive and i think the producers are not happy with the ratings that they thought she would bring. Bad ratings are not her fault is the bad editing and the show being too scripted. Truth is these type of reality shows has been going down hill for so long and people are getting tired off them. Personally my biggest turn off with these kinda shows are the sloppy stories. They go on and on. I mean it sucks but so many others in this world are in the same position today. There are too many people in the world today that don´t know do they have home tomorrow or job to go to. It is the picture of the world today.
Personally i really liked Britney on XFactor. I think the start was kinda rough on her but i think she has got so much better and more confident. She has been the best mentor for sure. She knows her shit. I would love her to do next season also. Im pretty sure her next album won´t be coming out till late fall next year so she could totally rock the next season….. Like i said, i think it won´t happen but i wanna be wrong.

Emmaa commented on The Top 5 'YesPlease, More,ThankYou' Moments From 'Happy Birthday, Mr. President,' Last Night's Episode Of 'Scandal'

at 3:27PM on Dec 7

I knew it was Huck behind that shooting. Well It has be something to do with Olivia, is he protecting her from something? We all know he would do anything for her. Im scared how this will play out. I mean is Huck going to vanish after this? I can´t take that. Huck is one best things in this show.
I have love/hate thing going on with this Olivia/Mr. President thing. I love watching them together. It´s like flames coming out of them when they are touching each other but when they were outside of the White house and Olivia was taking steps back with their relationship and the Mr. President stopped her and said “No you own Me.” I was like BUM. No you just did not say that. I mean, you have no right. He is so aggressive with his seduction towards her sometimes that it kinda turns me off. I don´t know what to think. Is it so wrong that it is right?

Emmaa commented on Kerry Washington Is Perfection In A Spread For 'Uptown' Magazine

at 4:38PM on Dec 5

She is so pretty and overall damn amazing. I wish i could bring her some Red wine and popcorn. ;)