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ella commented on Watch: Christina Aguilera Does An Impression Of Britney Spears On 'The Tonight Show' And It Is Pretty Perfect

at 8:34AM on Feb 24

She sounds more like Britney Spears than Britney Spears herself.

You know Xtina has done this impression once or twice over the years, when cameras aren’t around…

ella commented on Beyoncé And Blue Ivy Share A Valentine's Day Smooch

at 9:37AM on Feb 15

She’s really growing up!! She doesn’t look like a baby anymore, she looks like a little girl! The little girl version of Jay Z. My heart!

ella commented on Tell Us EVERYTHING About Your 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Movie Going (Or Anti-Movie Going) Experience!

at 8:45AM on Feb 15

Kink is great but rape is not. BDSM is hot but abuse is not. And the conflation of the two is terrifying. And it’s really effing upsetting to this rape survivor to see so many people spending money on and delighting in this portrayal of abuse claiming to be kink.

That said, we all give money to questionable projects and people – it’s impossible not to living in this society. So I know I can’t be too judgemental. So my strategy is to just hide every post on my facebook newsfeed related to 50 shades and tell myself that the craze will pass.

ella commented on Bobbi Kristina Brown Will Reportedly Be Taken Off Life Support Tomorrow On The Anniversary Of Whitney Houston's Death

at 10:12AM on Feb 10

It’s just so heartbreaking. I remember seeing Bobbi Kristina on Oprah when Whitney did that big interview in 2009. And they talked about how they were best friends and how Bobby Kris had always been there for Whitney. But listening to Whitney talk about what it was like living in that house all that time when Whitney and Bobby were addicted to coke and having all their problems, it was hard not to think about what that would do to a child. Like for example, I remember Whitney saying that her bedroom was very creepy because Bobby had spray painted evil eyes all over the walls everywhere, even on the insides of closets etc.

Whitney and Bobby obviously adored their daughter. But seeing this happen to Bobbi Kristina now, in such an eerie way… it’s hard not to think about how much this girl was up against.

ella commented on Rihanna And Blue Ivy Made The Cutest Couple At The Grammy Awards Last Night

at 7:01PM on Feb 9

I can see it now and goddamn are they adorable. Worth the wait :)

ella commented on Rihanna And Blue Ivy Made The Cutest Couple At The Grammy Awards Last Night

at 12:36PM on Feb 9

I can’t see a post… is it a problem with the site or with me?? I reeeeally wanna see this one :)

ella commented on Rosie O'Donnell Reveals Health Issues Inspired Her Decision To Quit 'The View'

at 10:22AM on Feb 8

You know, I used to enjoy her daytime show and I think she has a really good heart. But despite her efforts/intentions, for a long time now she has really come off as such a wounded, stressed, miserable person. I really hope she can figure things out and find some peace.

ella commented on Critics Claim 'InStyle' Magazine Lightened Kerry Washington's Skin On Their Cover, The Magazine Responds

at 10:09AM on Feb 6

I honestly did not recognize her when I first saw this cover. I have a hard time believing that they didn’t digitally lighten her skin and alter her features.

But honestly, even if they didn’t, then the problem is that they are working with people who have absolutely no idea how to light Black subjects, and I really don’t see how that’s better.

Given the huge amounts of racism and colorism that continue to hinder the careers of Black people and other people of colour in media (and given the impact that has on Black kids and on the population in general), stuff like this just isn’t acceptable and I don’t care what the excuse is.

ella commented on On Beef Stew, Helen Of Troy, And Last Night's 'Scandal': 'Where's The Black Lady?'

at 9:23AM on Feb 6

I used to really like Andrew but he’s now dead to me. And I would appreciate it if he were actually dead by next season.

ella commented on Family Members Tell 'People' Magazine They Are Gathering To 'Say Goodbye' To Bobbi Kristina Brown

at 8:45AM on Feb 5

This is so damn tragic I can hardly believe it :(