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ella commented on So What If I Cried During Last Night's 'Scandal': 'I'm Just A Bill'

at 10:30AM on Apr 17

I have several thoughts.

1. Scandal is not a drama, it’s a primetime soap. The sooner we can all accept this, the sooner we can enjoy the craziness rather than focusing on how unrealistic it is.

2. As much as I want to believe that Jake is somehow gonna survive, his storyline isn’t really going anywhere and Olivia needs to be fully freed from the love triangle that has dominated the last couple seasons so she can do more interesting things. Sorry, Jake, but it makes sense for you to go now :(

3. Olivia has a really bad track record of falling for B613 agents that have been assigned to watch/follow her. Where are those legendary gut instincts?!

4. Watching Huck and Quinn take a hammer to that body and put it in a suitcase made me want to die.

5. Goddamn can Papa Pope ever rock a monologue.

ella commented on Attention: Jaden Smith Did A Gender-Subversive Thing That I Like

at 9:05AM on Apr 11

Definitely. I’m glad that young people are seeing through the BS way we feel the need to gender everything… clothing is clothing. If you like it and it feels good and/or you like the way it looks, then wear it! “I’m (fe)male so I can’t do ______” is a limiting and pointless way of thinking and I’m glad more people are realizing it.

ella commented on Elisabeth Moss Shares A Shocking 'Mad Men' Spoiler On Instagram!

at 2:47PM on Apr 6

So much in this episode! Roger’s moustache is killer, it’s true. I’m sad for Ken that he decided to follow his ego instead of his instincts and get revenge rather than using the opportunity to write. That said, I’m pretty excited to see him torture Pete and Roger.

A lot of the reviews I’ve been reading have been really disappointing when it comes to discussing what happened between Peggy and Joan. A lot of male writers just saying “they’re jealous of each other” and leaving it at that. It’s so much more complex, IMO. They’re thrown together because they’re both women and both the targets of sexism at the firm (and beyond, obviously), but they are very different people and the ways they navigate that are unique and complex and brave and disappointing and make me feel a lot of things.

And Rachel! I never realized how much I wanted more of her :(

ella commented on Let's Only Talk About 'Mad Men' Today, Okay?

at 10:08AM on Apr 5

I’ve read that Matthew Weiner has known since the beginning what the final shot of the series would be. For years I’ve been dying to find out. We’re so close!! I’ll be sad when it’s over, but I can’t wait until we have the entire story in front of us to unpack/analyze.

ella commented on Beyoncé Releases A New Song, But You'll Need A TIDAL Subscription To Hear It

at 9:58AM on Apr 5

I can’t tell you how much I’ve been enjoying reading the snarky/unimpressed posts about Tidal while looking at the Tidal ad directly above the post. So funny.

I’m surprised Jay doesn’t have more sense than this. C’mon, Jay. Come up with a better business plan.

ella commented on 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Star Nicholas Brendon BUSTED For The Second Time This Year

at 9:09AM on Mar 15

My heart :( he must be in so much pain. I really hope he gets some help.

ella commented on Here is Our First Look At Lena Dunham On 'Scandal'

at 2:20PM on Mar 6

Ughh I can’t stand Lena Dunham and I’m so upset that I’m going to be forced to watch her in one of my favourite shows :( :( :( :(

ella commented on 'Scandal' Creates A Magical, Pretend World Where #BlackLivesMatter: "The Lawn Chair"

at 8:44AM on Mar 6

I was horrified.. disgusted.. for the first part of the episode, wondering how they could use so much of Mike Brown’s case for an episode about good, innocent cops and bad, opportunistic protestors. I should have had more faith. Now I think it’s brilliant that they started out showing the case the way a lot (most?) of white America sees cases like Mike Brown’s, and gradually revealed the truth – the child was innocent, the protestors were right, the cop was lying and racist as hell.

I agree with you, though, Shannon – the ending was disappointing. Instead of walking away thinking about how the system is set up against Blacks (like in the Ferguson PD, how much of their revenue depends on harassing Black people), people walk away thinking about good cops and bad apples, with the foolish idea that a conviction for a single killer cop somehow makes it okay. This isn’t an issue of one racist cop, this is about the system that has always existed in America.

But, still. Shonda took a lot of risks and the episode had me in tears.

ella commented on Watch: It's A Good Thing Iggy Azalea Didn't Win A Grammy Award Because She Says She Didn't Want A Grammy Award Anyways

at 9:57AM on Mar 4

There’s two reasons that Eminem doesn’t get the kind of hate that she does. The first (incredibly obvious) reason is that she doesn’t have anywhere near the degree of talent and skill that Eminem has.

But the other, more important reason is that Eminem isn’t putting on a “blaccent” and pretending to be someone he’s not in order to make some money. Eminem grew up poor in Detroit and he actually talks like that and he actually grew up immersed in Black American hip hop culture. Iggy is Australian but she imitates a Black southern accent when she raps and her whole persona seems very put on. So many people have said that it’s not the fact that Iggy’s white that makes them dislike her, it’s the way she imitates an identity that isn’t hers, rather than finding a way to express her actual self/identity through hip hop.

Eminem, IMO, has always had an awareness of his “place” as a white rapper, has paid homage to the Black artists who created the genre that made him his money and has used his platform to try to help launch the careers of many Black artists. Iggy does not show the same respect, and yet she acts like some kind of victim. Anytime anyone has thrown shade at Eminem, whether it’s for being white or anything else, he responds by destroying them on the mic. Like a real rapper does it.

ella commented on Watch: Christina Aguilera Does An Impression Of Britney Spears On 'The Tonight Show' And It Is Pretty Perfect

at 8:34AM on Feb 24

She sounds more like Britney Spears than Britney Spears herself.

You know Xtina has done this impression once or twice over the years, when cameras aren’t around…