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ella commented on This Bill Cosby Accuser Perfectly Explains Why Women Are Just Now Coming Forward

at 11:47AM on Nov 22

I agree that a lot of people who are still holding out and supporting Cosby are unwilling to listen. But many of them are very vocal. And I think that being vocal in support of the women who have come forward is really helpful to them and to everyone who can relate to them. Thanks for writing about this, Shannon.

ella commented on VH1 Will Air 'Behind The Music: Aaliyah' This Weekend In The Wake Of That Disastrous Lifetime TV Movie

at 11:35AM on Nov 22

I’ve seen it too and this makes me so happy – a show that actually gives her the respect she deserves. VH1 wins.

ella commented on First Look: Beyoncé Releases A Music Video For '7/11'

at 7:56PM on Nov 21

I love Beyoncé but I kind of hate this song. And she’s flawless as usual in the video but I’ll probably never watch it again. Meh.

ella commented on The 'Scandal' Winter Finale Was Too Much For Me: 'Where the Sun Don't Shine'

at 10:22AM on Nov 21

I definitely thought that Jake was gonna get shot. But what actually happened was kind of a letdown… am I supposed to be worried about what Portia and the VP are gonna do to her?? After that scene with Papa Pope, those two don’t scare me at all!

ella commented on The 'Scandal' Winter Finale Was Too Much For Me: 'Where the Sun Don't Shine'

at 8:22AM on Nov 21

The scene with Papa Pope nearly killed me! Damn that man is crazy! And that actor is my favourite. You know if Olivia was smart and had listened more to Jake, she could’ve pulled her own loaded gun out of her bag and shot him when he walked away…

Liv and Cyrus really needed to stop saying the phrase “bitch baby.” Like, stop. They used it on How to Get Away With Murder last night, too! Just, no.

ella commented on Willow & Jaden Smith Talk About The Non-Existence Of Time, Holographic Realities & 'The Opposite Of An Apple' In An Odd-Ball New Interview

at 12:12PM on Nov 19

So sad that Willow thinks there are no good books out there. They seem to try to have this spiritually-focused outlook, but they’ve never connected to other pieces of the human experience through books?? Only her own writing is worth her time? Very self-centred. Hopefully she’ll grow out of that.

ella commented on Jennifer Lawrence Knows You Don't Care About Her Paparazzi Woes

at 11:54AM on Nov 19

I would like to point out that regular people also have a huge amount of difficulty getting any kind of protection from stalking and harassment. A lot of regular people (particularly women) deal with strangers or partners/exes/family/friends following them, threatening them, incessantly trying to force contact, taking violating pictures like upskirt shots, and otherwise making them feel terrified and violated. And it’s almost impossible to get any protection from law enforcement. And these are people who can’t afford security or other kinds of help to deal with that.

So I do feel for celebrities on this, and I would support measures taken to stop this kind of harassment… but at the same time, I wouldn’t really choose to spend much of my time or any of my money supporting this particular issue (if it was focused just on paparazzi and not broader measures to combat stalking and harassment in general) just because there are lots of causes to support and if celebrities are the targets here, then the cause is already extremely well-funded if they want it to be. I’d rather worry about the people experiencing stalking and harassment who don’t have the wealth necessary to protect their safety.

ella commented on Watch: Janice Dickinson Reveals That Bill Cosby Raped Her

at 11:30AM on Nov 19

Why would she do that though?

I really wonder sometimes what people think it’s like to say that you’ve been sexually assaulted. Do people somehow think that it’s fun, or that it’s something women enjoy going through?

Because it’s actually awful. Everyone looks at you differently. So many people trash you, call you a liar, gold digger, whore etc. And even if people believe you, so many of them think of you as weak/damaged/broken/pathetic. Other creeps/predators often try to go after you. And Janice Dickinson would decide to put herself through that if it didn’t really happen because…….?

Honestly it’s so rare for people to make false allegations, and 15?17? women have already accused Bill Cosby. Yet some people’s reaction is STILL to say that an accuser is probably lying just for the hell of it. Makes it even more ridiculous when Cosby defenders say that if he really did it he would’ve been caught and punished years ago. *This is why* the vast majority of victims never report the crime. We know we won’t be believed.

ella commented on Twitter Hilariously Responds To Lifetime's 'Aaliyah' Movie

at 5:57AM on Nov 16

It disgusts me to hear that they portrayed the R Kelly thing that way… and that’s exactly why I didn’t watch. He is very well known to have preyed on MANY teenage girls, and it’s beyond disgusting for them to portray him as anything other than a predator and a pedophile. Ugh. Aaliyah deserves so much better than this.

ella commented on Watch: Aaliyah's Parents Learn She Married R. Kelly In This Clip From The Lifetime Made-For-TV Movie 'Aaliyah: Princess Of R&B'

at 9:03PM on Nov 14

What the hell is wrong with the makeup artist who did that bald cap??? Wow….

I don’t think I can watch this. I love Aaliyah too much and all signs point to the fact that they did not do her justice with this project.