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ella commented on Dunzo

at 8:47PM on Sep 30

I love you Trent!! I’ll see you and Shannon on facebook :)

ella commented on My Other Half

at 9:16AM on Sep 30

I’m crying!! I love you both!

ella commented on The Final Weekend

at 10:05PM on Sep 26

It’s made me so happy to see you start linking to your tumblr from your facebook page. I’ve read PITNB since 2005 but obviously I’m going to stop once you and Shannon are gone (I don’t know wtf is going on with whoever is managing this blog now but obviously we are here specifically for you and Shannon).

It’s very comforting to know that you’ll both be linking us to your new projects on social media!

ella commented on John Stamos Shares The First Photos From The Set Of The 'Full House' Reboot 'Fuller House'

at 10:03AM on Jul 26

The subject matter sounds more serious? I was only a casual watcher so maybe I’m mistaken, but isn’t that the exact same premise except with the genders reversed? Danny’s wife had died so Jesse and… Joey?… moved in to help him raise his girls?

ella commented on Katy Perry Comments On The Taylor Swift/Nicki Minaj Twitter Feud, Taylor Apologizes To Nicki, Nicki Accepts

at 10:37AM on Jul 23

I doubt Nicki will forget this, and I’m glad she got the apology. I’m also sure that she wasn’t surprised about how it went down in the first place. Women of colour who dare to be honest about how race shapes our experiences in front of white people have experienced this dynamic over and over again. Taylor exhibited classic white-woman-being-forced-to-notice-her-privilege behaviour… making it about herself, playing the victim, crying ‘women! solidarity!’ and expecting women of colour to say sorry and fall in line.

And about Katy’s tweet, I hope it’s clear that it’s not just that Taylor has exhibited that behaviour “in the past.” By twisting Nicki’s tweets about music industry racism into an unprovoked attack on her beautiful blonde self, she ignited a firestorm of attacks against Nicki. There were takedowns of Nicki all over the internet yesterday – portraying her as an angry Black woman, denigrating her and lifting Taylor up. Taylor said in her tweet that girls should support other girls, a supposedly feminist sentiment. But with that tweet she was attacking Nicki, undermining her attempt to speak out on the racism that affects her as much as sexism does, and benefitting from the way the world is as quick to support a white woman like herself as it is to attack a Black woman like Nicki.

And I’m sure that Taylor doesn’t hate Black people and I’m sure that she is sorry that she misinterpreted – and most of all that the whole thing blew up in her face. But I’m sick of white people remaining completely uninformed on how racism operates and how their behaviour – whether they’re aware of it or not – makes things harder or easier on the Black people around them… and then expecting to be let off the hook because they mean well. No! We’re way past that point. White people need to do their work!

And one last thing – a lot of people are saying that the VMAs don’t matter and Nicki is petty for caring. But I think what is important is that more and more Black people are choosing to speak up in mixed race spaces about the ways that racism impacts their daily lives in really concrete ways. We’re hearing the full spectrum of ways that anti-Blackness impacts the world, from the countless Black people being murdered by cops, vigilantes, terrorists etc, to the countless contributions to culture by Black women that have been erased or diminished. It’s all part of the conversation.

ella commented on Fashion Critic Catherine Kallon Comes Under Attack For Her Caitlyn Jenner ESPYS Post

at 3:22PM on Jul 19

Isn’t it pretty obvious that she is having trouble thinking of Caitlyn as a woman like any other (famous) woman? I mean what other reason is there to single her out like this and treat her differently?

Personally I think it is pretty terrible to say that she didn’t want to comment either way because she knew she’d be accused of being prejudiced. Really? That’s sounding pretty guilty and defensive to me. If she didn’t want to comment on a Black woman’s style because she was afraid she would be accused of being racist no matter what she said, wouldn’t that be pretty suspicious? Because why would you be worried about that? Are you planning on saying something racist? I feel like she must be thinking/feeling things that she knows are prejudiced and that’s why she’s so defensive about it.

Maybe she doesn’t want to be transphobic but feels really really uneasy because she is very ignorant about trans issues and therefore doesn’t know what language to use etc. If that’s the case, then she should do her homework because she is a public figure and Caitlyn Jenner is very famous, as is Laverne Cox, and hopefully there will be more famous trans folks very soon. It’s her responsibility to catch up.

ella commented on 'Scandal' Takes On Rape In The Military: 'A Few Good Women'

at 10:08AM on May 11

Trent, I see what you’re saying, and I take the point that this might have been more powerful for people who didn’t know about how rape is handled within the military. I’m not angry at Shonda either and my point wasn’t at all that the show “didn’t do enough.” Like I said, I don’t expect Scandal to be realistic. But reducing the issue to something that can be fixed in an hour in one case reduced the power and emotion for me. Usually primetime soaps make life way MORE dramatic than real life, and that’s why we get SO into them and cry and yell at our TVs. For me, this was far LESS dramatic than real life and I just didn’t get much out of it.

ella commented on 'Scandal' Takes On Rape In The Military: 'A Few Good Women'

at 7:11PM on May 8

If the new Scandal formula is going to be “Olivia solves a deep institutionalized form of oppression in five minutes” count me out. It cheapens the real movements and all the real emotions we have around them… if all we need is a really good DC fixer to take on one case, then why really care about rape in the military or Black Lives Matter? And I’m the first one to point out that Scandal is not meant to be realistic, but the episodes are just boring and unemotional to me when they pale in comparison to real life.

Cyrus is still fantastic, no matter what he has to work with.

ella commented on Reese Witherspoon Shares A Beautiful Photo Of Her Daughter On Instagram

at 9:58AM on May 2

Her mom’s twin? There’s a resemblance but I think she looks exactly like her dad! Those eyes are all Ryan Phillippe.

ella commented on So What If I Cried During Last Night's 'Scandal': 'I'm Just A Bill'

at 10:30AM on Apr 17

I have several thoughts.

1. Scandal is not a drama, it’s a primetime soap. The sooner we can all accept this, the sooner we can enjoy the craziness rather than focusing on how unrealistic it is.

2. As much as I want to believe that Jake is somehow gonna survive, his storyline isn’t really going anywhere and Olivia needs to be fully freed from the love triangle that has dominated the last couple seasons so she can do more interesting things. Sorry, Jake, but it makes sense for you to go now :(

3. Olivia has a really bad track record of falling for B613 agents that have been assigned to watch/follow her. Where are those legendary gut instincts?!

4. Watching Huck and Quinn take a hammer to that body and put it in a suitcase made me want to die.

5. Goddamn can Papa Pope ever rock a monologue.