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ella commented on PITNBrs, It's Officially Time To Address Shannon's Impromptu Hiatus [UPDATED WITH PRESS RELEASE]

at 2:11PM on Apr 1

What the hell! I just went my whole day thinking this was true until you linked back to it from the O-Town post! I kept thinking about it and wondering when we’d get to see Shannon/who she’d be playing! Damn you guys!!

ella commented on The PITNB 'Ban' On Kanye West's Babymama Has Been Lifted

at 9:42AM on Apr 1

I love how you refused to actually say her name, even for the sake of the joke!! I admire your principles ;)

ella commented on First Look: Neil Patrick Harris Takes The Broadway Stage In 'Hedwig And The Angry Inch'

at 9:15AM on Mar 30

I haven’t seen the movie but I’ve seen Hedwig live and it’s absolutely incredible to watch. It’s hard for me to imagine NPH doing the show, just because the actors I’ve seen had huge voices, and while NPH can definitely sing I’ve never thought that he had the most powerful voice. I’d love to see this production though, and I hope he does really well!

ella commented on About Last Night's 'Scandal'... And That One Time Cyrus Beene Called Me

at 8:21AM on Mar 22

They have a bro/sis relationship… plus there was that time that he licked her face before torturing her… when they made out I yelled at my screen “but he licked your face!!”

ella commented on Scarlett Johansson Says Dylan Farrow Was 'Irresponsible' For Naming Her In That Open Letter To Woody Allen

at 1:24PM on Mar 17

But Dylan reasserted her claims now, and Scarlett THEN chose to make these statements.

I’m not saying that she knew everything there was to know about Woody Allen before getting involved with him. But she knew about the Soon Yi thing (like everyone does), and she chose to get involved with him. When the claims resurfaced, she chose to remain silent. And then she chose to release this ignorant statement criticizing DYLAN and perpetuating myths about the case.

If those are the choices she wants to make, she has every right to make them. But again, to focus her criticism on DYLAN disgusts me. Whether Scarlett Johansson likes it or not, she is involved in making a whole lot of money for this man, and so while she’s not involved in whether or not justice is served, she has some tough choices to make in terms of how much she wants to help and associate herself with this man. If she wants to take the easy way out and tell herself that it’s “all guesswork,” fine, but Dylan has every right to ask why she’s making that choice and why we’re all okay with it.

If Scarlett Johansson doesn’t like being put in this position, maybe she should think about blaming Woody Allen for it, instead of his victim.

ella commented on Scarlett Johansson Says Dylan Farrow Was 'Irresponsible' For Naming Her In That Open Letter To Woody Allen

at 10:56AM on Mar 17

I guess Scarlett thinks it’s really hard to be held accountable for her choices. I’m supposed to feel bad for her because she is being asked to participate in a difficult conversation? Please.

To me, she just comes across as really ignorant. First of all, she’s a public figure who participates in making crazy amounts of money with Woody Allen, so I think it’s fair for people to raise the question of where her moral/ethical responsibilities lie. I don’t think it’s unfair or ‘irresponsible’ to ask those questions.

Also, it’s really frustrating when people like Scarlett perpetuate the idea that no one has any idea what happened. It’s true that he hasn’t been convicted, but there is quite a lot of information available (including from legal proceedings) and it’s *irresponsible* to imply that this is “all guesswork”. And what does she mean by ” you can then go, ‘I don’t support this lifestyle or whatever’”? The ‘lifestyle’ of sexually abusing children? She just sounds really ignorant.

Maybe Scarlett should have actually taken more than two seconds to think about this issue and educate herself on it before making public statements. She may think that Dylan unfairly got her involved in this situation, but in reality, Scarlett got herself involved by choosing to work with Woody Allen despite everything we know about him. The choice is hers to make, but I don’t know why she feels entitled to never be asked any questions about those choices by the people affected (like Dylan).

ella commented on Alec Baldwin Quits At Life And Writes A Really REALLY Long Goodbye Letter To The World

at 9:53AM on Feb 24

There are lots of excellent reasons to criticize the current media culture. But even in his own (really long-winded) words, Alec Baldwin just comes across as an egotistical, entitled jerk.

ella commented on Miley Cyrus Performs Faux Fellatio On A Faux Bill Clinton On Stage

at 2:15PM on Feb 17

It’s also worth saying that early in Madonna’s career, a lot of people said that she was just a flash in the pan and that she was all shock value and no substance (around Like a Virgin). So, if Miley really applies her talent and intelligence, who knows.

ella commented on Miley Cyrus Performs Faux Fellatio On A Faux Bill Clinton On Stage

at 2:12PM on Feb 17

“But a true innovator will be able to come up with something new, it remains to be seen what that may be.”

Exactly. A true innovator will be able to think farther outside the box than just taking off more clothing, or simulating more sex acts.

So much has already been done that it’s incredibly hard to do something new artistically. That’s why there are so many people trying to be artists, and so few great artists.

And why it’s exciting to watch artists emerging who might have that potential. I’ve never thought that about Miley before, Trent, but I’ll definitely be watching now.

ella commented on Miley Cyrus Performs Faux Fellatio On A Faux Bill Clinton On Stage

at 9:55AM on Feb 17

I see what you’re saying. I agree that Miley is actually really intelligent and that she knows exactly what she’s doing with mocking American imagery etc.

I guess I still see Madonna as more of a trailblazer, and all the younger pop stars (including Miley) as staying within her territory. Which isn’t as impressive to me. While Miley is definitely being rebellious and pushing boundaries, I don’t think she’s really doing anything new.

Maybe I’m giving Madonna too much credit, but I feel like she really did do a lot of things that no female pop star would have done before her. But Miley is still not really doing anything Madonna hasn’t done.

So I guess to me, to be the “new Madonna” you can’t just copy her, you have to be a trailblazer. When Miley starts doing things that no one before her, not even Madonna, has done, then I might start calling her the new Madonna.