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ella commented on Lana Del Rey Tells 'Rolling Stone' Magazine That She Doesn't Want YOU To Listen To Her Music

at 1:22PM on Jul 16

She really is insufferable, isn’t she? Someone needs to spend many, many hours in a therapy group…

ella commented on Selena Gomez Shows Off Her Heaving Bosom On The Streets Of NYC

at 4:27PM on Jul 11

I love how even she appears to be staring at them

ella commented on Les News, 070914

at 4:34PM on Jul 9

Courtney Love is 50?!

ella commented on Watch: Robin Thicke Enlists The Aid Of Children To Continue His Public Harrassment Of Paula Patton

at 9:37AM on Jul 2

This is disgusting. The ONLY positive thing about any of this is that he’s giving us a perfect case study to discuss emotional manipulation/abuse, harassment, and stalking in intimate relationships. Still really hoping Paula goes for a restraining order.

ella commented on First Look: Robin Thicke Releases A SUPER Desperate Music Video For 'Get Her Back'

at 7:23PM on Jun 23

Aaaand the restraining order comes through in 5…4…..

ella commented on Aaliyah's Family Vows To STOP The Lifetime Made-For-TV Biopic About Her Life

at 8:57AM on Jun 19

Aaliyah’s family is extremely protective of her, and I think anyone familiar with her life story understands why. Given who she was and what her experiences were in the industry, I can’t believe that anyone claiming to respect her and her legacy is still trying to do projects about her without the full support and collaboration of her family and close friends.

ella commented on First Look: Robin Thicke Releases The Cover Art & Tracklisting For His New Album 'Paula'

at 8:54AM on Jun 19

I think I see a restraining order in his future

ella commented on Zendaya Will Play Aaliyah In A Lifetime TV Made-For-TV Movie

at 2:35PM on Jun 17

I don’t think she looks much like Aaliyah but I do agree that she seems to emulate her style. Hopefully she does a good job.

I’m wondering what will actually be in this lifetime movie? Even if the family agreed to it, would they legally be allowed to cover all the R. Kelly stuff? Will Missy and Timbaland be involved? Will someone be cast as Damon Dash??

I adored Aaliyah and this all makes me very nervous. She obviously had an amazing story, but she was very private and I worry that the movie will be very hollow and not really capture her life and world at all. In which case, what’s the point?

ella commented on Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Got Arrested In A Tanning Salon

at 1:24PM on Jun 17

The Onion could not have come up with a better story. lol

ella commented on Azealia Banks & T.I. Are In A Pretty Nasty Twitter Feud Right Now

at 1:00PM on Jun 17

Whoops, missed that part.

Okay, TI shouldn’t have said that (even though I think he’s not serious, it’s still not ok). But Azealia still needs to have a seat and stop attacking women. If she has a problem with TI and can’t come up with a better plan of attack than calling his wife ugly, she doesn’t have the creativity and cleverness that it takes to be a good rapper.

Of course, TI didn’t exactly do better. SMH at the whole damn feud.