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ella commented on Sarah Michelle Gellar's Film 'Veronika Decides To Die' Is FINALLY Released Here In The US

at 10:44AM on Jan 23

This movie must have been released somewhere, because I watched it online a few years ago. I loved the concept and wanted to like the movie so badly… but honestly it’s just not really that good. There is a really corny “twist” to it… but it was done in such a heavy-handed way that I guessed the twist ending early on in the movie. Would’ve been way better without all that.

SMG’s performance was good if I recall correctly, but overall the movie was pretty disappointing.

ella commented on January Jones Says 'Men Are There To Serve Women' And Other Not-So-Feminist Stuff

at 8:04AM on Jan 17

Uhhh, women are “superior,” and then two seconds later men shouldn’t act like “little bitches with vaginas”…… k. So are women superior or does having a vagina make you weak and pathetic? And men and women are different species now? That’s a message she wants to stand by? Is January Jones 12 years old? Was that question insulting to 12 year olds??

And does it say there that Zoe Kravitz originally posted this? That’s disappointing, or maybe it makes me feel better because up until now Zoe has seemed about a billion times cooler and generally better than me and this message brings anyone who endorses it down at least a million pegs :(

ella commented on Was Oprah Winfrey Right For Criticizing Ferguson And Eric Garner Protests?

at 9:20AM on Jan 5

“When we break the law or threaten you with physical violence and we are unarmed, don’t kill us.”

Um, let’s be clear that Black people are not just targeted and killed by police when they’re breaking the law or threatening police with physical violence. MANY (way too many) unarmed Black people have been harassed, beaten, and murdered by police for doing nothing at all.

I’d say that the Ferguson Action Demands are “all over the map” because anti-Black racism is a systemic problem that pervades all areas of life and society. It’s difficult the solve the complex problem of the criminalization of Black people without addressing poverty and the current and historical causes of that poverty… like employment and housing discrimination.

That is also not an accurate account of what the youth leadership told Obama, have you read their firsthand accounts of what they said at the meeting?

And I agree that they haven’t fully focused and figured out the concrete steps that could be taken to make a big difference… which is why powerful and talented people like Oprah could do a lot of good by using her resources to help them build the movement going forward.

ella commented on Madonna Defends Her Decision To Compare Herself To Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela & Jesus

at 12:35PM on Jan 4

She has “just” been sharing them? She has not laughed off criticism because she apologized for the “misunderstanding”? This doesn’t contradict my point at all. What I’m talking about is her inability or unwillingness to understand what is wrong with those images, or to take any responsibility for what she is putting out into the world when she decides to share images of Black leaders tied up in cords and stand behind those images. Apologizing for “misunderstanding” is saying you didn’t do anything wrong…

And I would agree that she doesn’t hate Black people and or think that they’re inferior. That doesn’t do anything at all to lessen the impact of a powerful white woman sharing images like that of Black people in order to promote an album.

And she hasn’t been on the “front lines” fighting for equality – certainly not racial equality anyway. Let’s reserve that distinction for the organizers/activists who actually do the hard work of fighting for change – the ones who are marching, the ones who are finding real solutions for the pervasive racial inequality that still exists, the ones who are working in their communities everyday to make things better. I’m not criticizing Madonna for not being the one to do that, but let’s not heap unwarranted praise on her.

ella commented on Was Oprah Winfrey Right For Criticizing Ferguson And Eric Garner Protests?

at 11:12AM on Jan 4

I completely agree with the people saying that Oprah is getting all of her information from the evening news. There IS leadership. What about the youth leaders who met with Obama? The women who organized the Millions March in NYC? The people who wrote the Ferguson Action Demands? Incredible work is being done, and sitting on the sidelines criticizing instead of getting out there, connecting with leaders and finding out how to increase the impact and visibility of their work is not particularly helpful.

And Mike Brown was killed in August, five months ago. Is it really fair to compare the organization of the Civil Rights Movement in 1965 – years into it – to the organization of youth leaders five months after this movement really kicked off? Excellent, inspiring work IS being done. If you see where there’s room for improvement, jump in with your ideas and talents and HELP BUILD. Don’t just watch from a distance and criticize.

ella commented on Madonna Defends Her Decision To Compare Herself To Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela & Jesus

at 6:00PM on Jan 3

I honestly couldn’t care less if she compares herself to MLK Jr or Mandela or Jesus or anyone else. But a white woman altering images of Black people to show them tied up? Black heroes who spent their lives fighting to throw off the chains that white people had imposed on them, no less? Sickening.

And I’m sure that she will laugh off any criticism of that because she didn’t intend to be racist. But it’s that kind of narcissism that has made Madonna irrelevant for a long time now.

ella commented on Movie Review: 'Big Hero 6' / FKA twigs FTW!

at 6:15PM on Nov 23

Bjork and Santigold – interesting! After seeing her in Vancouver last Monday, I’ve been describing her as a mix of Bjork and Aaliyah. I completely agree that she “becomes the music that she makes.” What a perfect way to describe it.

ella commented on 'Law And Order: SVU' Actress Michelle Hurd Accuses Bill Cosby Of 'VERY Inappropriate' Behavior

at 5:27PM on Nov 23

I was actually just thinking that I wish I could hear Phylicia Rashad’s perspective on the whole thing. I wonder if she could sense it, if she heard things, if she had any inkling of how dangerous he really was. I’d also kill to hear from Lisa Bonet, considering the fact that there were well-known problems between the two of them and that he was preying on people around her age. I’m thinking she must have heard things??

Also, I was just reading an article where they were interviewing people who attended Cosby’s show on Friday night. One attendee was quoted as saying “it’s a mystery why these women would have waited so long to say anything.” So again, Shannon, thanks for using your platform to help spread information about why so many victims remain silent. I’ve been so grateful for the way you and Trent have been handling all this, and this is exactly why PITNB has always been my only celebrity gossip site.

ella commented on This Bill Cosby Accuser Perfectly Explains Why Women Are Just Now Coming Forward

at 11:47AM on Nov 22

I agree that a lot of people who are still holding out and supporting Cosby are unwilling to listen. But many of them are very vocal. And I think that being vocal in support of the women who have come forward is really helpful to them and to everyone who can relate to them. Thanks for writing about this, Shannon.

ella commented on Yes, The Beyoncé Video Is Awesome, But Here's One More Solange Wedding Photo With Blue Ivy

at 11:36AM on Nov 22

I missed it when Trent posted it so thank you! So beautiful!!