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ella commented on 'Sex And The City' Creator Michael Patrick King Says It's OK For Chris Noth To Call Carrie Bradshaw 'A Whore' Because He Was Only Joking

at 9:04AM on Oct 17

Sometimes jokes are offensive, and they’re also funny. Sometimes people tell “jokes” that aren’t clever or funny, and just rely on everyone’s mutual bigotry to get a laugh out of someone else’s oppression.

This “joke” wasn’t some shining example of comedic genius, and no one is doing comedy or our culture any favours by defending it. It was just an example of a man degrading women for laughs because he had nothing interesting or clever to say.

ella commented on Doctors Reportedly Want To Keep Amanda Bynes In Their Medical Care For The Next Year

at 4:32PM on Oct 15

So sad. Being locked up and forced to take medication against your will is going to be traumatic for almost anyone, even if you later realize that it was in your own best long-term interests. I really hope that she’ll finally get the treatment that will put her back on solid ground now, but it’s just such an awful situation :(

ella commented on Kesha Has Sued Dr. Luke For Sexual Assault And Battery

at 10:12AM on Oct 14

Wow. This is so sad. What tremendous courage she has to speak out about this, especially given the negative professional repercussions she is likely to suffer. I hope things turn out okay for her. The decision to “out” a predator like this is so huge, and has the potential to help so many people. I’m just so sad that she went through all that in the first place :(

ella commented on Which Celebrity Breakup Are You Still Not Over?

at 4:41PM on Oct 12

I’m fully in denial that Amber and Wiz are over! I keep thinking maybe they’ll get back together. It was just so sudden!! I’m still in shock. I also think that Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel should have stayed married forever. Maybe there will be a 20th anniversary concert for Rent in a couple of years and they’ll fall in love with each other all over again!

Kelis is too good for Nas though. I’m glad they broke up.

ella commented on Sinéad O'Connor Backtracks And Now Denies That Her Memoir Will Expose The 'Sexual Dirt' On Everyone She's Ever Slept With

at 4:36PM on Oct 8

Maybe she thought that a comment like that idea/the idea that she’d actually do something like that was so outlandish as to be ludicrous and therefore hilarious? I don’t know. I want to be on her side but she makes it hard sometimes. This woman seriously needs to delegate ALL PR/publicity decisions to someone else. Any publicists want to do us all a favour and do some pro bono work?!

ella commented on Sinéad O'Connor Will Release A Memoir Exposing The 'Sexual Dirt' On Everyone She's Ever Slept With

at 10:27AM on Oct 8

Yeah there’s a lot to be interested in when it comes to Sinead O’Connor but giving the “sexual dirt” on people? Seems like a cheap and tacky move more suited to people who haven’t done the things of musical and social importance that Sinead has.

ella commented on Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Are Divorcing Because Of Kanye West, Nick Cannon, And/Or Some Random Woman

at 8:04PM on Sep 27

Wiz is upset because he thinks Amber was banging Nick Cannon. NICK CANNON. Nick Cannon?! I keep hearing this and trying to ignore it. How is Nick Cannon a person that can be taken seriously??

ella commented on Here Are The Top 5 'YesPlease, MoreThankYou' Moments From 'Scandal': 'Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia'

at 9:54AM on Sep 26

Okay, so when Olivia was doing that whole disclaimer about how women don’t lie about sexual assault before calling the Senator out on lying, I was really appreciating it. Like, if you’re gonna do a storyline that involves lying about sexual assault, I LOVE taking the responsibility of making it clear that it’s very, very rare for women to actually lie about it.

BUT, then she ruined the whole thing by saying that she knew the Senator was lying because women who are really raped remember every detail. Um, no! That’s not true at all! Trauma is complex, and some women don’t remember, some forget important details. That’s a common symptom of trauma, and misconceptions like this are part of what makes the legal system so awful for survivors – people accuse them of lying based on totally untrue myths about how survivors act or how they’re affected by the trauma.

Just had to get that out there! So happy that Scandal is back!

ella commented on Drake Got An Emoji Tattoo (But It's Probably Not The Tattoo He Intended To Get)

at 1:20PM on Sep 25

Getting a tattoo that is an emoji/praying hands/a high five is actually the perfect amount of douchey for Drake. I’m gonna say it works.

ella commented on Lindsay Lohan's Stage Debut Made The Audience LOL (And Not In A Good Way)

at 9:32AM on Sep 25

I guess the one thing I’d add is that from the outside, mental health issues can look like someone “not trying” and “not taking it seriously.”

When I was in grad school, the stress triggered a particularly bad episode in my PTSD. I could hardly eat or sleep, had constant flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks etc. I got medical documentation and tried to get extensions for some of my papers, but I still had professors tell me that if I just applied myself I’d be fine. Because they had no idea what it looked like behind closed doors.

It’s so frustrating to see talent like Lindsay’s go to waste. I agree that if she were able to focus all of her energy on her craft, her career would be very different. First and foremost, I hope that she’s healthy and getting all the support and care she needs. Trauma and addiction issues like Lindsay’s are a lifelong process.