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Dezden commented on A List Of Lindsay Lohan's Famous Lovers Has Been LEAKED

at 5:17PM on Mar 12

HHHMMMM… Is this a master list (haha) with non-celebs too? Or all celebs?

Dezden commented on Beyoncé Brings Her 'Mrs. Carter Show' World Tour To Glasgow, Scotland

at 7:09PM on Feb 21

So jealoussss. I think I commented with it before, but I literally saw her the night before the surprise album was released. Literally, I went to the show, dropped my friend off, got home, got in bed… only to get on my phone and see the news. (Then I stayed up for a few more hours watching/listening.)

ANYWAYYYYYYY… I am super jealous of those seeing these new songs live!!!! I too saw her twice in 2013, but I want to seeee theseeeee. We’re so needy, huh? Haha.

Dezden commented on Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Have Named Their Second Son . . .

at 7:05PM on Feb 21

Have they really been together for 10 years?! DAMN.

Dezden commented on Lows And Highs

at 5:16PM on Feb 13

Yes…. AAA has saved me many times!!! Glad it was a quick fix!

Dezden commented on Watch: Here Is Video Of Beyoncé Jumping Into The Ocean Off A Yacht

at 8:38PM on Feb 8

How is it that even stuff like this is badass as hellll when it’s Bey?

Dezden commented on Watch: Jimmy Fallon Says Goodbye To 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'

at 8:37PM on Feb 8

Jimmy is very smart and funny… I am still pissed at Jay Leno about the Conan situation. I’ll always be Team Coco! But I am happy for Jimmy. He’ll continue to do well.

Love this thing with The Muppets. I fell asleep before the show was over last night.

Dezden commented on The Creator Of Flappy Bird Says The Game Is Going Away Tomorrow

at 8:32PM on Feb 8

last few* (playing CC)