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Dezden commented on First Look: Ok Go Releases A Visually AWESOME Video For 'The Writing's On The Wall'

at 9:43PM on Jun 18

They consistently kill the music video game.

Dezden commented on Congrats To The Winner Of Our #ASOS #PITNB Giveaway!

at 8:05PM on Jun 18

That’s meeeeeeeeeee. Thanks, Shannon, PINTB, and ASOS! I’m super excited. And I knew I loved that PINTB Baby!!!

Dezden commented on Congrats To The Winner Of Our #ASOS #PITNB Giveaway!

at 7:45PM on Jun 18

Thanks, Lauren! I have seen a bunch places lately but haven’t wanted to spend the cash on ‘em… Hah. So when I saw this contest, I looked ASOS to see if they had some. And of course they have a million things, so yes, they did! So I knew that’s what I was going after. So… I’m about to choose one now!!!

Dezden commented on Watch: Michelle Williams, Beyoncé & Kelly Rowland Release The Music Video For 'Say Yes'

at 7:42PM on Jun 18

I just love that they are all still pals! :) Catchy song.

Dezden commented on PITNBrs, How Would You Like Some Free Stuff From ASOS?!?!?!

at 7:31PM on Jun 9

WOOOOO!!! I just tweeted, but I want a kimono! They’re so fun & cute… plus ASOS has tons of options.

Dezden commented on Is Yaya Alafia Right For The Part Of Whitney Houston?

at 7:24PM on Jun 9

I was a big fan of Yaya’s during ANTM. I hope this goes well for her! :)

Dezden commented on First Listen: Nicki Minaj Drops A Pop Ballad Song Titled 'Pills N Potions'

at 5:59PM on May 22

Ahhh… not working. :(

Dezden commented on Is Anyone Else Feelin' The 'New' Nicki Minaj?

at 12:44PM on May 19

I have been noticing! Also, did anyone see her in that The Other Women or Woman or whatever movie?? I actually thought she did a great job… I laughed at almost all of her lines!!!

Dezden commented on Watch/OMG: Jay Z And Beyoncé Release A Fake Movie Trailer For 'Run,' Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Sean Penn, Blake Lively And More!

at 9:20AM on May 19

I love that they do this kind of stuff… because they can. So pumped for this tour, too!!