Debho commented on Movie Review: 'Searching For Sugar Man'

at 7:53PM on Aug 24


Debho commented on Movie Review: 'Searching For Sugar Man'

at 7:52PM on Aug 24

He was pretty popular here in the 70s too. In fact I still have record stashed away. I Wonder is still a catchy

Debho commented on Snail Mail

at 12:24PM on Aug 23

I cannot remember the last time I wrote a letter to anyone. But, I still send out birthday cards and Christmas cards. Handwriting is a dying art I think.

Debho commented on Pop-Up Pantry Makes Its Debut On Fox's 'Master Chef'

at 1:32PM on Aug 22

Good luck with your new venture David!

Debho commented on Jon M. Chu Will Direct A New 'Masters Of The Universe' Movie

at 12:51PM on Jul 31

My 30 year old son still has all of these figurines, including He-Man and Battlecat. He’s going to be so excited by this news!

Debho commented on Mariah Carey Confirmed To Judge 'American Idol'

at 1:35PM on Jul 23

That’s a revolting amount of money to sit and give an opinion on something. Nobody is worth that much! I suppose we should give thanks that she’s giving her opinion on music and not fashion. That would be a huge disaster!

Debho commented on Beyoncé Uncovers Blue Ivy For A Shopping Trip In NYC

at 8:32PM on Jul 18

Ditto. Horrendous hair, silly name, but cute lil bubba

Debho commented on Happy Birthday, Trent Vanegas!!!

at 1:41PM on Jul 12

Many happy returns for the day!

Debho commented on Chloë Sevigny Does 'Miu Miu' Again

at 2:55PM on Jul 5

I love Chloe. I’ve been following her since I first saw her in The Last Days of Disco many years ago. To me she is THE fashion icon (along with SJP) and I live vicariously through her fashion style. lol

Debho commented on 5 Reasons To Love Emma Stone [Ir]regardless of How 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Turns Out

at 1:00PM on Jul 3

I love her! Easy A is one of my favourite flicks, makes me laugh every single time.