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darcy commented on Watch: HBO's 'Girls' Are Sort Of Growing Up In The Season Four Extended Trailer

at 9:55AM on Dec 29

I really enjoy the show, but I see it as an exaggeration of what a lot of people go through as they’re entering the “real world”, not a straight-up commentary on situations that all happen to us when we’re in our early 20′s. I also disagree with one aspect of your comparison to JN’s comment in ‘As Good As It Gets’ – I think ‘Girls’ definitely shows the consequences (accountability) of the bad decisions of the characters. It’s one of the things that I love about it… they do some amazingly selfish things, and they suffer extreme consequences for it – such as, lose friends, lose boyfriends/girlfriends, alienate their family, have to go to rehab, destroy their career, etc. I would argue that they are definitely held accountable.

darcy commented on John Legend And Chrissy Teigen Quietly Hired Food Trucks For The Eric Garner Protest

at 2:53PM on Dec 8

While I don’t think that celebrities (or any person, actually) should be told to keep their opinions to themselves, I do think everyone needs to be mindful of the consequences of sharing those opinions. Obviously death threats and violence are never acceptable, but since her audience is much larger than the average person, she should expect that if she says controversial things, she’s going to get a controversial response. I think it’s good that she’s recognized she doesn’t want to be as public with her opinion and that she’s chosen this new way of supporting causes she cares about.

darcy commented on Everyone, These 3 Mom-Related Lies Need To Stop

at 10:57AM on May 20

Hi Shannon – that’s exactly right… most companies co-mingle disability leave with other types of leave that make-up the total maternity leave a mother is given. IMO, this should absolutely change. In terms of how much time-off we give new mothers, the US is in line with third-world countries. I don’t believe corporations will provide that level of leave though – it will need to be mandated or funded by the federal government. Some states do provide some paid leave for employees (California, for one) but that is the rare, rare case. Very few states have laws that differ from the federal law of FMLA, which requires 12-weeks of unpaid leave (and really only guarantees you your job, and under very specific circumstances).

darcy commented on Watch: Lily Allen Comes Hard In The Bold Music Video For 'Hard Out Here'

at 9:22AM on May 16

Trent – I love Lily Allen and somehow missed this coming out last year too. I might be late on it, but I love this song!

darcy commented on Everyone, These 3 Mom-Related Lies Need To Stop

at 1:29PM on May 15

Hi Shannon! Welcome back!!

I’m not a mom, yet, so I don’t have much of an opinion on the whole “being a mom is hard/changes you/etc” but I will say your reading of the whole “had to take a disability instead of maternity” thing is off… at least in the US. It’s actually just a matter of semantics. If you’re working, it’s VERY common to take disability after you’ve given birth – just like you would for any major medical surgery. This is not because your company thinks being a mom is somehow a disability… it’s because your company provides disability insurance as a benefit and most insurance companies/doctors would allow you 6-8 weeks of recovery time following birth. Different states have different regulations around this, and we could talk to the heavens about whether or not a new mom actually needs that much time off to “recover” but that’s not necessarily a decision your company makes.

The fact is, very few companies give you paid time off after you’ve given birth that’s just called “maternity” leave that isn’t also covered, in some part, by disability insurance. They may call it maternity to you… or they may call it FMLA, but most likely, some of that leave is being paid out under a disability plan. It’s very common to call your leave “maternity leave” and have it encompass 6-8 weeks of disability, a few weeks of some sort of paid parental, a make-up of your available paid time off, and then some unpaid leave if you’re approved/eligible for it.

I’ll take my HR-nerd hat off now – sorry to rant, but it’s a personal pet peeve of mine when people confuse what is considered maternity leave in the US. And I certainly don’t want your readers to feel like they’re being discriminated against or are being classified as “disabled” because they have a child.

darcy commented on 'Biotch Stole The Gentleman’s Look!' And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments

at 3:12PM on Nov 12

Woohoo! I feel famous! It’s really an honor to be even be nominated.

darcy commented on Hate It Or Love It: Vanessa Hudgens Dons Dolce & Gabbana At The YouTube Music Awards

at 10:37AM on Nov 4

Uhh…. Lady Gaga? Biotch stole The Gentleman’s look! But BTVS did it so much better.

darcy commented on Kanye West And His Babymama Are Getting Hitched!

at 10:00AM on Oct 22

Oh man, Trent – you beat me to it! I was just coming back to this post with the above link copy and pasted :-)

darcy commented on Watch: 'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones' Releases A First Movie Trailer

at 6:45AM on Oct 18

I love all horror movies — pretty much paranormal anything, actually — and even though the plot lines in this franchise clearly have holes I love them all so much. I don’t watch scary movies for their perfect plots anyway :-) I’m definitely going to check this out in theaters!

darcy commented on Miley Cyrus Covers 'Rolling Stone' Magazine

at 9:14AM on Sep 24

“I’ll probably never do that shit again” – best.news.ever.