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darcy commented on 'Biotch Stole The Gentleman’s Look!' And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments

at 3:12PM on Nov 12

Woohoo! I feel famous! It’s really an honor to be even be nominated.

darcy commented on Hate It Or Love It: Vanessa Hudgens Dons Dolce & Gabbana At The YouTube Music Awards

at 10:37AM on Nov 4

Uhh…. Lady Gaga? Biotch stole The Gentleman’s look! But BTVS did it so much better.

darcy commented on Kanye West And His Babymama Are Getting Hitched!

at 10:00AM on Oct 22

Oh man, Trent – you beat me to it! I was just coming back to this post with the above link copy and pasted :-)

darcy commented on Watch: 'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones' Releases A First Movie Trailer

at 6:45AM on Oct 18

I love all horror movies — pretty much paranormal anything, actually — and even though the plot lines in this franchise clearly have holes I love them all so much. I don’t watch scary movies for their perfect plots anyway :-) I’m definitely going to check this out in theaters!

darcy commented on Miley Cyrus Covers 'Rolling Stone' Magazine

at 9:14AM on Sep 24

“I’ll probably never do that shit again” – best.news.ever.

darcy commented on Weirdness: Tyler Perry And David Fincher Teaming Up On 'Gone Girl'

at 10:33AM on Sep 6

Oh my goodness, NPH as Amy’s ex? I LOVE IT! He will play that character perfectly.

I actually like the entire cast they’ve announced so far. I think Tyler Perry is a pretty good actor and I could see him in that role.

darcy commented on The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Movie Gets A Release Date!

at 7:35AM on Jun 28

Yes. Please. Robert Pattinson rumors just need to go away. There are a thousand other actors that would do this so much better and Ian is at the top of my list.

darcy commented on Diving Into Fun

at 10:32AM on May 29

My heart goes out to you, Trent. You are where so many of us have been… finding out about betrayal after the fact just sends you into this tailspin – and there’s not a lot of closure to be had from it, I’m afraid. I understand the need to know who knew… and when they knew. It’s important to only keep people around you that you feel you can trust. However, also recognize those that might have tried to tell you, but were afraid of getting caught in the middle. It’s a tough lesson to learn about your friends, but it’s a necessary step in the process.

It sounds cliche, but this too is going to pass…. you’ll weed out the friends you need to – keep the ones you should – and really learn about who loves you based on this trial. It’s also going to teach you some lessons on how to recognize things going forward and it’s going to be hard to trust again, but eventually you’ll be able to and you’ll look back and be thankful that this is behind you and you have a ton to look forward to.

It gets better! I’ve had my heart ripped out, stomped on, and half my “friends” saw it happening and actively participated in its demise. It f-ing sucks. But you are awesome. And you will thrive. Promise.

darcy commented on Les News, 050813

at 11:06AM on May 9

I wish common people got to borrow that kind of bling! Send me a diamond necklace, stat!

Bey will always be fabulous – borrowed bling not :-)

darcy commented on Choreographer Wade Robson Now Claims Michael Jackson Sexually Abused Him

at 10:57AM on May 9

@ Lalala – I can see how it would be hard to understand the concept of repressed memories, but I can raise my hand as a witness that they are completely real. You can’t really know that as a fact unless it’s happened to you though. And it’s very confusing and frustrating for the victim when they’re being told something happened and they just don’t remember it. Or they remember it in a completely different context. The mind does it to protect us from something incredibly horrific, but it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.