Dana J

Dana J commented on Mariah Carey Is Now A Huge Fan Of ABC's 'Scandal'

at 7:50PM on Nov 8

I have to be like the only person in the world that is NOT watching Scandal right now. I need to set aside time to watch the older seasons to see what it’s all about.

Dana J commented on Here Are 10 Reasons Why Ginuwine Was The Sexiest Guy In R&B For A Really Long Time

at 2:40PM on Jun 10

oh hold up Shannon you forgot “I’ll do anything/I’m sorry” by Ginuwine. Him dancing in the rain… abs…. yeahhhh *fans herself* just damn,
[video-embed url="http%3A//www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DUuIUOd0mTPY"]

Dana J commented on Courtney Love Offers Amanda Bynes Some Advice

at 1:18PM on May 28

Courtney Love called, she said to stop jacking her style from the 90s. for real if Love says to get your act together you ARE screwed up,

Dana J commented on Diving Into Fun

at 12:42PM on May 28

love you Trent. there is a rainbow after the storm. you just gotta get through it to see it. you’ll be stronger and appreciate it more when it comes. *hugs*

Dana J commented on MTV Crowns Kendrick Lamar The 'Hottest MC In The Game'

at 9:19AM on Mar 9

I don’t get why MTV is still doing these lists when they don’t even show music videos anymore. and this kendrick lamar how long has he been out? Nas is on here huh.

this list is just weird. plain and simple.

Dana J commented on Watch: HBO Releases An Extended Trailer For 'Game Of Thrones' Season 3

at 3:40PM on Mar 3

I stayed up friday night to watch seaon 2 of GoT on DVD. I cannot WAIT for season 3 to start.

Dana J commented on Prince Jackson Scores A Guest-Starring Role On '90210'

at 4:13PM on Feb 26

I don’t think it’s Toya’s doing, more like he wants to be out there and doing something other than sitting around living off his father’s money. though I would have waited till I was 21 to do stuff so the family can’t collect of his earnings. those vultures are merciless.

Dana J commented on Watch: Kanye West Is NOT A Fan Of Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z, Hates On The Grammys And More

at 2:39PM on Feb 24

Kanye Kanye Kanye.. first of all you need to address that hippo you escort around that is carrying your child. it’s gaining weight and may soon topple over from exhaustion of carrying that much around the hips section. Then once you calm down and stop feeding the hippo or put it down or whatever needs to be done go talk to Jay’z and see if he DOESN”T SLAP THE SHIT OUT OF YOU FOR BEING A DUMBASS. that’s all.

Dana J commented on A Nelson Mandela Biopic, Starring Idris Elba, Is In The Works

at 1:45PM on Feb 24

I do not care if he’s playing a tree, I will see Idris in any movie. He’s just too sexy and that accent *shivers* he’s delicious. let me shut up before my fiance` sees me posting this and decides to leave me :-P

Dana J commented on First Look: A New 'Kick-Ass 2' Promo Image Shows Jim Carrey As Colonel Stars And Stripes

at 7:04AM on Jan 21

oh wow Turk is going to be in this (Donald Faison)?? this got a good cast going for this sequel so they better not eff it up with some convoluted storyline. and Shannon you’ve never seen Kick-Ass?!??! ok have you at least seen Scott Pilgrim Vs The World? that will make up for it and don’t lie… we’ll all know if you’re lying :-P