Dach commented on Movie Review: 'Evil Dead'

at 2:10PM on Apr 5

Trent, Glad to read you thought it was good. It is straight down the line for some old heads about lovin it or liking it with some reviews. I remember I was 8 when the first one came out. I went to the theatres to see Evil Dead 2I. The light was on for a week in my room. lol I’m happy that both Sam and Bruce did a remake to start a new trilogy. I just want to see a good horror, with all the gore a girl could ever want. lol I plan to see it both Saturday and Sunday. And like you stated mostly for the full effect of a movie crowd. I might flinch a few times….

Dach commented on Jason Momoa Covers 'Men's Health' Magazine

at 9:59AM on Feb 1

All I have to say is Lisa Bonet is one lucky mofo!!! I hope Arnold casts him in the Conan movie. I heard it will be him as the older conan where he was on the throne in “Conan The Destroyer”. he can play his son and continue the series.

Dach commented on Sofia Vergara Shares A Swimsuit Photo Of Epic Proportions

at 8:01AM on Dec 28

SMH………..*sigh*. I think I will need to go on and print this pic out and put it on my wish board for 2013. I need a little extra incentive to get up at 5:30 and get my workouts in. I aint even mad Sofia.

Dach commented on Halle Berry's Ex, Gabriel Aubry, Is Battered And Bruised As He Leaves Jail

at 9:59AM on Nov 27

This entire situation is sad. All parties involved are behaving like children. Nahla is the only who will hurt the most in this situaton. I dealt with this with my parents as a child. Lasting affects for sure…. As for the day this happened, I feel it is quite questionable. As for both men. Olivier is not the parent in this situation and should have kept his thoughts to himself. Gabriel should have just shook his head and went on about his business. Who cares what Oliver said. He is already known for being a hot head and that is why he was court ordered to take anger management classes. *smh*

Dach commented on President Barack Obama Wins Reelection

at 1:22PM on Nov 8

Thank you Trent! I had no desire to even dignify such ignorance with a response.

Dach commented on President Barack Obama Wins Reelection

at 7:00AM on Nov 7

Second every word Lauren! :-)

Dach commented on First Listen: Christina Aguilera Previews Her New 'Lotus' Album

at 1:51PM on Nov 6

I so can’t wait to pick up my copy of her new material.

Dach commented on Watch: Nicki Minaj Alludes To The Mariah Care Beef In A Clip For Her New Reality Series

at 7:29AM on Nov 2

Noone can run you off a show but you and your unprofessional behavior. Individuals stateing this was all a publicity stunt…..well not a good one if so. I want to watch because I’m a fan of Mariah but if it’s going to be constant bickering, then I will turn the channel.

Dach commented on First Look: The 'Evil Dead' Remake Releases A Scary Red Band Trailer

at 1:34PM on Oct 24

*Sigh*. I will admit I was not happy to hear they were going to do a remake. When I saw the ny comic com and Bruce Campbell stated this remake was done with a twist, I decided to give it a chance. I did hear instead of a male, they did a female lead instead. I’m loyal to my movies so it takes alot to get me to see a remake. I do plan to check this out at the theatres. I remember when I went to see Evil Dead 2. I had to sleep with the damn light on for 2 days. lol I hope this will be the beginning to some new scary, campy horrors. I so miss them.

Dach commented on Les News, 101712

at 7:46PM on Oct 17

Meghan….I couldn’t agree with you more.