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cowgirl commented on This Is What Renée Zellweger Looks Like Now

at 7:01AM on Oct 22

But mostly, I wish she’d pluck those damn eyebriars.

cowgirl commented on Watch: Here Is Video Of Sarah Paulson Performing 'Criminal' On 'American Horror Story: Freak Show'

at 1:42PM on Oct 16

I can’t believe I just started watching this season, and it’s so creepy I can’t stop watching!!!

cowgirl commented on Breaking News: Beyoncé Now Has Very Severe Bangs

at 11:44AM on Oct 15

For once, I actually feel BETTER about myself after seeing this Beyonce Bang travesty. Dang!

cowgirl commented on Watch: Justin Bieber Covers 'Ring Of Fire' By Johnny Cash

at 1:07PM on Aug 27

The only thing that burns burns burns are my ears after listening to that travesty. I’m sure Johnny just rolled over too.

cowgirl commented on Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Got Cozy At Bible Study, Apparently

at 1:21PM on Aug 15

WHAT is UP with that Frankenfinger!!!???

cowgirl commented on The US Patent Office Strips The Washington Redskins Of Their Trademark

at 2:15PM on Jun 18

I only have 1 thing to say on this: It only “evokes feelings of racism” if you allow it to. “Redskins” ****to me**** is not racist or a slur… It was never used in a demeaning way in my culture, and I grew up and continue to live in an Indian-rich part of the US.

cowgirl commented on Mariah Carey Shares A Photo Of Little Manicurist Monroe

at 9:28AM on Feb 25

That child is too old to still have a pacifier in the mouth. RME!

cowgirl commented on Why Is Britney Spears Wearing A Gold Band On Her Left Ring Finger?!

at 1:16PM on Jan 27

I can’t get past the frumpy droopy… oh nevermind. LOL

cowgirl commented on So Here's What That 'Duck Dynasty' Guy Said About Gay People And Black People

at 9:25AM on Dec 19

Interpretation is much like semantics, IMO. How things are worded can lead one down a certain path you may want them to take vs. a different path of opposition. Hmmm.

For example, I believe your use of “these people” is somewhat profiling, as I believe PR is speaking solely on behalf of himself and not “a community of people”. This “could impact” someone else negatively. I am also open minded enough to know you probably didn’t mean to profile anyone. And I also know that it doesn’t affect me personally. LOL :)

That’s the beauty of America.. we all have the ability to believe and think, agree and disagree, smoke and drink, gain weight or lose weight.. you get the idea.

cowgirl commented on So Here's What That 'Duck Dynasty' Guy Said About Gay People And Black People

at 8:07AM on Dec 19

Why not publish Phil Robertson’s response to this controversy, too?

He was asked a question, and he answered with his belief. Everyone gets “offended” by every little thing these days. In the big scheme of things, does Phil Robertson impact you *personally”? If not, then his opinion shouldn’t matter to you. [And you can substitute "Phil Robertson" with any other person's name. That's how I weed out stress in my life these days...] and that’s MY opinion on the matter.