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cowgirl commented on Watch: I Do NOT Think The World Is Ready For The Drama To Come In The 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Season 5 Reunion

at 8:37AM on Mar 20

Brandy is just bipolar enough to add fuel to Kim’s nuttiness. That is why they have become good friends. Birds of a feather.

Brandy throwing wine? slapping LisaV? Making out with a 20yr old. WTF. Grow up already.

Kim. Oyvey. Her issues have been exposed, that is why she’s so angry. Time for you to move on in your “sobriety” to more positive things. Stop rehashing the past, if you really don’t live there anymore. *cough*

Kyle needs to cut ties with Kim. Family or not. Stop crying about it and be done already. You’ve given her too many chances, just to keep being hurt.

I love Lisa R., Eileen, Yolanda and LisaV. Classy. Fun. Logical and rational. Boring? Maybe a little. LOL But I can only handle crazy in small doses. Brady and Kim have enough to last me a lifetime.

So, yes, I’ll be watching, LOL.

cowgirl commented on Kelly Clarkson Reveals That No One Wants To Collaborate With Her :(

at 8:51AM on Feb 18

Whoa. Trent? Your title is wrong. LOL!!

cowgirl commented on Forgive Me, But I Loved Rihanna's 2015 Grammy Awards Gown

at 6:46AM on Feb 9

What in tar nation….

cowgirl commented on Teresa Giudice's Cell Mate Dishes On Her First Week In Prison

at 6:52AM on Jan 15

Wrong post, Nathan. LOL

cowgirl commented on First Look: Gwen Stefani Releases A Music Video For 'Spark The Fire'

at 1:07PM on Dec 2

The whole thing is painful for me. I’m not even sure how she landed on The Voice as a judge. Her commentary is not constructive in helping grow these talents… except when she talks about fashion. RME. At least she seems fun and is cute to look at. JMO, of course. :D

cowgirl commented on Watch: Taylor Swift Brought The Crazy/Fun With Her Performance Of 'Blank Space' At The 'American Music Awards'

at 1:27PM on Nov 25

I’d be having a great time too, if I made $65MM last year. LOL

cowgirl commented on This Is What Renée Zellweger Looks Like Now

at 7:01AM on Oct 22

But mostly, I wish she’d pluck those damn eyebriars.

cowgirl commented on Watch: Here Is Video Of Sarah Paulson Performing 'Criminal' On 'American Horror Story: Freak Show'

at 1:42PM on Oct 16

I can’t believe I just started watching this season, and it’s so creepy I can’t stop watching!!!