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Courtney Bryant commented on Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Take To Twitter To Defend Their Lurve

at 2:54PM on Jul 6

Anhh!! My sister and I had a convo about this on the Fourth! We think Nicki just wanted a puppet. Out with Safaree, in with Meek. It makes no sense that she would hide a relationship for 10 years, then all of a sudden she is EVERYWHERE with Meek.

Meek seems like he is just grimy and ewww. lol

So random that I have an opinion on this. but it fascinates me. Hahaha

Courtney Bryant commented on It's Time To Publicly Request Your Celebrity 'Hall Pass'

at 9:09AM on Mar 16

I’m going to try and only pick 3…
Stephen Amell is my #1. ALL Day!
Richard Madden is a VERY close #2
And Chris Evans is my #3 .

*sigh* hotness all around!

Courtney Bryant commented on 'Torchwood' Will Return, Says John Barrowman

at 10:04PM on Jan 20

I love love LOVE Doctor Who. But only made it through a season of Touchwood. I should give it another try…

Courtney Bryant commented on Watch: 'Horrible Bosses 2' Releases A First Video Teaser

at 7:43PM on Jul 3

Chris Pine?! I’m in.

Courtney Bryant commented on YOU Are The New Blog: Does It Suck To Meet A Celebrity Idol?

at 6:27AM on Jun 24

I recently met Matt Smith at a Comic-Con. He was fantastic! I did the photo op and signing. He was excited every time to meet everyone. He thanks you for coming to see him and makes is genuinely awesome! I’m glad….I could have never watched Doctor Who again. lol

Courtney Bryant commented on It's Official! Beyoncé & Jay Z Announce Their Summer Tour

at 8:48AM on Apr 28

NO Detroit show!? (I live in Toledo) I guess I will have to make Chicago work :)

Courtney Bryant commented on Rumor Has It That Beyoncé Doesn't Want To Attend KimYe's 'Tacky' Wedding

at 5:53PM on Mar 17

Sadly KUWTK is my guilty pleasure. IDK how it happened. just one day i was home on a Saturday with nothing to do and a marathon was on…lol

That being said….I wouldn’t wanna go either if I were Beyonce. It’s not like her and Kim K are besties. She would be there cause Kanye and Jay are. But she could at least say don’t show me on TV. hahaha

Courtney Bryant commented on Whoa! Charlie Hunnam Quits The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Movie

at 4:51PM on Oct 13

LMAO! omg Edward?! Nooooooooo. he is way more awesome than that!

Courtney Bryant commented on Whoa! Charlie Hunnam Quits The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Movie

at 5:46PM on Oct 12

I’m not denying it is a good show. Just not a HUGE well known show.

Courtney Bryant commented on Whoa! Charlie Hunnam Quits The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Movie

at 3:52PM on Oct 12

Eh. I think it for sure would have changed his world. I don’t watch Sons of Anarchy and had not heard of him until this happened. Big enough actor not yet.