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colleen commented on Race 3 Of 4: The Walt Disney World Half Marathon

at 6:37AM on Jan 12

You can do it Trent! This is an awesome accomplishment (when finished). You’ll be so proud of yourself once you do it. I was thinking about not running today, but after reading this post I will get off my duff and get out there! Thanks for the motivation.

colleen commented on Well, Kate Winslet Has Named Her Son Bear

at 10:35AM on Dec 23

Kate Winslet is my favorite actress as well. She can never do wrong in my eyes either. The name Bear is pretty badass. I mean look it how Bear Grylls turned out? The kid will be fine.

colleen commented on Let's Relive 'Down 4 U' And 7 Other Murder Inc. Songs We All Used To Bump

at 6:52AM on Aug 24

Oh man! This is SOOOO my soundtrack to summers home from college. Dude, I’m Real was seriously played every 5 seconds. I still know all the words too. lol Thank you for this!

colleen commented on PITNB Relives And Re-lurves Mariah Carey's 15 Greatest Hip-Hop Collaborations

at 12:27AM on Aug 7

Heck yes Shannon. This list is da bomb. Thanks for sharing.
But I do need some Busta and Mariah on this list! That’s one of my top 5 for sure.