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Mr. Gyllenhaal commented on Les News, 082913

at 11:26PM on Aug 29

I think I am in Love with Zac!

Mr. Gyllenhaal commented on The 'Superman Vs. Batman' Movie Will Film In Detroit

at 11:24PM on Aug 29

Batman and Superman sounds crazy but I am way more blow away they are making another Transformers movie!

Mr. Gyllenhaal commented on Watch: Christina Aguilera Releases A Music Video For 'Let There Be Love'

at 11:22PM on Aug 29

I Liked it!!! Work Xtina!

Mr. Gyllenhaal commented on The Bronx Bombers

at 4:37PM on Apr 28

Them some Yummy looking boys!!!

Mr. Gyllenhaal commented on Evelyn Lozada Cancels All Public Appearances After Filing For Divorce

at 4:18PM on Aug 20

This is pretty sad!! They seemed so happy. I wonder what Jen would say now:(!! Hope it all gets worked out.

Mr. Gyllenhaal commented on 'Oz The Great And Powerful' Director Sam Raimi Is Producing A Frightening New Film

at 4:10PM on Aug 20


Mr. Gyllenhaal commented on Pink Is The NEWER Blog

at 3:45PM on Aug 1

For someone who has been a fan and a loyal reader of your blog for so many years I love when it gets a new look. First that means you are growing LARGER AND LARGER and you have to accomodate the new flow of people. Second, it is like getting a new makeover. It is fun to explore and find out new things on the site. I love it!!!

Mr. Gyllenhaal commented on Lady Gaga Shares Photos From Her Sleep Over With Lindsay Lohan

at 3:40PM on Aug 1

LLO looks like shit!! They look stoned. I would have kicked LLO out. Hopefully GAGA locked up her jewlery!

Mr. Gyllenhaal commented on Amtrak Features Gay Families In Their New Ad Campaign

at 3:38PM on Aug 1

SNAP!!!! Is there going to be a boycott of Amtrack now?? Soon the assholes out there aren’t going to have much left in their lives!! GO GAY OR GO AWAY:) I just made that up!

Mr. Gyllenhaal commented on First Look: 'The Paperboy' Releases A First Movie Trailer

at 3:34PM on Aug 1