cmc commented on Les News, 022513

at 2:40PM on Feb 25

That Onion story is so disgusting. I’m glad y’all didn’t do a separate article about it, it’s had my blood boiling all day.

cmc commented on Watch: Jennifer Lawrence Hilariously Explains Her Big Fall At The Oscars

at 9:06AM on Feb 25

Oh man, I just died with her description of getting ready for the Oscars. “Um…I took a shower?”

cmc commented on Kanye West Is Reportedly Having A Baby Girl!

at 9:28AM on Feb 24

That little girl is going to be SO pretty! That woman’s original face with Kanye’s smile? At the risk of sounding awful, mixed babies are SO cute!

cmc commented on 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Releases A First Promo Poster

at 11:41AM on Feb 22

I love the promo poster, but I think the accompanying blurb is extremely unrealistic for the Hunger Games universe. Um, as if anyone would have the balls to write commentary like that! President Snow would definitely have that person killed. Plus it’s not supposed to be spelled out that obviously…people in the districts start feeling more and more hope until it snowballs into a full-blown revolution.

Um, I’m kind of a book purist if you can’t tell…

cmc commented on Watch: 'The Real World' Season 28 Trailer Looks An Awful Lot Like A Coed 'Bad Girls Club'

at 9:20AM on Feb 18

I happen to love trashy reality TV shows, but I simply cannot watch the ones that get violent. That’s not cool or funny, and I find it extremely off-putting and hard to watch.

cmc commented on Watch: Here Are 10 Important Life Lessons From Beyoncé's Super Bowl XLVII Half-Time Show

at 9:25AM on Feb 4

Her weave is fiiiiierce. She has the best weave-ologist in the world!

cmc commented on Watch: Here Are 10 Important Life Lessons From Beyoncé's Super Bowl XLVII Half-Time Show

at 9:24AM on Feb 4

My favorite moment was when Beyonce was basically like “Okay, now get off my stage. You’re welcome!!!”

cmc commented on Watch: Disney Releases Their Oscar-Nominated Short Film 'Paperman' In Full

at 8:37AM on Jan 31

Oh man…my heart, it aches! I love this! And I’m looking for love- maybe my guy is throwing paper airplanes as we speak. (Hopeless romantic alert…)

cmc commented on Lindsay Lohan Flies Back To LA, Gets Rejected From Hotels, Makes Her Way To Court . . . Again

at 9:31AM on Jan 30

I thought today was just a pretrial? I don’t make it a habit to break laws so I may be wrong here, but nothing can really happen right?

cmc commented on Whoa: Kate Moss And Liberty Ross Get Nude And NSFW In The Latest Issue Of 'Love' Magazine

at 11:49AM on Jan 26

LOL! Yup…I typed the above comment in five different ways, trying to find a way to arrange my words that didn’t sound totally creepy. I mean…this is a child’s mouth we’re talking about here!