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ClaireMichelle commented on First Listen: Britney Spears's New Single 'Pretty Girls' Has Made Its Debut Online

at 5:56PM on May 4

I personally LOVE it and have kept it on repeat! I only wish it was longer. It would be even better with just a little more time added. :)

ClaireMichelle commented on You Must Choose: 'GOT,' 'Silicon Valley,' 'Mad Men,' And 'The Good Wife' Are All On TONIGHT

at 1:23PM on Apr 12

Game of Thrones for sure! I have been waiting so anxiously since season 4 ended! I hope the information for the leaked ones don’t somehow get back to me, I don’t want it to be spoiled. This is my favorite time of year when it comes to TV!!! 10 weeks of GoT!!!!

ClaireMichelle commented on Fox Renews 'Sleepy Hollow' For Season 3

at 5:14PM on Mar 19

YES!! This is fantastic news and such a relief! Thank you, Fox!!!

ClaireMichelle commented on Hey, Guess What! Miles Teller Is Seriously Ripped Now

at 11:24AM on Mar 18

I am all about Miles Teller!! Cannot wait to see where his career goes! Ugh – I just love him. If I ever ran into him somewhere… All bets would be OFF! :)

ClaireMichelle commented on First Look: BFFs Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Cover 'Vogue' Magazine Together

at 10:41AM on Feb 13

I LOVE this!!! I would like 5 copies, please! :) So great!

ClaireMichelle commented on Damon Wayans, Jr. Is Leaving 'New Girl' -- AGAIN!

at 1:28PM on Feb 6

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I hate this sooo much! I love Damon Wayans Jr and was sooo happy he could bounce from Happy Endings (still so, so bitter about that show cancellation) back to New Girl. I hate that he is leaving!! My favorite character combos currently are Winston/Coach and Jess/Coach so this is a real bummer…

ClaireMichelle commented on Disney Reportedly Wants Chris Pratt To Star In Their Planned 'Indiana Jones' Reboot

at 2:26PM on Jan 27


ClaireMichelle commented on Britney Spears's Debut Album '...Baby One More Time' Turns Sweet 16

at 2:29PM on Jan 12

Bless you for posting this and including the music videos because I am fully reliving all of them. I used to recreate the From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart video in my backyard sitting on my swing. Because, ya know, she is on a swing in it.

My biggest memory from this album debut is that it is the very first CD that I bought myself. I went home and locked myself in my bedroom that day and learned every word to every song. And I obviously hung up the poster that was a part of the CD booklet. That thing hung on my wall for YEARS. Man, I have so many wonderful memories attached to this album/each song/each video. Happy …Baby One More Time Day!!! :)

ClaireMichelle commented on First Listen: Kelly Clarkson Has Released Her Killer New Pop-Dance Track 'Heartbeat Song'

at 9:56AM on Jan 12

Okay, I love this. So much. Can’t wait for her new album!!