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ClaireMichelle commented on Britney Spears Enjoyed A Family Fun Day At Universal Studios

at 6:05PM on Sep 30

The last Britney post!

ClaireMichelle commented on Dunzo

at 6:00PM on Sep 30

Ugh this day just sucks. I have been dreading it. I don’t know where I will go for my pop culture fix now. I do hope you will post movie reviews on Instagram or somewhere. :) I look forward to following you to your next professional adventure and I’ll see you on Instagram, Twitter, tumblr… Thank you for all of the fun over the years!!!! Oh and let’s freak out over Mockingjay Part 2 sometime and BRITNEY FOR LYFE!!

ClaireMichelle commented on Watch: The New Trailer For 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2' Is All About The Everdeen Sisters

at 6:27PM on Sep 16

Ahhhh! I am so excited to see this final installment but so, so sad for it to all be over at the same time. I don’t want the posters, trailers, promo to stop. Ever!!! Can they just keep promoting it years after the movie is released?

ClaireMichelle commented on Watch: Here Is The First Teaser Trailer For Disney's Live-Action Adaptation Of 'The Jungle Book'

at 4:33PM on Sep 15

Okay, yeah… This looks amazing!!! Can’t wait!!

ClaireMichelle commented on So, Uh, What Is Going On With Lindsay Lohan Right Now?

at 1:56PM on Sep 13

I mean… What? My head hurts a little after reading that and trying to follow along?? Ugh. :(

ClaireMichelle commented on An Open Letter From One Writer To Her Mentor

at 9:31AM on Sep 13

No more Trent or Shannon truly means no more PITNB. At all. :( So thankful Trent brought you on board, Shannon! I have loved getting to know you a little better and freaking out of fashion with you! Thank heavens there is Instagram!

ClaireMichelle commented on The End Of An Era

at 9:27AM on Sep 13

This is beyond upsetting. Thankful we can keep up-to-date with you and pop culture via your Twitter and Instagram. I have been reading for so many years now, I can’t even pinpoint it. Who is going to fangirl over Britney with me?! Just realizing you won’t be on this blog for the release of the final Hunger Games. What?!
I will not be reading this blog as soon as you’re done. I look forward to whatever your next venture might be! And we will just have to freak out over Britney and Mockingjay Part 2 on Instagram!

ClaireMichelle commented on Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Are Dunzo!

at 5:44PM on Jun 30

This is heartbreaking. I always loved how normal their family seemed to be. I hope things stay friendly between them for their sweet little children. Ughhhh. Boo. :(

ClaireMichelle commented on Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Went On A Double Date With Joe Jonas & Gigi Hadid

at 4:40PM on Jun 29

Remember when Joe broke up with Taylor over the phone sOr something when they were both wee babies? Hahah.

I would love to be on Karlie’s boat tour! I’m just living for Taylor and Calvin, too. They are just so cute.