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ClaireMichelle commented on Miley Cyrus Decides She Does Not Want To Keep Her New Dog Moonie

at 6:20PM on Apr 14

She tweeted that she gave the puppy to her friend’s mom who has another small dog for Moonie to play with. I think it is awesome that Miley was mature enough to realize she wasn’t ready for a new puppy yet. She luckily has her other dogs to help her get through this. I hope Miley recovers from this loss soon. It is a terrible, terrible feeling.

ClaireMichelle commented on Watch: Seth Rogen Enlists The Aid Of Zooey Deschanel, Taylor Swift & James Franco For His 'SNL' Hosting Gig

at 1:33PM on Apr 13

I did laugh at the Blue River Dog Food sketch.

But, really, there was one GREAT thing about last night’s episode was Ed Sheeran. His performances were great. Totally worth watching the unfunny episode.

ClaireMichelle commented on Miley Cyrus Introduces Her New Dog Moonie To The World

at 1:26PM on Apr 5

Her tweets have just made me want to sob lately. Losing a pet hurts SO badly. Hopefully a new puppy will help her heal. Everyone is different. I couldn’t get a new pet that quickly, but I would never judge anyone else as I have no idea how she will best recover from this loss. My heart is with Miley.

ClaireMichelle commented on Watch: A Fan Reimagines The Series Finale Of 'How I Met Your Mother'

at 4:35PM on Apr 2

I think one of the biggest complaints is how rushed it was, not necessarily all about that the mother died. I was still sobbing when Ted was supposed to be moving on to “Aunt Robin.” I get that it had been 6 years for Ted and family, but it had been 2 minutes for me and I was not ready to move on that quickly. And it bummed me out the mother ended up feeling like a plot device to get Ted to realize he was supposed to be with Robin now that she was gone.

I feel like I will like the finale after a 2nd or 3rd viewing, but the pacing of the episode was just very poor. They should have spent less time on the wedding (this whole season) and spread the plot lines from this episode out into more of the season. That would have felt more complete.

ClaireMichelle commented on Miley Cyrus Mourns The Death Of Her Dog On Twitter

at 4:21PM on Apr 2

I just want to hug her. :( I got sick to my stomach when I read her tweets. Floyd couldn’t have been more than 7 or 8 years old. Ughhh. My heart breaks for her. And it makes me so sad that she probably hadn’t been home with him in a while since she is touring, and she has to keep touring for quite a while now. I didn’t leave my house for a week when my cat passed away last Christmas. I can’t imagine having to go put on a ridiculous-party-show night after night immediately following this. That is going to be REALLY hard.

Again, I just want to hug her and cry with her. :(

ClaireMichelle commented on PITNBrs, It's Officially Time To Address Shannon's Impromptu Hiatus [UPDATED WITH PRESS RELEASE]

at 12:04PM on Apr 1

You totally got me! Doing the Kim K prank totally worked on me because since I had already seen that one and knew it was a prank, I bought this completely! Bravo! Happy April Fools Day! :)

ClaireMichelle commented on Hey Girl, Whatcha Watchin'?

at 1:22PM on Mar 30

Nothing is taken away from Winston’s awesomeness when Coach returns. And it takes Coach a few episodes to fit into the storylines and characters, but he has definitely settled into the show now. I particularly enjoy Winston and Coach paired up.

ClaireMichelle commented on Britney Spears Shares Personal Photos From Her Hawaiian Vacation

at 4:22PM on Mar 27

This makes me so happy! :)