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ClaireMichelle commented on First Look: 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1' Teaser Trailer Is Here!

at 5:06PM on Jul 28

I am soooo excited. I got chills and excitement and sadness when I heard PSH as Plutarch. That is going to be tough. Natalie Dormer looks fantastic as Cressida. I just love her. I love how they are setting this film up, too. I cannot wait to see what they do with all of the POVs when Katniss wasn’t around/knocked out.

ClaireMichelle commented on Is Selena Gomez Ten Times More Fabulous In Italy Or What?

at 10:55AM on Jul 21

WHAT IS HAPPENING?! Everything she is doing right here is flawless and I am so jealous that it hurts me a little bit.

ClaireMichelle commented on Is Zoe Saldana Hella Pregnant Right Now?!

at 7:07AM on Jul 13

Actually, yes! Kristen Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard, started a campaign a while back asking magazines and gossip sites to stop buying paparazzi shots of babies/children of celebs (unless they are somewhere where cameras are expected, like red carpets or events). Most big name companies pledged to put policies into place saying they saying that they wouldn’t buy those papz shots. Pretty awesome!!!!

ClaireMichelle commented on Taylor Swift Has Adopted A Teeny Tiny, Entirely Adorable Kitten

at 6:45AM on Jun 20

I am dyyyying over this kitty. It is the same type of cat as her other cat, Meredith, who is just one of the cutest cats out there. I’m sure Meredith will love having little Olivia added to the mix.

P.S. I am obsessed with the fact that her cats are named Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey. The. Cutest.

ClaireMichelle commented on Gender-Fluid Actor Andrej Pejic Has Been Cast In Sofia Coppola's 'The Little Mermaid'

at 7:57PM on Jun 16

She is stunning. Like, whoa.

Also, the Little Mermaid has always been one of my absolute favorite movies, so any news on the live action one excites me annnd makes me nervous. But, yeah, she’s gorgeous and this is awesome. I wonder which sister she will play!

ClaireMichelle commented on Yasss: Miranda Kerr And Flynn Kerr-Bloom Are Perfection In 'Vogue' Australia

at 7:57AM on Jun 9

These are the CUTEST. Thank you so much to Australian Vogue. Bless.

ClaireMichelle commented on YOU Are The New Blog: When Is It Time To Give Up On Your Favorite Celebrity?

at 7:50AM on Jun 9

I’m lucky in that I tend to have the same morals and beliefs as my favorite celebs (except I cannot become vegan – so sorry Kristen Bell!!) so I haven’t had to give up on many. Even with Britney, I never wanted to give up on her. I was just really SAD for her – and now, so happy! People aren’t perfect, so I try not to be too judgey of my favorite celebs. And even if I don’t agree with what some say and do, I will sometimes just support how awesome it is that they are so fearless/don’t give any fucks (i.e. Miley – I just can’t hate on her. She does what she wants – without hurting people).

I, too, did love Chris Brown pre-Rihanna incident, so he is one celeb that I gave up on long ago and I have no desire to even try to get back onboard with him.

ClaireMichelle commented on 'Jupiter Ascending' Has Been Pushed Back From Summer 2014 To Winter 2015

at 7:58PM on Jun 4

I feel like they are already benefitting from this move. This move has caused more people to talk about this movie than ever before. Already seems to be working… (Also, I will totally see it when it comes out)

ClaireMichelle commented on Rihanna Wore A Completely Sheer Dress To The CFDA Fashion Awards Because OF COURSE She Did

at 5:21PM on Jun 4

I wont even lie, she looks amazing. I can’t hate on this at all. And I am someone who has been over naked-Rihanna for a while now… But this is too fabulous to hate. Also, her tweet today made this even better.

ClaireMichelle commented on Watch: Jonah Hill Apologizes AGAIN For His Homophobic Slur

at 5:19PM on Jun 4

This is one of the best apologies I have ever heard. Is that weird? I’m so glad he did this. I truly felt ever word he said and it’s so nice to see a public figure not make a million excuses about a mistake they made. He just completely owned it. Everyone makes mistakes. He handled his mistake perfectly.