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ClaireMichelle commented on Holiday Madness: Here Are The 10 Must-See Celebrity Fashion Looks Of The Week

at 5:09AM on Dec 22

I’m still falling all over myself over Mindy Kaling’s entire look from the People Mag awards. Hot damn. She looks flawless.

I miss being on here! I need to get on the site from my computer more rather than my phone!

ClaireMichelle commented on Watch: Katniss Everdeen Returns To District 12 In This New Teaser For 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1'

at 5:06PM on Oct 16

I cannot wait!!!!!!!!! I might actually lose my mind!!

ClaireMichelle commented on Every Episode Of 'Friends' Ever Is Coming To Netflix

at 4:42PM on Oct 15

I have owned the DVDs for years and then upgraded to the BluRay copies a couple of years ago. And I am STILL excited about this… Hahah. I can watch it easily on the go on my phone now!!

I might have a Friends problem…

ClaireMichelle commented on First Listen: Taylor Swift Releases Her New Song 'Out Of The Woods'

at 4:21PM on Oct 14

I have been listening to this all day! I’m already a Taylor fan, but hot damn I am loving the 80s vibe of 1989! Can’t wait for the album! I hope she has more songs on the album with Jack Antonoff.

ClaireMichelle commented on Breaking News: Beyoncé Now Has Very Severe Bangs

at 4:08PM on Oct 14

Absolutely. No. This is the kind of haircut I have nightmares about getting on accident.

ClaireMichelle commented on OMG Did You Watch ... 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Premiere: 'No Sanctuary'

at 4:28PM on Oct 13

Seriously, it was sooo good. I don’t think a took a breath for maybe 30 minutes? So. Effing. Good.

ClaireMichelle commented on Katniss Everdeen Is Featured In The Newest Poster For 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1'

at 9:20PM on Sep 5

Those wings are SO Cinna – Obsessed with this.

ClaireMichelle commented on 'The New Yorker' Honors Joan Rivers Brilliantly With This Hilarious Cartoon

at 9:14PM on Sep 5

Love this so much. SO fitting.

ClaireMichelle commented on Damn! Jennifer Lawrence's Nude Photos Hit The Interwebs, Along With Dozens Of Others From A-List Celebrities

at 10:07AM on Sep 1

Please tell me you saw Anna Kendrick’s comment on this ordeal. Haha. She is just the absolute best.

ClaireMichelle commented on Emmys Vs. VMAs: 10 Must-See Celebrity Fashion Looks Of The Week!

at 8:15AM on Sep 1

LOVE Lizzy Caplan and Camila Alves as well, but I have to say that I think Sarah Hyland’s look was my favorite at the Emmy’s. Probably because I wish I had any known reason to wear anything similar to her look.