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Charles Reagan commented on Justin Bieber Is Completely Nekkid In These Newly Leaked, NSFW Photos

at 6:32AM on Aug 12

He looks like a lampoon of a tween celeb. It’s like, he’s not even real…

Charles Reagan commented on Oprah Winfrey On Lindsay Lohan's Recovery, 'We'll See'

at 11:23AM on Aug 9

Maybe the orange was a shout-out to the “Orange Oprah” label Dina had for a while. Or maybe Lindsay has a better sense of humor than we realize.

Charles Reagan commented on First Look: Britney Spears & Release A Music Video For 'Scream & Shout'

at 11:24AM on Nov 30

I cant wait til this song is remixed with Gangnam Style. Fingers crossed…

Charles Reagan commented on Jared Leto Shows Off His Missing Eyebrows

at 7:18PM on Nov 27

Deja Vu! I was just watching season one of SATC on E! and Jared Leto was totally on it! I think he played Miranda? That red head lawyer? Anyway…I’m all for it. If Miranda didn’t need eyebrows to be Carrie Bradshaw’s bestie then who says anyone needs em? RIGHT?!