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c-word commented on Lindsay Lohan Is 'Devastated' That Everyone Hates 'Liz & Dick'

at 7:20PM on Nov 30

i can’t wait till it comes out on netflix!

c-word commented on Britney & Jamie Lynn Spears Get Their Shop On At Target

at 7:13PM on Nov 30

@ JL – LOL!!! hahaha! happens to the best of us, eh? ;)

i cannot believe how BIG the boys are now! i swear that it wasn’t all that long ago that they were born. now they’re like little people!

c-word commented on Demi Moore Has Reportedly Moved On With A 26 Year Old Toy Boy

at 7:09PM on Nov 30

i hope that she at the very least makes him get his unibrow waxed ;)

c-word commented on Kelly Osbourne Is Apologizing For Her $250,000 Manicure

at 12:44PM on Sep 28

i think a $250k manicure seems to be a bit excessive, especially given the current state of the economy and people struggling to put food on the tables. did she need to apologize? not really. though i do agree it was in bad taste to tweet the price tag (even if she didn’t have to pay for it). this kind of reminds me of when clint eastwood’s daughter set a $100k+ hermes bag on fire for the hell of it. yea – they’re all rich, but it just seems like such a waste.

c-word commented on Chris Brown Is Being Erased From The Internet By This New App

at 2:43PM on Sep 20

i’d like for them to develop one that blocks out all the kardashians, too! haha!

c-word commented on Amanda Bynes Is REPORTEDLY Checking Into Rehab

at 4:16PM on Sep 17

i don’t know if i’ve just become so GD cynical (especially after following the LiLo wreck throughout the years), but i kind of wonder if this whole “rehab” thing is just a way to try to look good for the courts. i mean, didn’t she tweet president obama about a DUI and say “i don’t drink”??? yea, yea, yea – first step is admitting you have a problem, but i’m a bit dubious on this one. i do wish her the best of luck, but something seems fishy about this. at least she’s off the roads.

c-word commented on The 2012 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet/Press Room Arrivals

at 6:20PM on Sep 7

she looks like a cockatoo… haha!

c-word commented on The California DMV Suspends Amanda Bynes's Drivers License

at 6:19PM on Sep 7

i want to know how she was able to decline both the breathalyzer AND blood alcohol test… i’m like 99.9% sure that by CA law you have to comply with one or the other, if you don’t pass the field sobriety test. but it’s so sad – yea – this chick has definitely become the new lilo – and the year isn’t even over yet! i think it’s really funny (but in a sad way) that she tweeted the president – you know – cuz it’s not like he has more important things going on, an’ all *rolls eyes* oh well. at least it gives me something to read about while bored at work ;)

c-word commented on Lindsay Lohan Banned From The Chateau Marmont Over A $46K Unpaid Hotel Bill

at 1:35PM on Aug 29

what i don’t understand is that if this actually was a “misunderstanding” and that she will be “happy to take care of the debt” – why not just pay the hotel and make arrangements to get reimbursed from lifetime? i’m sure $46k isn’t the most that someone has charged up at that hotel, but considering that that amount is more than most people make in a year (or two), why not act like a freakin adult and take care of yo shit?!

c-word commented on Justin Bieber Talks Shizz About Prince William's Hair Loss

at 2:34PM on Aug 8

just wait a few more years, biebs… you may not have that luscious head of hair for long! ;)