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Mid 20 something, married accountant living in Atlanta

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Brittany commented on A Harvard Business School Graduate Ran A Marathon On Her Period Without A Tampon To Raise Awareness

at 11:51AM on Aug 10

I would just like to point out there are more options than a pad and a tampon. I myself use a diva cup and it the most comfortable thing I have found for a period, whether I am sitting all day at work or being active such as swimming or hiking. Ladies if you haven’t looked into a type of menstruation cup, do it. It’s much more comfortable and it pays for itself after only a few months since it is reusable.

Brittany commented on LMFAO! North West HATED Kanye West's Fashion Show Today

at 4:55PM on Feb 12

I was just about to say, don’t you know babies are the perfect fashion accessory.

Brittany commented on Avril Lavigne Shows Off The Gaudy New Ring That Hubby Chad Kroeger Gave Her

at 11:27AM on Aug 1

“she’s not really a “poor girl” with that crazy huge diamond on her finger but in terms of style, I’d say she’s pretty poor”

Remember who her husband is, if that isn’t a testament to her poor taste I don’t know what else could be.

Brittany commented on Here Is A Photo Of Chris Pratt Looking Serious(ly Handsome) In 'Jurassic World'

at 11:20AM on Aug 1

I love him as Andy in Parks and Rec but he’s such a goober I never really thought of him as attractive. Then he started doing all this promo for Guardians and I definitely see him as attractive now :) Also the relationship that him and Anna have is adorable.

Brittany commented on Ben Affleck Cracks Up . . . Cracks OUT, Actually

at 10:20AM on Jul 30

He doesn’t really look like he’s in Batman shape :\

Brittany commented on BFFs Jennifer Lawrence & Emma Watson Take The CUTEST Photos Together

at 7:46AM on Jul 9

They are so cute but can we talk about Jennifer’s amazing shoes!

Brittany commented on It's Official! Beyoncé & Jay Z Announce Their Summer Tour

at 12:27PM on Apr 28

I’m going to agree with nicole and OG Emily. Right there with y’all.

Brittany commented on Lindsay Lohan Shares Photos From The Set Of '2 Broke Girls'

at 11:37AM on Mar 14

Her face doesn’t look a bloated as it normally does. She really does look great in that photo.

Brittany commented on Justin Bieber Shows Off His New Banksy Tattoo On Twitter

at 11:36AM on Mar 14

I was about to comment how horrific this tattoo is and I agree I think he gets an idea and just walks into any random shop for any random “artist”.

Brittany commented on Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze, Jr. Share A Selfie On Twitter

at 11:33AM on Mar 14

Ahhh they are so adorable. By far my favorite celebrity couple.