Brent commented on Watch: Lil' Kim Teases The Music Video For Her New Song 'Look Like Money'

at 6:58AM on Jul 23

Ummm. that teaser is horrific. I love me some Lil Kim but she got that plastic surgery and now her name needs to be changed to Miss Mess. Here’s hoping she can make a comeback tho.

Brent commented on Watch: Lindsay Lohan Talks Jewelry On The Set Of 'Liz & Dick'

at 7:53AM on May 16

I must admit, I like Lindsay. Yes, I know she has done wrong things and all that, but I can’t stop rooting for the underdog.

Brent commented on First Listen: Mariah Carey Releases Her New Single 'Beautiful,' Featuring Miguel

at 8:58AM on May 6

My two favorite singers on one song? I must be living right or something. I AM IN LOVE with this song. Mimi and Miguel should play baseball bc they keep knocking it outta the park!

Brent commented on Beyoncé Reveals Another Nipple Costume On The 'Mrs. Carter Show' World Tour

at 1:40PM on Apr 18

Are those nipples are partially melted Hershey’s Kisses?

Brent commented on First Look: Beyoncé Lands The May 2013 Cover Of British 'Vogue'

at 2:32PM on Mar 28

I’m surprised the cover doesn’t say “Bow Down Beyonches”

Brent commented on Amy Poehler Responds To Taylor Swift's 'Vanity Fair' Attack On Her [UPDATE]

at 6:26PM on Mar 5

Kanye: “Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you and I’m gonna let you continue…but Amy Poehler had one of the best comeback lines of ALL TIME!”

Brent commented on Taylor Swift Calls Tina Fey & Amy Poehler 'Mean Girls' In The New Issue Of 'Vanity Fair'

at 1:08PM on Mar 5

I think this really gives us insight as to why Taylor has so many failed relationships. I have always said about her and her relationship problems: eventually you have to realize it is YOU, not THEM. Clearly she cannot take a joke. She wants to write songs dissing all her exes but she can’t take it when someone makes a lighthearted joke about her. If you can’t take the heat, stay out the kitchen!

Brent commented on Here Are 15 Throwback Mariah Carey Songs That Make Life Eternally Happy

at 8:56PM on Feb 28

Ack! My Mariah diva!!!! Mariah deffinitely makes life happy dahhling. Honey is still my favorite all-time Mariah song. Love Boy (I Need You) and the video. SO cannot wait to see the Almost Home video and the movie. Me and the bf are SO THERE Mar. 8. Also love the Rooftop vid and Someday. Can’t leave out Make it Happen. Who am I kidding? I love them all LOL.

Brent commented on First Listen: Frank Ocean's Unreleased Song 'Eyes Like Sky' Leaks To The Internets

at 6:17PM on Feb 25

Lovin’ it. Plus, he’s wearing a Capcom t-shirt. Yay Mega Man!

Brent commented on Sarah Jessica Parker Gets Photoshopped To DEATH By 'Harper's Bazaar' China

at 3:57PM on Feb 22

Yikes. I’m sorry but if I ran into her looking like that at night in a dark alley I would run like the dickens! Heck, it could be broad daylight at Jewel-Osco near the produce and I would still run my little gay ass off.