Brent commented on Movie Review: 'Terminator: Genisys' In 4DX

at 6:30AM on Jul 4

Trent your hair is whipped! Looks great.

Brent commented on Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry & More Will Star In The Music Video For 'Bitch, I'm Madonna'

at 10:48AM on Jun 16

I absolutely agree. The first thing that went through my mind when I saw this on Instagram was that she was copying Taylor. It is sad because as you said, we are used to Madonna being a leader and an innovator but all she does now is follow and look desperate trying to be relevant. It’s also sad how radio doesn’t play any of her or Mariah Carey’s songs but they play that HORRIBLE Justin Bieber song over and over that makes my ears bleed.

Brent commented on North West turns 2 at the Happiest Place on Earth

at 10:23AM on Jun 16

@Trent-I have been before but (and this shows my age) it was almost 20 years ago. It was back in 1996 when our high school band marched in the Disney Days Parade. I’m sure it’s even way more fun now and I am thinking about planning to go there in November-ish. I was speaking with a co-worker and she said she likes Busch Gardens better and I remember going there before as well although I can’t imagine it’s more fun than Disney.

Brent commented on North West turns 2 at the Happiest Place on Earth

at 8:28AM on Jun 16

She is way too adorable. Disney is like an hour away from me and I haven’t been yet. I need to get moving!

Brent commented on Michael Myers Will Return In The 11th 'Halloween' Movie Titled 'Halloween Returns'

at 5:36PM on Jun 15

I am so excited about this! Those Rob Zombie remakes were HORRIBLE. I couldn’t even watch part 2. Hopefully this will be a good scary return and I know if it does well we will get some more Friday the 13th movies or something. (those are my favorite)

Brent commented on Janet Jackson Announces The 'Unbreakable' World Tour!

at 8:45AM on Jun 15

YES!! She is coming to Tampa! This is the best news I’ve heard all day.

Brent commented on Beyoncé Asks Fans To Help Her Raise Money For Pediatric Care In Haiti

at 12:52PM on Jun 6

I have GOT to have that shirt!

Brent commented on Mariah Carey Refers To Her Time On 'American Idol' As 'The Worst Experience Of Her Life'

at 9:02PM on May 29

At least Mariah tells the truth. That whole feud was fake, and if I accepted a job and I was lied to I would be just as pissed off. Doesn’t matter if it pays $18 million or whatever ok? She has more to worry about than just money-her career is on the line.

Brent commented on Mariah Carey Releases The Cover Art For Her New Single 'Infinity'

at 4:47PM on Apr 25

I hope this song is a big hit. Her last album has some really good songs but was just handled so poorly that it was ridiculous. And was this photo taken during her “Touch My Body” phase? I need her photoshop team ASAP lol.

Brent commented on Watch: Kelly Clarkson Returned To 'American Idol' Last Night To Show The Kiddies How It's Done

at 6:12AM on Apr 3

Lover her! I just saw her on Reba yesterday and she is so genuine.