Brent commented on #ThrowbackThursday Goes '98: 'It's All About Me' And Other Tracks That Made Life So Happy

at 9:14PM on Jul 24

OMG, I totally forgot about INOJ and Love You Down used to be my JAM! And I was just talking to my friend in Atl last night about all the fun times we used to have there. Ugh, I miss those late nineties!

Brent commented on Mariah Carey Tells 'Out' Magazine That She Is 'Eternally 12-Years Old'

at 4:08PM on Jun 28

Oh Mariah. I have stuck by her through thick and thin and thick again (yeah bad joke i know). Anyway, I do really like her new album. Can’t wait to see the video for YDKWTD. I do agree some of her schtick can get a little tiresome to some people, but I think it’s funny because she seems a little out of touch with reality. It reminds me of AbFab when they go to the grocery store and don’t know what to do. I wouldn’t count Mariah out tho, she weathered the Glitter and Charmbracelet storm and made a comeback. She will do it again.

Brent commented on Tori Amos Shares A Photo For Gay Pride Weekend

at 4:03PM on Jun 27

#StPetePride yessir I’ll be there!!!

Brent commented on Lana Del Rey Wishes She Was Dead

at 6:25PM on Jun 13

Was this interview with Lana Del Rey…or Debbie Downer?

Brent commented on #ThrowbackThursday: Here Are Rihanna's 10 Best Music Video Looks Ever!

at 9:13AM on Jun 7

My favorite has always been SOS. I used to drive my ex-bf crazy listening to that song over and over.

Brent commented on 'Jaden, Please Be Seated,' And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week

at 6:32PM on Jun 3

Devonte is too sexy. Plus he likes Thirsty and Mariah. Holla!

Brent commented on McDonald's Introduces A New Mascot . . . And It's Scary As Hell

at 7:04PM on May 20

As if Ronald wasn’t spooky as hell enough…

Brent commented on Mariah Carey, The Elusive Chanteuse, Hung Out With The Common Folk In Times Square

at 6:14PM on May 3

So I am a huge Mariah fan. I don’t know if some of the lighting is bad or what, but she looks kinda bad in some of the pics. I think most of her problem is the wine drinking. It bloats her face and doesn’t do her voice any favors. Anyway, love me some Mariah and can’t wait for this album.

Brent commented on Watch: Lil' Kim Teases The Music Video For Her New Song 'Look Like Money'

at 6:58AM on Jul 23

Ummm. that teaser is horrific. I love me some Lil Kim but she got that plastic surgery and now her name needs to be changed to Miss Mess. Here’s hoping she can make a comeback tho.

Brent commented on Watch: Lindsay Lohan Talks Jewelry On The Set Of 'Liz & Dick'

at 7:53AM on May 16

I must admit, I like Lindsay. Yes, I know she has done wrong things and all that, but I can’t stop rooting for the underdog.