Brent commented on Mariah Carey Releases The Cover Art For Her New Single 'Infinity'

at 4:47PM on Apr 25

I hope this song is a big hit. Her last album has some really good songs but was just handled so poorly that it was ridiculous. And was this photo taken during her “Touch My Body” phase? I need her photoshop team ASAP lol.

Brent commented on Watch: Kelly Clarkson Returned To 'American Idol' Last Night To Show The Kiddies How It's Done

at 6:12AM on Apr 3

Lover her! I just saw her on Reba yesterday and she is so genuine.

Brent commented on First Look: Charlize Theron Stars In The Movie Adaptation Of Gillian Flynn's Novel 'Dark Places'

at 4:48PM on Mar 5

This is great news! The book was so good.

Brent commented on Watch: Debbie Gibson's Ballad 'Lost In Your Eyes' Was The #1 Song This Week Back In 1989

at 3:50PM on Mar 4

i LOVE Debbie. I had all of her CDs and Electric Youth and Body, Mind, Soul are my favorites. When I lived in Memphis I got to see her in concert and it made my year LOL.

Brent commented on Watch: Taylor Swift Releases The Music Video For Her New Single 'Style'

at 3:39PM on Feb 13

his eyes are everything

Brent commented on Watch: Taylor Swift Releases The Music Video For Her New Single 'Style'

at 12:49PM on Feb 13

i LOVE All you Had to do Was Stay. Style was a favorite too. Also Out of the Woods. The whole album is really great.

Brent commented on Watch: Kelly Clarkson Releases A Music Video For 'Heartbeat Song'

at 10:23AM on Feb 10

Kelly nails it every time. Since You Been Gone is still a song I rock out too.

Brent commented on Watch: Madonna Releases The Music Video For 'Living For Love' On You Tube

at 9:45AM on Feb 8

This is the first time I’ve heard the song and now I’m excited for the album. I was extremely disappointed in MDNA, so hopefully this album will be much better.

Brent commented on A Criminal Investigation Into Bobbi Kristina's Case Is Now, Reportedly, Underway

at 9:35AM on Feb 8

This news is so sad. I literally cried when I heard of Whitney’s death because she was inspirational to me like Mariah is, and I was always rooting for Whitney to get better. And now her daughter is going through all of this. So sad about what this family has been through.

Brent commented on Watch: Did Missy Elliot And/Or Lenny Kravitz Outshine Katy Perry During Her The Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show?

at 8:13AM on Feb 2

I really liked it. I thought it was cute and fun. Especially when she did the beach scene and sang Teenage Dream and California Girls. Then again, I really like Katy so maybe I am a bit biased. I think we all know she can’t dance so I wasn’t expected a Beyonce performance but she fakes it to make it.