Jenn commented on It's Official! Joss Whedon Signs On To Direct The Sequel To 'The Avengers'

at 9:08PM on Aug 7

best news I’ve heard all day!

Jenn commented on Cousin Ben & Alexis Got Hitched!

at 7:21AM on Aug 6

i love seeing photos and hearing details of your and davids lives. in this crazy world it is SO nice to see this genuine love of family and community. love love.

Jenn commented on Is Cameron Diaz Really Pregnant?

at 4:42AM on Jan 27

as a gossip columnist you would think you would know if she was pregnant before she, like, 8.5 months pregnant.

duped indeed. i agree that this ‘article’ is an add for a movie. lame.

Jenn commented on Elton John & Son Zachary Jackson Levon Surface In Hawaii

at 3:28PM on Feb 23

hells bells that is the cutest baby ever and thehappiest father ever. good for the family!

Jenn commented on Amanda Seyfried & Ryan Phillippe Are Dunzo!

at 4:50PM on Feb 18

maybe it would have worked out if they were both dating other people when they met. isnt that how they roll?

Jenn commented on Princess Zakiya Is A Mathematics Genius

at 6:03PM on Feb 14

love it! when i read this story it made me think of this story on NPR. I bet Z would love this book!

Jenn commented on An Arkansas Grocery Store Censors The Elton John 'US Weekly' Cover

at 7:19AM on Jan 27

i think censorship is wrongo.
but, im guessing that this store uses that little sign on every us weekly issue, not just this one. how quickly do you think they had those made?
the grocery store i frequent uses those signs to cover the cosmo magazines each month, no matter what is on the cover. (and im in oregon)
if it truly was for this magazine cover only that cracks my heart, but before we freak out and yell ‘homophobia’ lets get all the facts……
maybe we should just be yelling ‘censorship!’……

Jenn commented on Mila Kunis & Macaulay Culkin Are Dunzo!

at 5:45AM on Jan 4

chase! you look as i pictured. cute!

Jenn commented on Watch: Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi's New Year's Eve Ball Drop

at 2:50PM on Jan 1

hells bells that wast he l.a.m.e.s.t thing ive seen all year!