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blaqfury commented on Here Are The Top 5 'YesPlease, MoreThankYou' Moments From The Season Three 'Scandal' Finale!

at 10:06PM on Apr 19

First and foremost, thank you, Charlie, thank you. You gave us the best gift by breaking up Huck & Quinn permanently (hopefully).

I’m so proud of myself, I texted my friend right before mid-epi and said Papa Pope is behind this and Gosh darn he was.

Definitely didn’t foresee lil jerrry biting the dust. That was sad. Looking forward to Mellie coping scenes. So lackluster about Mellie’s rape. They treated it like it wasn’t an marriage altering event. More like meh.

Looking forward to season 4!

blaqfury commented on A Wu-Tang Clan Affiliated Rapper Cut Off His Own Penis And Then Jumped Out Of A Window

at 12:09PM on Apr 16

This is definitely an anti-drug ad, if I ever saw one…

blaqfury commented on 'Chrisley Knows Best' Has Been Renewed For A Second Season

at 11:33AM on Apr 16

I plan on binge watching this show over the summer! I heard so many great “in a hot mess type of way” things about it.

blaqfury commented on Watch: Jimmy Fallon Performs 'La Bamba' As A Thank You To You Tube Subscribers

at 11:32AM on Apr 16

I really really like Jimmy Fallon…. i really hope he’s as genuine as he portrays, cause i really don’t want to believe the negative stuff i hear.

blaqfury commented on Beyoncé & Jay Z Are Going On Tour Together

at 11:28AM on Apr 16

This is a great idea! I just wish they would wait a year. I’m not as excited as I should be. I need time to miss her for a bit.

blaqfury commented on Channing Tatum Really Wants To Play Gambit In A New X-Men Movie (And He Just May Get His Wish)

at 11:05AM on Apr 16

Gambit was my only animated crush growing up. I can’t co-sign Tatum as Gambit, he’s way to stocky and he doesn’t have the right facial features. I’m on board with an unknown.

blaqfury commented on Here Are The Top 5 'YesPlease, MoreThankYou' Moments From 'Flesh and Blood,' Last Night's Episode Of 'Scandal'

at 4:30PM on Apr 12

I guess I’m the slow one today. For some reason I thought OPA sent that strand of mama pope’s lover to the DNA lab and that’s what they compared the wDNA test too, hence the obvious no match. So what did they collect the lover’s hair for?

Mellie is and continues to be awesome. No surprise there. She played a great bitter drunk.

Huck/Quinn disgust me. I can’t with them and never will. Next!

I’m also over Fitz/Jake. That Cyrus, I swear, he and Mama Pope can compete for top honors of “Hardly any humanity left” award.

blaqfury commented on Alyssa Milano Shows Off Her New Baby Bump On Instagram

at 7:01PM on Apr 6

she’s awesome.

blaqfury commented on Here Are The Top 5 'OMFG, Yasss Ma'am' Moments From 'The Fluffer', Last Night's Episode Of 'Scandal'

at 6:57PM on Apr 6

As i’ve been saying since season 1, Mellie is the best character on this show… and this episode just proved that even more. What a wonderful performance.

I’m definitely not on Team Jake (don’t think i ever was), but my Team Fitz support is strained. Right now i think i’ll just focus on the secondary relationships, Mellie & Andrew, Abby & David, and Cyrus & His job.

blaqfury commented on PITNBrs, It's Officially Time To Address Shannon's Impromptu Hiatus [UPDATED WITH PRESS RELEASE]

at 12:43PM on Apr 1

Good one… I was like this is clearly an april fool’s joke, but then i was like, well i’m sure it’s an april fool’s joke, then i was like lemme just click more cause i’m not sure if it’s an april fool’s joke…lol