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blaqfury commented on Pink Is The New Blog Turns 10 Years Old Today

at 2:26PM on Jun 2

Congratulation’s Trent! This is awesome. I think i caught you somewhere around 2006 and been coming regularly. I remember never liking the design layout upgrades until like 5 days into it and forgetting what the old what looked like and thinking this is great…lol! I look forward at least 10 more years of wonderful posts (and the at first glance unwelcomed design changes…lol)

blaqfury commented on Chris Brown Has Been Released Early From Jail

at 2:08PM on Jun 2

i hope this finally knocked (ha!) some sense into him….

blaqfury commented on Lupita Nyong'o Has Been Added To The Cast Of 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

at 2:01PM on Jun 2

Ok, first I have to admit, I’ve never seen a single Star Wars movie in my life. I really just had to come in here to comment on the teaser photo of Lupita. It is absolutely stunning. It made me almost consider watching the series… almost…

blaqfury commented on The 'Hunger Games' Theme Park Is Reportedly Coming!

at 1:53PM on Jun 2

I wouldn’t mind going to a Capital City themed park. Stay at a hotel with the fancy showers and tv wall. And i think doing the training center would be fun. but other than that, I don’t think there’s anything else in the book that should be replicated. I also see how this goes against the message of the book but i can’t help to want to experience the Captial too. ::shrugs::

blaqfury commented on Lindsay Lohan Continues Her Rehab Recovery In Cannes

at 10:30AM on May 22

She won’t get help until she wants real help. Right now I think she wants the attention of being helped, but not actually being helped cause she doesn’t think she has a real problem.

blaqfury commented on First Listen: Beyoncé & Kelly Rowland Guest On Michelle Williams's New Song 'Say Yes'

at 10:28AM on May 22

The song has a light beat and is catchy, i can see the children’s choir having a great time performing it.

blaqfury commented on 'Frozen' Is Being Adapted Into An Ice Skating Show Because DUH!

at 8:47AM on May 21

This seems like a natural fit, not sure I’ll see it, but looks good. Hope no one trips over Elsa’s dress…lol. I cannot wait to see it on broadway though… I already have my Aladdin tickets!

blaqfury commented on Drew Barrymore Debuts Baby Daughter Frankie In 'People' Magazine

at 8:43AM on May 21

lol, i thought celebs were done selling their children to magazines, and debuting them via social media was the in thing now. either way, congrats to Drew and her family…

blaqfury commented on McDonald's Introduces A New Mascot . . . And It's Scary As Hell

at 8:38AM on May 21

It’s teeth are terrifying… I know mostly everything about it is terrifying, but the teeth with the accompanying black hole mouth are extremely terrifying.