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blaqfury commented on Former Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle Will Plead Guilty To Having Sex With Minors In Addition To Child Pornography Charges

at 12:01PM on Aug 19

He snitched on someone else… that’s the only way I can see how he only got 5 years. The FBI is about to take down a larger fish because Jared talked….at least that’s my working theory…

I hope everyday of those 5 yrs are unbearable…

blaqfury commented on Olivia Got Her House In Order In The 'Scandal' Finale: 'You Can't Take Command'

at 7:01PM on May 15

I heart me some Fitz but he is a hypocrite. Didn’t he go to war just to get his side piece back? If I recall, Mellie was standing in an airplane hanger with more caskets than a jury box could hold. #jussayin

blaqfury commented on Watch: The Cast Of 'The Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Played 'Family Feud' On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Last Night

at 10:42AM on Apr 14

I bet Airplane was the #1 answer for the Hulk question…. at least that was the first thing to come to my mind…lol

blaqfury commented on Disney Is Now Planning To Make A Live-Action 'Mulan' Movie Because Every Disney Animated Movie Has To Be A Live-Action Remake

at 1:49PM on Mar 31

Mulan is my most favoritest Disney film ever made… so I’m YASSS! YASSS! YASSSSSSSS! for everything about this announcement.

blaqfury commented on Ciara Renée Will Play Hawkgirl In The Upcoming 'Arrow'/'The Flash' Spin-Off Series

at 1:34PM on Mar 31

So does that mean that Felicity and Ray aren’t going to go the distance, since he’ll be leaving the show for the spin-off? I really liked them together.

blaqfury commented on Jay-Z's New Music Streaming Service Looks Like Spotify But Is More Expensive

at 1:29PM on Mar 31

I guess their audience are people who already subscribe to a service. I personally pay for Spotify, but $10 is my limit (I already think that’s high for as much as i use it). I like it and i would like to stay with it, but if major artists pull their catalogs, I’m eventually going to have to go where the music is. I am definitely not paying $20/month… that’s crazy talk. If that happens I guess i’ll go back to buying albums… This is a win-win for the artist if Tidal catches on.

blaqfury commented on NBC Selects 'The Wiz' As Their Next Musical Production

at 12:36PM on Mar 31

JHud starts her run as Sug Avery for the Color Purple reboot on Dec 3rd. NBC usually airs their live performance during the winter, so JHud would be unavailable. Although I don’t think she should play Dorothy, I think she would have been excellent in it as another part. Maybe Glinda?

blaqfury commented on Pink Is The New Blog Turns 10 Years Old Today

at 2:26PM on Jun 2

Congratulation’s Trent! This is awesome. I think i caught you somewhere around 2006 and been coming regularly. I remember never liking the design layout upgrades until like 5 days into it and forgetting what the old what looked like and thinking this is great…lol! I look forward at least 10 more years of wonderful posts (and the at first glance unwelcomed design changes…lol)

blaqfury commented on Chris Brown Has Been Released Early From Jail

at 2:08PM on Jun 2

i hope this finally knocked (ha!) some sense into him….

blaqfury commented on Lupita Nyong'o Has Been Added To The Cast Of 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

at 2:01PM on Jun 2

Ok, first I have to admit, I’ve never seen a single Star Wars movie in my life. I really just had to come in here to comment on the teaser photo of Lupita. It is absolutely stunning. It made me almost consider watching the series… almost…