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betomad commented on Watch: Elton John Viciously & OUTRAGEOUSLY Attacks Madonna In A New Interview

at 7:25PM on Aug 6

LOL! this is SO true. Even when we’re speculating a bit … but can you people imagine Elton and Gaga drinking tea and talking shit for hours about Madonna, because they just mention Madonna and they look green of envy, jelousy and bitterness. Is SO obvious…. and the best part is that Madonna really doesn’t care! LOL! … she just go on, go forward, and more succesful than ever. Poor loser!

betomad commented on First Look: Madonna's Super Bowl Print Promo Ad Is Released

at 2:43PM on Jan 21

that photo is from the photoshoot made for “Get Stupid” interlude video during her tour 2008-2009 Sticky&Sweet ;)