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Bethany commented on Michael Sam Is About To Become The First Openly Gay Player In The NFL

at 8:59PM on Feb 14

I have no idea if Jason Collin’s decision to come out as gay affected his ability to be signed to an NBA team or not, but I will say that he wasn’t really that great of a basketball player. I hope that the fact that he is openly gay didn’t affect any team’s decision to not sign him, and I hope that the fact that Michael Sam is gay doesn’t stop him from being drafted early.

Bethany commented on First Listen: The Music From The 'Glee' Tribute Episode For Cory Monteith Hits The Internets

at 5:00PM on Oct 8

Oh my God…I honestly don’t know how I will make it through watching this episode.

Bethany commented on First Look: Miley Cyrus Releases A Music Video For 'We Can't Stop'

at 11:11AM on Jun 19

Hannah Montana is rolling over in her grave.

Bethany commented on Watch: Amanda Bynes Releases A Disturbing Video Titled 'I'm Sucking On A Sour Patch Kid Listening To Music Getting Ready For Tonight'

at 2:31PM on Apr 16

I agree…I keep hoping she’s going to pull a Joaquin Phoenix and say that all the crazy has been for a documentary or something, but that’s seeming less and less likely :-( I hope she’s eventually able to get the help she needs, whatever that may be.

Bethany commented on 'Downton Abbey' Star Maggie Smith Reveals That She Has Never Watched An Episode Of 'Downton Abbey'

at 9:50PM on Feb 15

I looooved her as Professor McGonagall, but I think I’ll always love her best as Wendy in Hook!

Bethany commented on Everyone's Mad That Justin Bieber's Mom Is Producing An Anti-Abortion Movie

at 3:30PM on Jan 19

Thank you for posting this, Shannon!! This article and your opinions make me want to hug you :-)

Bethany commented on Game's New 'Jesus Piece' Album Art Is Offending Pretty Much Everyone

at 9:43AM on Oct 23

I’m mildly offended because I think it’s disrespectful to Christ. But since The Game says he’s trying to honor/present a more relatable version of Jesus, hopefully people won’t make too big of a deal out of it.

Bethany commented on Watch: 'Life Of Pi' Debuts A Second Trailer With Exciting New Footage

at 8:32AM on Sep 23

I am soooo excited for this movie! The book is so amazing…hopefully the film will do it justice :-)

Bethany commented on 'Closer' Magazine Publishes Topless Photos Of Kate Middleton

at 9:41AM on Sep 14

I definitely think this was a complete invasion of privacy, and I feel bad for Kate. But I think she also shares a little bit of the responsibility in the sense that she shouldn’t have taken her top off if she didn’t want to be photographed. I also think it’s a little more difficult to maintain boundaries as far as what it private when you’re outdoors. But I guess if the paparazzi would just leave them alone it wouldn’t even be an issue.