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AwesomeMargie commented on On Women 'Provoking' Men To Violence: Can A Feminist Agree With Stephen A. Smith's Comments?

at 8:05AM on Jul 28

I see where you coming from, Shannon. I got you. It makes me think of Chris Rock. I won’t hit a woman but I’ll shake her.

What I wish more in the world, aside from world peace, less violence, etc. is that I wish us women had each other’s back. I look forward to the real talk from my girls without the feeling of judgement or feeling as if I am getting cornered and dissed and not truly listening to the women in my life who know me, care about me and want the best for me.

AwesomeMargie commented on #ThrowbackThursday: 'On Bended Knee' And Other Songs That Make You Ugly-Cry

at 6:17AM on Jul 18

I lost my brother almost 3 months ago. I made a playlist of songs that remind me of him on Spotify titled Songs in the Key of B (what I called him which stands for Brother). Right now though, Sponge’s Plowed gets me every time. I tend to cry on my way home from work.

AwesomeMargie commented on What One White Girl Learned At Kara Walker's Domino Exhibit

at 5:38AM on Jul 7

This. Oh my feelings are stirred. I wish lived nearby so i could see this peace and cry in person. As for the girl, I hope she learns one day that manners and understanding go a long way. We ask people if we can pet their dogs, why now show some respect to people working. Thank you for sharing, Shannon. Also, your baby, too cute.

AwesomeMargie commented on Eminem's Daughter Hailie Scott Is Going To Michigan State University

at 10:41AM on Jun 26

No, no, no. I refuse to believe that Madonna and Eminem’s first borns are in college. No.

AwesomeMargie commented on 'The Killing' Me Softly

at 12:02PM on Mar 20

I watched the show as it aired and I feel the same way about it as you do. The finale made me not want to watch season 2 at all mostly because we were promised that we would find out who the killer was at the end and nope, they lied. That created a huge uproar. Ugh.

The Bridge, on the other hand, is good. I need to watch the Danish version of that as well as the The Case.

AwesomeMargie commented on Watch: Funny Lady Kristen Wiig Gets Super Serious In Her New Film 'Hateship Loveship'

at 7:44AM on Mar 19

It reminds me of when Will Ferrell did Stranger Than Fiction. I dig it.

AwesomeMargie commented on New DNA Evidence Professes That Brandon Howard Is Michael Jackson's Illegitimate Son

at 1:20PM on Mar 6

Until Maury, the Patron Saint of DNA Tests, says it, I won’t believe it.

AwesomeMargie commented on The First Pink Is The New Blog Baby Has Been Born

at 10:15AM on Oct 16

Congratulations, Shannon!! Can’t wait to see the little guy!

AwesomeMargie commented on Pope Francis Says The Catholic Church Should Focus On Other Things Than Abortion, Contraception & Gay Marriage

at 10:51AM on Sep 19

I’m beyond excited about this Pope. This is huge and I support this thought process. It takes so much energy and time to bash people rather than spread love and joy and support. It’s way easier to do that.