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ausettofegypt commented on Amber Rose Gets An Enormous Tattoo Of Wiz Kalifah's Face On Her Arm

at 9:41PM on Apr 21

I love, love! It makes you feel like you can do anything and that nothing else matters but your boo boo.

ausettofegypt commented on Reese Witherspoon & Hubby Jim Toth Busted In Atlanta! UPDATE: Now With Mugshots & Statement!!

at 9:11PM on Apr 21

Hmm, well, I must admit, this is a very good picture of Miss Reese. Always the movie star.

ausettofegypt commented on Les News, 041513

at 11:33PM on Apr 15

Well, now…hello Baby Daddy! Marshall, I just want you to know that our son is growing up to be just like you. Love Always, Tiffany

ausettofegypt commented on First Listen: Beyoncé Returns With A New Song Titled 'Bow Down' [UPDATE]

at 2:03PM on Mar 21

I had my son at 16, without much support and his father not around. Survived being kicked out due to disappointed at 17, and lived on my own, as a struggling single mother. Made sure I graduated High school so that my son would too. Had a daughter pass away when I was 6 months pregnant as well as two other miscarriages over 9 years. Lost my only sibling 9 months after my daughter and went back to college so that I could help parents who might one day be in the same position I was in with my daughter. Graduated said college with a 4.0 highest honors. My son who is now 20 graduated high school, does not have any kids, and has never been in jail, or trouble. This is just a little bit of my story, and there are women who have been through worse and are still standing…so, Beyoncé, how about you bow down, b#!%$. Oh, and I do not like the song. I think that is the most offending lyrics I have ever read coming from a woman. She might need to rethink those songs. The last time I heard anything from her that sounded like music was from I AM. Sorry, but a long time “Pinker”, had to vent!

ausettofegypt commented on Police Find Marijuana On Rihanna's Tour Bus

at 12:37AM on Mar 21

Come on ladies, I know someone out there can sing! We need some newbies, cause this ish is so old. Next…

ausettofegypt commented on Frank Ocean Will Not Press Charges Against Chris Brown Following Their Studio Fight

at 1:16AM on Feb 5

How does CB have time to record, yet alone fight? I thought he was busy double dippin? Either way, I cant stand CB or R. and wish K would just rise above and move on. Oh and Frank, get your $.

ausettofegypt commented on Watch: Here Are 10 Important Life Lessons From Beyoncé's Super Bowl XLVII Half-Time Show

at 12:44AM on Feb 5

“Jumpin, jumpin” would have made it live too, not halo. come on b, were ya tired?

ausettofegypt commented on Watch: Here Are 10 Important Life Lessons From Beyoncé's Super Bowl XLVII Half-Time Show

at 12:38AM on Feb 5

Okay so I know I am probably repeating a lot of what has been wrote here, but…
1. Miss Rowland…Now that is “Represntin” gurl looked hot, and blew beyonce away.
2. However, not happy about the sound. I wanted to hear Kelly and I only heard a mic turned down. Same with Michelle, but i sure could hear beyonce.
3. Speaking of B, really liked the stage, but not so much the performance. It should have just been all DC with all equal mic sound.
4. I need more Kelly
5. I need an Eminem half time show
6. Fast 6 Baby!!!!!!

ausettofegypt commented on Kylie Minogue Is Taking A Break From Making Music

at 1:21PM on Jan 15

Im sorry Trent, I know how much you like her and are excited for her new music and tours. Lets hope she comes back soon!

ausettofegypt commented on Marathon Man

at 11:22PM on Dec 10

Congratulations Trent, … on another note, whatever you did to train the marathon, looks really good on you!