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apriljan commented on Eminem, Outkast & Kings Of Leon Will Headline Lollapalooza 2014

at 2:55PM on Mar 26

Speaking of music festivals, Trent, will you be at Coachella?

apriljan commented on Amber Rose Shares New Photos Of Baby Bash On Instagram

at 10:53AM on Jan 28

Yay! BASH!! Your kids need a playdate soon!

apriljan commented on Kanye West's Fiancée Shares New Photos Of Baby North West On 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

at 3:15PM on Jan 17

That name though.. I still can’t get over her name.

apriljan commented on Watch: NBC Releases A First Promo Video For 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon'

at 12:10PM on Jan 7

Congrats Fallon, truly.

I’m still pissed about the Conan fiasco though.

apriljan commented on Watch And LOL: Conan O'Brien, Kevin Hart, And Ice Cube Go On An Epic Ride Using 'Lyft'

at 3:06PM on Dec 13

“Swisher sweets?” Ha! I love CoCo!

apriljan commented on Here Are My 5 Biggest Guilty Pleasure Tracks Of 2013

at 3:25PM on Dec 12

Wrecking Ball is mine. WHY, Miley, WHY.

apriljan commented on Jay Z And Beyoncé Are Going Vegan!

at 3:36PM on Dec 5

Not sure why I’m annoyed about this. It’s like how people go on diets. Don’t talk about it. Just do it.

Reminds me of how annoyed I was when I found out they were trying to trademark Blue Ivy.

I’m ready for the weekend y’all.

apriljan commented on Yasss: Amber Rose Finally Shares A Photo Of Baby Sebastian's Sweet Little Face

at 2:09PM on Oct 31

My heart palpitated after I saw and I immediately thought of you! And yes, a playdate between Bash and Josev need to happen soon!!! Actually, a playdate with Bash and all the boys need to happen soon!

apriljan commented on The First Pink Is The New Blog Baby Has Been Born

at 12:35PM on Oct 17

Bump watch is over?! I expect pictures soon! CONGRATS SHANNON!!!

apriljan commented on Miley Cyrus Explains The 'Wrecking Ball' Music Video For Those Of You Who Missed The Point

at 11:07AM on Sep 12

I shamefully enjoy the song. Not so much the video. The song, yes.