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apriljan commented on The Cast Of MTV's 'Laguna Beach' Celebrated Their 10 Year High School Reunion This Weekend

at 11:07AM on Dec 3

That Stephen Colleti, man. So handsome with that beard.

apriljan commented on Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa Are Dunzo!

at 10:40AM on Sep 24


apriljan commented on Iggy Azalea's Yearbook Photos Have Leaked To The Internets

at 1:00PM on Sep 12

She is stinkin adorable! Iggy foreva!

apriljan commented on Back To The Old House

at 1:46PM on Aug 27

Hooray for new adventures, Trent! Cheers

apriljan commented on Watch: TLC Responds To That Twitter Beef With Rihanna

at 2:55PM on Jun 11

Ever since the TLC biopic, I’ve been team TLC all the way. They’re artists who’ve struggled with fame. The last thing they would do is try to disrespect another female artist, although Rihanna is no comparison.

apriljan commented on MORE Racist Footage Of Justin Bieber May Be On The Way

at 11:00AM on Jun 5

Although I know the severity of his actions currently are worth talking about, I still do wish that he wouldn’t be mentioned on this site, like Yeezus’s baby mama. Such a waste of breath.

apriljan commented on Wiz Khalifa BUSTED For Marijuana Possession, Shares A 'Jail Selfie'

at 2:18PM on May 27

Wiz is out! And Bash is still the cutest!

apriljan commented on "Wait. Did A Wig Fall Off?!" And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week

at 4:15PM on May 21

Ahem ahem, a million pardons for being tardy to the party. But OMG, I LURVE THIS SHOUTOUT. I am not ashamed, I swear I watched that clip 6-7 times in one sitting. Matter of fact, I think I might watch it again!

Excuse me while I take a screenshot of this post and display it on my IG, y’all.

BTW, Iggy Azelea wants us to trust our struggle(s). She worked HARD to get where she’s at, and I am a proud Azalean. “Work work work work, workin on my sh*t!”

apriljan commented on Watch: Jay Z Was Physically ATTACKED By Solange Knowles At The Met Ball Last Week

at 10:54AM on May 12

Wait. Did a wig fall off?! Solange be cray.

apriljan commented on Eminem, Outkast & Kings Of Leon Will Headline Lollapalooza 2014

at 2:55PM on Mar 26

Speaking of music festivals, Trent, will you be at Coachella?