Ama commented on Channing Tatum Really Wants To Play Gambit In A New X-Men Movie (And He Just May Get His Wish)

at 4:26AM on Apr 16

I think that Gaspard Ulliel would make a good Gambit.

As for Channing? I’m not sure.

Ama commented on Miley Cyrus Decides She Does Not Want To Keep Her New Dog Moonie

at 5:08PM on Apr 14

This is why I think people should not give dogs(or any pet) as a gift to others and that if a person wants a dog, they should get it themselves.

This probably is the best thing to do and Miley doing this shows she is a responsible owner.

Ama commented on Christina Aguilera Partners With Nintendo For Their New Video Game Tomodachi Life

at 8:02PM on Apr 10

So , it’s going to be like sims but with mii characters? I might get it, not sure. If there isn’t a pre-made Britney spears, you could always make on yourself to play with in the game!

(At first, I thought this was going to be a remake of tamagotchi)

Ama commented on Miley Cyrus Mourns The Death Of Her Dog On Twitter

at 1:12PM on Apr 2

It is hard to lose a pet, it’s easy to become attached to them. How old was Floyd? I thought she just got him a few years ago-If so, that makes it really hard. I mean, I was heartbroken last year when I found out my dog had hip dysplasia(she was 2 when I found out, she’s 3 now). So I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a young dog(not sure if he was young*under 10*, or a senior)-you don’t need a lot of time to form a bond with an animal. Sometimes you have a stronger bond with different animals. It seems like she did a lot with Floyd.

She doesn’t need to forget Floyd(and hopefully no one is telling her to do so) but hopefully she finds peace with him being gone in time. It can be hard and take a long time(My ferret, who was 7, died in January-it took me almost a month to find peace with her passing. The family cat, who was 20, died in February and I still miss her)

Ama commented on Watch: Justin Bieber Gets 'Arrogant', 'Lovesick', 'Contentious' & 'Disrespectful' In A Videotaped Deposition

at 2:31PM on Mar 10

I hope he will just go away soon.

Venues should not let him book any shows(Has he even had a live performance recently?), magazines should stop featuring him( and websites stop posting about him), take away any job opportunity-in the public- from him. Maybe then he’ll see he can easily be replaced by someone else who *isn’t* a jerk and actually works hard for what they have and appreciates it.

Ama commented on Ariana Grande Talks Hair, Veganism, Madonna & More With 'V' Magazine

at 7:06PM on Feb 21

Her vegan comment kind of irritated me, if she wants to be vegan that’s completely fine and I respect her decision but she should really think about how she says things before she says them.

A lot of other countries eat meat and they don’t have as much of an issue with obesity as America does-the thing is, they know about portion control, eating balanced meals and also eat healthier in general(don’t eat out as much as Americans do) and get more exercise than the average American does.

You can be healthy and fit and also eat meat/drink milk-many people are able to do that, it’s about educating and developing/having good habits when it comes to food and exercise. Just because a person is vegan, doesn’t mean they are extremely healthy(I have nothing against vegans, there’s nothing wrong with being vegan-just like there is nothing wrong with eating meat). //sorry rant on that over.

I like the photos they have kind of a vintage vibe to them-which I think fits her. She is still a new artist, she is still growing as one-maybe once she finds herself, she’ll really be able to “shine”. I don’t think she writes her own music, so it might be hard for her to grow as an artist(or performer?) for that since she’s not really expressing herself and growing with her music -It’s kind of like she’ll be moving in the direction or advancing at the pace that is set for her rather than on her own, if that makes sense? I’m curious to see where she goes and to hear new music from her(I do like her album)

Ama commented on Kelly Clarkson Is The Proud New Mom ... Of A Puppy!

at 8:34AM on Feb 17

He is cute.

I’m kind of surprised they got a puppy at this time though, puppies are a lot of work!(having to take outside every 30 minutes to house-train them, dealing with teething/chewing, obedience training, etc) she’ll have her hands full when she has both her baby and the pup, though there are other people in the house to help so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Ama commented on Selena Gomez Just Completed A Stint In Rehab

at 12:31PM on Feb 5

I’m not sure what she could have been there for, but I am glad she got help. She is talented and has always had a good head on her shoulders, sometimes people go through a rough time and get a little side tracked, so it’s good she did seek help. She seems to have a strong and stable group of friends/family, which will help with whatever it may be that she is dealing with.

Ama commented on Selena Gomez Just Completed A Stint In Rehab

at 12:26PM on Feb 5

It was “sources” that were saying she said that, but that doesn’t mean she actually did say Justin is to blame or that she is even blaming anyone else.

For all we know these “sources” that are saying all this might not even know Selena, heck they could even be imaginary sources that were created to make a “story” that connects Selena and Justin.