Ama commented on On The Duggars, (White) Privilege, And Religion As The Worst Crutch Ever

at 12:34PM on May 25

When I read recent articles on the duggars, the comments from supporters of the family really irate me. I don’t understand their thought process, I can’t tell you how many times I read people defend him with excuses like “He was only a child”, “He was just curious and/or exploring his sexuality”, “He was just playing doctor”, “He made a mistake, we all made mistakes when we were teenagers”. I can’t wrap my mind around it and why they would try and make excuses to make it seem like what he did was “okay”. Because it wasn’t. Or try and make it seems like it’s a normal part of growing up, because I don’t know about everyone else but molesting people (While they’re sleeping or awake) is not okay, it’s not a normal part of growing up and it is not a mistake-especially not when you do it multiple times. I just don’t understand. I hate how people are just trying to brush it aside like it’s nothing.

I use to like watching the Duggars show, I thought it was interesting to see how they lived. But after awhile, something just seemed off to me about the family and I just had no desire to watch or pay attention to anything they said. Their opinions on some things have gotten under my skin(Like saying transgender people are a danger to society and that they like to molest children) .

*Sorry for any spelling or other errors my computer sucks and keeps freezing as I type*

Ama commented on Watch: A Seemingly Dead Cat LITERALLY Came Back From The Grave

at 3:41PM on Jan 28

That’s actually kind of awesome and crazy. I can’t even imagine how the owner was feeling(or the neighbors) when they saw the cat had passed(and in a sudden and tragic way) and then it showing up 5 days later-alive. I don’t know what I’d feel if that happened, relieved and shocked would probably be the main two. I hope he does make a full recovery though :)

Whenever a pet has passed, I’ve always been hesitant on burying it because I’m always thinking “What if it still alive?!”(even after it’s been confirmed that it has passed away).

I remember reading a story last year, I think, where a dog
had actually been euthanized and it seemed like it died but then it “woke up” a few hours later. I can’t remember if it was euthanized at a shelter or at a vet and for what reason(if it was a shelter it was probably to make more room). I think it got adopted after it’s story was told though.

Ama commented on Movie Review: 'Unbroken'

at 12:52PM on Dec 31

I was wondering if you were going to go and see this movie or not and if so, what you thought about it. I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews on it and was debating on whether I wanted to see it in the theater or wait until it was available on demand.

What did you think about Miyavi’s performance? (He plays ‘the bird’) He’s kind of the main reason I wanted to see this movie(but after looking more into it, I wanted to see it for the tale too).

*On a side note; I kind of wish I could comment on your blog on my phone-because my computer hates me sometimes so it takes forever to comment XD * Also, sorry if this posts twice-I just tried submitting it and got a message I was posting comments too quickly?

Ama commented on First Look: Backstreet Boys Release An Official Trailer For Their New Documentary 'Show 'Em What You're Made Of'

at 5:50PM on Dec 17

(I thought they took a 10 year break or a really long break so I was wondering why they were saying it’s history on their 20 years together but I guess they didn’t take that long of a break and I just stopped paying attention to them after Kevin left so I thought they weren’t active for a long time*Until just recently*, ha)

I don’t think I can become a fan of them again because I already have an idol group from Japan that’s taking all my attention…. and money. But this might be fun to watch, just to remember back in the day when I was their fan. I don’t think I’d go see it in theaters though.

Ama commented on Paris Hilton Proves That The Tiny Dog Accessory Is A Trend That Never Goes Out Of Celebrity Style

at 3:12PM on Oct 22

Ugh no, just no. This should never be a trend, animals are not and have never been an accessory. Even tiny dogs are still animals and should be handled and treated as such(This, and by this I mean people treating them like they are dolls/children, is why you have so many tiny dogs that are unstable messes out there**Well this and bad breeding**).

I’d also like to know who in their right mind would spend $13,000 on a puppy. Pomeranians are not a rare breed, there are a lot of them out there. Not even reputable breeders charge that much for their puppies, heck I haven’t even seen bad breeders charge THAT much. That’s just ridiculous.

**Ah, I just read the article you linked for when she bought it. Still ridiculous. Those poor puppies that come from that place, I hope they don’t end up having a lot of health issues-which is likely to happen due to bad breeding.**

Ama commented on What's Your Most Memorable Concert Experience?

at 5:23PM on Sep 21

My most memorable concert experince was this Friday(the 19th). I went to go see a Japanese idol group called Arashi. I’ve only been their fan for 3 years now, but I really thought I’d *never* be able to go see them(This is their first US show, and to get into their Japanese shows you have to be part of their fan club*which you can only do if you’re a japanese citizen* and even then getting the tickets is all about luck/chance). But, on the 19th/20th they held two concerts in hawaii(where they debuted) to celebrate their 15th anniversary. Orginally, tickets were said to only be available to fans of their Japanese fan club and hawaiin residents. So, the concert was announced four months ago, and when they were announced we(my mother, friend and I) booked our hotel and flight tickets to Hawaii and hoped we’d be able to see them. Last month they opened the tickets to US and canadian residents too so I was on that as soon as they opened them up.

Anyway, the concert on Friday was awesome. Their concert is three hours long and it’s only them performing the whole time. They had a moving stage(and my favorite member came over my area three times, and each time he looked in my general direction, I want to say we made eye contact-and he gave me a peace sign-but I’m not sure XD), a lot of amazing effects(fire dancing, visiual effects) and they got the whole crowd going, they were all over the area so no matter where you were they came around to you eventually through the concert. Even though they didn’t speak English, there was no language barrier between them and the audience or the audience themselves(there was a good mixture of everyone from everywhere-some spoke English, some didn’t). It was really nice. they even had fireworks durng the finale(and they arrived and left in a helicopter). The max amount of people for each show was 15,000-the second day sold out(It rained the second day, so I’m kind of glad I didn’t go, because the ground of the concert area *they built the stage and everything. it was originally an empty field* was all dirt ha) and the first day almost sold out so it was kind of crazy and the biggest show I ever went to.

Ama commented on Watch: I Have Accepted The ALS #IceBucketChallenge

at 12:26PM on Aug 19

Ahh okay, thanks for replying :) A few people on facebook posted about it, but I wasn’t sure if it was real or not. Thanks for giving information on the website too!

Ama commented on Watch: I Have Accepted The ALS #IceBucketChallenge

at 12:14PM on Aug 19

So I just read that people in California who do this challenge will be fined $500 for wasting water. Not sure if that’s true or not- Here’s a link for where I read it:

Ama commented on 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Pulls $65 Million At The Box Office, Gets Its Sequel

at 9:01AM on Aug 11

My older brothers went and saw this movie on Friday and they hated it. They were really looking forward to it(they’ve been fans of TMNT for as long as I can remember, even my 2 year old nephew is now a fan*he knows all of their names and the weapons they have and his TMNT toys are -all- he plays with*) Anyway, they ended up being really disappointed by the movie(It kind of ruined their day after they saw it).

They were disappointed that it didn’t really have a plot, there was no story. According to them, it had the potential to be a great movie-but was lacking. They also said there were some parts of the movie that didn’t make sense.

I haven’t seen it yet, I probably won’t go and see it until it’s either in the dollar theater or on TV.

Ama commented on Taylor Swift Has Adopted A Teeny Tiny, Entirely Adorable Kitten

at 9:37AM on Jun 20

Aw, the kitten is adorable(Love the names she gives her cats too).

That said, I think she bought the kitten(didn’t adopt it). The reason I say that is because I don’t think that breed is exactly common in shelters/rescues. I could be wrong though, maybe she knows of a good rescue that is dedicated to the breed and got it from there.

Hopefully her other cat is prepared to share Taylor or welcome another cat into the home(I remember when I was a child we had an adult cat and bought two kittens, when we brought them home our adult cat would alternate between chasing/attacking the kittens and grooming them )