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ada_1601 commented on Watch: This Beautiful Cheerios Commercial Will Likely Make You Cry, Doesn't Really Attempt To Sell You Cheerios

at 11:55AM on Oct 9

Hey Trent,
JSYK, the advert is from Quebec. :D

ada_1601 commented on Here Are Two Possible Explanations For Miley Cyrus's 2013 MTV VMA Performance

at 1:45PM on Aug 26

I have to admit… My face went through the 3 stages of the Smith family while watching the performance. I’m over Miley, it’s like she’s trying so hard to separate herself from Hannah Montana that she’s being outrageous just to prove that’s not her.

I’m also over Lady GaGa, I LOVED her when she first came out, but by Born This Way (the Album not the song) I just got tired of all the antics. I still love SOME of her songs, but I’m not nearly as excited by her music as I was… Fame and Fame Monster to me are her best work (with Born This Way – song added in)

I fully believe in self-expression and embracing an artistic element. But sometimes (case in point Miley’s performance) they actually push the audience away from them as an artist because you wonder if they are going through a crisis.

I wanted to like Miley’s song (and I don’t really), I wanted to like Lady GaGa’s new song (and I didn’t although I wasn’t too weird-ed out by her performance, and could appreciate the artistic part of it), but I did enjoy JT and Katy Perry (and I am obsessed with her new song).

That’s my 2 cents (more like 10… my apologies!!!)

ada_1601 commented on First Look: Kelly Rowland Releases A Music Video For Her Single 'Dirty Laundry'

at 9:57AM on Jul 23

I applaud Kelly for this song, I love how open and raw it is and how its something that can resonate with people in abusive relationships… As artistic and intense as the video is, part of me still wishes the video had ended with a smug Jay-Z (Jay Z… whatever) holding a missing persons poster of the dude.

ada_1601 commented on Happy Birthday, Trent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at 8:38AM on Jul 12

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRENT!!! Shannon I think you are great but Trent will always be my favorite blogger!!

ada_1601 commented on First Look: Britney Spears Releases A Music Video For 'Ooh La La'

at 10:27AM on Jul 11

Can I just say she looks so much more like 2000 Britney in the face than her other recent videos… she actually looks happy!!! Maybe it’s because her boys and niece are in the video but she looks like is really enjoying herself!!

ada_1601 commented on The Nurse Involved In The 'Kate Middleton Hospital Phone Prank' Has Reportedly Committed Suicide

at 10:15AM on Dec 7

This is incredibly sad, unfortunately there is way to many factors that could have come to play. The nurse may have been from a culture where if you bring shame you are forced to end your own life, or any number of belief systems that require self-sacrifice for redemption. And I can understand the shame she felt especially where today’s world is so small, and there is so little privacy.

I do however, think Adam is way off on saying the monarchy is to blame. I am a commonwealth citizen and have great respect for tradition, just because it is something that is not done where you are from, does not mean there is something inherently wrong with it.

The US media treats overpaid actors and singers about the same as the UK media treats the royals. If it had been a nurse at the hospital where Beyonce had her baby, would people blame the media, the nurse or Beyonce.

No one is to blame, and I think all we can do is wish the family of the nurse our condolences and hope nothing like this happens again.

ada_1601 commented on Chris Brown Apologizes For His Violent Outburst On 'Good Morning America'

at 3:06PM on Mar 25

I’m sorry but blond Chris Brown scares me, and then when he behaves like he did, and give this extremely non-sincere response to his actions, it makes me wonder what will happen to him (and what he will do) in the future.