Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Have Green Lit Televising Their Daughters Birth


It’s not uncommon for parents to record and photograph the delivery of their child, but for such an intimate and milestone moment it’s footage that is generally shared with close friends with family. However, keeping things under wraps and private isn’t too common for the Kardashian clan, who at this point, don’t know what life is like without a camera in their face at all times.

For Rob Kardashian, the most recluse of the mega famous family, he’s been coming out of his shell since linking up with Blac Chyna whose is due to give birth to their first child November 16. The couple has taken advantage of their reality fame, shot a show about their relationship for E!, and has now gone public with news that they will be televising the birth of their daughter for a special to air on E!

It will include Chyna’s baby shower, preparation for birth and delivery! According to an insider, this has been a long standing plan for the couple who first started dating last January. “They agreed to film the birth awhile ago.”

I kinda can’t wait to see the delivery room demands Chyna will have. Egyptian cotton sheets? Gold flaked snacks? Hair and make up? Guess we’ll all just have to wait and see!