Blac Chyna Isn’t Down With Rob Kardashian Neglecting His Fitness


While most of Hollywood has been buzzing about Kim Kardashian’s traumatic robbery in Paris, we realize it’s been a minute since we checked in with the family’s newest E! spin off stars, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. The 29-year-old sock company owner and reality star is expecting his first child with Chyna, baby momma to Tyga who is currently dating Rob’s half-sister, Kylie Jenner.

It all seems a little too close for comfort, however, Chyna has been able to pull Rob out of his dark depression, which had him hiding from the world for more than a year. With impending fatherhood, Rob is taking charge of his life, but not in the way Chyna approves of.

In a new clip from Rob and Chyna’s E! reality show, Chyna basically tells Rob his priorities shouldn’t lie with starting a new business with a friend. Afraid he’s going to be “over it,” she then says off camera that he should be focusing on his sock company and his fitness.

“Rob needs to continue working on his health, his fitness, his sock business. And so for him to try to go get a big brand-new house and to start a new business is a little bit bizarre to me.”

Unable to keep the weight off in recent years, it makes sense that Rob would want to get physically fit for the responsibility of parenthood and longevity to provide for his family. So far Rob hasn’t made it a priority, and with Chyna going public with her opinion on what Rob should be focusing on, let’s hope change happens soon.

You can watch the exclusive clip over at Us Weekly HERE