Katy Perry Arrested For Voting Naked In Funny Or Die Video


Katy Perry can now be crowned the Internet’s click bait queen for stripping down and baring it all in a new Funny or Die video, urging voters to go to the polls on November 8th.

Popping out of bed with hair that looks like she had a night rough and tumble with boyfriend Orlando Bloom (complete with candy and popcorn), she heads to the polls letting viewers know there is nothing in the Constitution that dictates a dress code to get out and vote. Between Sleeping Beauty, a pimple break out, and a hunk in tiny underwear, showing up to cast their vote, Katy punctuates her point by stripping off her pajamas and says, “Yup, let those babies loose, cause no one ever said—” but before she can finish, she’s cuffed by police and put in a squad car.

Calling out the window for voters to head to the polls on November 8th, you can check out the hilarity in its entirety above!