Scott Eastwood Comes Clean On His Relationship Status And Going Commando To Ellen


Scott Eastwood is undeniably hot. Regardless if he’s your “type,” the 30-year-old actor and son of Clint Eastwood, has chiseled features, dreamy eyes and a smile that is capable of making most weak in the knees. He’s a super catch, but there’s always an air of mystery surrounding his dating life. While he’s been linked to Nina Dobrev and Charlotte McKinney there’s been no hard hitting evidence (ie: paparazzi pics), that he’s off the market.

So when he stopped by to chill with Ellen Degeneres on her show, she didn’t hesitate to hit him with, “Are you single?” question, to which he answered “I’m single,” creating a screaming frenzy from the audience.

Good to know we all still have a chance with Scott, but can we please talk about the fact that he went commando for his flight to LA? Turns out he had a “long night in New York” and didn’t have time to get some fresh undies for the trip. LOL. Fortunately Ellen provided him with a fresh pair of boxer shorts with her name on it. Haha…

Check out the interview below!