New ‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Promo: Is Lady Gaga in There?


Finally, the secret is out. After months of fakeout and weird, creepy promos, this season of American Horror Story does indeed revolve around the mystery of the Roanoke or Lost Colony – sort of.

Called AHS: My Roanoke Nightmare, the first episode premiered on Wednesday, and it is unlike any of the previous seasons before it. Nightmare is presented as a true-crime, Ghost Hunters-type docuseries, in which an interracial couple tell their scary story of moving to North Carolina, buying a creepy (is there any other kind?) farmhouse in woods and being haunted and stalked by what looks like members of the Lost Colony, who, as legend tells it, mysteriously disappeared in 1590.

The real-life couple telling their tale are Matt (Andre Holland) and Shelby (Lily Rabe), who are portrayed in the “dramatic re-enactment” by Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sarah Paulson. Almost immediately upon moving into the house, Matt and Shelby start experiencing strange things, especially Shelby, who is left alone a lot because of Matt’s work. There’s also Matt’s sister Lee (in “real life” played by Adina Porter; in the “re-enactment,” it’s Angela Bassett), who comes to help her brother and keep Shelby company but who has troubles of her own.

Of course the nightmares become more and more sinister, and finally at the end of the first episode, we see a home video of Denis O’Hare warning about the house, colonists with torches (Wes Bentley is one of them), and a bloodied Kathy Bates. Oh, and some guy with his head scalped.

In the promo for the rest of the season (now that they can show stuff), it looks even scarier, especially Bates, who proclaims, “This place is mine. I protect this place. I shall stop at nothing to hold safe this colony.” And if you look closely, in one shot, it looks like Lady Gaga is standing behind Bates. Gaga is rumored to be returning, as is AHS regulars Evan Peters and Matt Bomer.


Instead of fleeing, however, looks like Matt and Shelby are going to fight for their house – and because they are relaying the story after the fact, they might actually win? Guess we’ll have to find out.

Watch the whole promo below!

American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.