Crisis In Six Seconds Trailer: Miley Cyrus Dons A Blonde Wig Again, But It’s Not To Play A Pop Star


On September 30th, Amazon will premiere Woody Allen’s new six-episode show, Crisis In Six Seconds. Set in the 1960’s, the story centers around a family grappling with the unstoppable cultural and political revolution of the nation, along with its liberating perspectives and attitudes.

In the two minute trailer, we’re introduced to late age bra burners, longterm relationship issues, a flop idea for a television show, and an impressive cast including, Woody Allen, Elaine May, John Magaro, Becky Ann Baker and more. Miley Cyrus pops up, dusting off her acting chops to play a pot smoking liberal hippie who disrupts the life of Woody’s character. Donning a blonde wig (which she coincidentally had to do for her former Hannah Montana alter-ego), she is the only recognizable young Hollywood star with the power to draw in a youthful audience.

While the show will speak more to the baby boomer generation, Crisis In Six Seconds looks to have binging potential for those who are long time fans of Allen’s work, or just appreciate the humor of early senior citizens.

Take a peek at the trailer below and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!Will you be watching?