Katy Perry Surprises Pulse Club Shooting Survivor On Ellen And It Is Everything


It’s been almost three months since 49 lives were lost and 53 people injured during the horrific mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando Florida. Emotions are still raw, families are still struggling with their loss, and survivors are still working on their physical and emotional recovery.

On the Sept. 8th episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show one survivor, Tony Marrero, poignantly recounts the events of his life altering night with inspiring strength and courage. While talking to Ellen, he shares his love for Katy Perry and her song Rise, which has helped him get through some of the darkest moments of his new normal.

After explaining why the Rise lyrics struck such a chord with him, Ellen asks if he’s ever met Katy, then proceeds to bring her out, sparking major water works between Tony and the mega pop-star. After a heartfelt embrace, Tony shares his gratitude for everything Katy does, before she surprises him with an offer to pay for his first year of film school to support his dream. It doesn’t get much sweeter. If you don’t get a little misty eyed over the video, it’s likely you don’t have a heart.

Check out the touching exchange below.