‘Beauty and the Beast’: 3 Reasons We Can’t Wait for the Movie


The whole nostalgic kick Disney has been on lately – turning their animated classics into live-action films — is really working. With the success of movies such as The Jungle Book and Cinderella, the folks at the Mouse House are playing it smart. Now they are finally tapping into those 1990s Disney musicals that firmly planted Disney back on top, starting with Beauty and the Beast, which we think is going to be magical.

Under the guidance of acclaimed director Bill Condon, who helmed the excellent musical Dreamgirls, here are three reasons why we’re really pumped for Beauty and the Beast right now.

The poster is so pretty!

Granted, a poster doth not a movie make, but this just released poster for Beauty and the Beast is simply stunning, and completely captures the essence of the Disney classic in one beautiful shot.



The cast totally sells it.

Let’s start with Harry Potter alum Emma Watson as Belle, who not only looks the part, but clearly must have singing pipes to match. Love it when we find out an actor or actress can actually sing as well. Then there’s the handsome British actor Dan Stevens as the Beast – although we won’t get to see that handsomeness the whole time. He’s been impressive in the films he has done since his time on Downton Abbey, (including the little horror thriller The Guest, which we highly recommend if you haven’t seen). He’ll fill the Beast’s shoes well.

Then there’s just a litany of great talent: Luke Evans as the pompous Gaston; Josh Gad as his snively sidekick, Le Fou; Ewan McGregor as the candelstick Lumiere; Ian McKellan as the stout clock Cogsworth; Emma Thompson as the kindly Mrs. Potts; and Kevin Kline as Belle’s father, Maurice. And a few new characters, too, like Plumette, played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Cadenza, played by Stanley Tucci.

So does the teaser trailer.

I mean, from the moment you hear Alan Menken’s gorgeous and haunting piano score, you get all tingly.

Set your calendar for March 2017!