Dr. Luke’s Label Is Not Allowing Kesha to Perform at the Billboard Music Awards


Kesha just can’t catch a break. After announcing that she would be performing during the 2016 Billboard Music Awards this Sunday (May 22, 2016), it seems like it might not happen after all. Pretty shitty, right? The singer’s scheduled performance has been canceled by her producer, Dr. Luke, and her label Kemosabe Records.

Why? Well…because her hyped up appearance was rumored to be a “statement performance” against her alleged sexual abuser. It’s unsurprising that he would try to stop her. What kind of person would agree for someone else to publicly embarrass them in front of millions of TV viewers. Definitely not Dr. Luke.

After hearing the news, Kesha took to Instagram to express her disappointment.

I was very excited to perform a tribute to Bob Dylan by singing a cover of “It ain’t me, babe” at the Billboard awards this year. I’m very sad and sorry to say I won’t be allowed to do this. I just wanted to make very clear that this performance was about me honoring one of my favorite songwriters of all time and has never had anything at all to do with Dr. Luke. I was never going to use a picture of him, speak of him or allude to my legal situation in any way. I simply wanted to sing a song I love to honor an artist I have always looked up to. thank u all for the continued support.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the story, the 29-year-old filed a lawsuit against the producer, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald, accusing him of “sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally” abusing her. Since then, Dr. Luke has denied the claims, and in April, a judge even rejected Kesha’s request to be let out of her contract with Sony.

Now, she’s not allowed to perform at the Billboard Music Awards. What can she do?