It’s Really Happening: There Is An ‘All That’ Reunion Special Coming And You Can Watch The Teaser


Ready yet? Get set. It’s ALL THAT! Guys, there is an All That reunion happening (I know, I almost peed). Remember? The show that basically owned Nickelodeon? The show that I literally couldn’t miss every weekend, no matter what was on the family agenda. The sketch show where Kenan Thompson got his start before SNL? I mean, joy doesn’t begin to describe. There aren’t really any specifics for what will be happening on the special, which Teen Nick’s The Splat will be putting out. But what we do know is that Danny Tamberelli, Kel Mitchell, Josh Server, Lori Beth Denberg, and Kenan Thompson are all set to return. Oh God Lori Beth was my jam! Too bad no Amanda Bynes (though not surprising). 

The show ran all the way from 1994-2005 (over a decade yo), so I feel like it deserves a reboot. I really hope the original sketches return as well, like Detective Dan and Superdude. But that’s not all. You know what else is coming back? Legends of the Hidden Temple, and as a movie! I’m glad Nickelodeon is remembering it’s gems. The All That reunion is slated for sometime in April. Check out the teaser: