Fan Slays “Four, Five, Seconds” During A Rihanna Concert: See Her Priceless Reaction


Four, five seconds till Rihanna gets overshadowed by one of her own fans! Rihanna’s been on her Anti world tour, and she’s not the only one slaying it. During her Cincinnati, Ohio stop, RiRi decided to let her fans sing along during her performance of “Four, Five, Seconds.” When she passed the mic to a man in the audience, she was stunned at how well he could sing. I mean, her face is literally priceless. First of all, that guy was like, READY to sing. I’m not gonna lie, I can carry a tune, but if put on the spot like that I’m not sure my nerves could subside enough for me to really bring it. So props to this dude. Secondly, Rihanna was so shocked she had to take a few beats during the song to really take in what just happened. It’s hilarious.

Lucky for us, a fan caught the whole thing on tape and posted it to Twitter. Side note: her outfit is on POINT. Check it out:

Her face, right?! Are you not on the floor? Get this guy a record deal! If this isn’t the way people get discovered, I don’t know what is.